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  1. 2366

    rotating air screen not spinning as fast as it should and the warning coming on in the cab. wondering if anyone has any ideas
  2. 2366

    Noticed a weep around the bottom of the radiator on the 2366. Just wondering if anyone had ever removed theirs and what was involved?
  3. 2366 front not lifting

    Thanks to everyones input. After a couple more days of work the front would not lift and the pump sounded on the way out. Local dealer mechanic came out fitter a new pump and shes as good as new. Suprisingly he said hes never fitter a new pump on a 66. Once again thanks for the advice! There is a lot of experience and knowledge out there. Harvesting Barley at the moment, in central new south wales (australia) going 5 1/2 ton to the hectare at $150 per ton at local silos. cheers
  4. 2366 front not lifting

    Hi, Have been harvesting with my 2366 and just today when i went to take the front off (30ft honeybee) I couldn't get it to lift high enough to get on the the comb tralier. It lifts about 3/4 of the way up but when I managed to get the front off, the front elevator lifted right to the top and made a bit jump as if it was trying to get out of the mounts. Have checked hyd oils etc, can't see anything that looks to be causeing problems. Any ideas or experiences from the good folk out there would greatly appreciated. cheers
  5. 574 gearbox problems

    Thanks GT&T, adjusted the linkage rod and everything seems to be going well. Much appreciated.
  6. 574 gearbox problems

    Was doing some grading on the 574 in 4th low range, when it jumped out of gear and stalled all of a sudden. I was only able to get 1st gear to get it home to the workshop. After removal of the inspection plate and a bit of time fiddling with it, I've found that the gearstick has to be in between where it normally should be in order to get 2,3 and 4th (as in halfway between either gear). Was wondering if anyone has experienced this and what they did to fix it, cause it to happen. It is the early transmission with the low high reverse shift next to it. Any advice would be much appreciated.