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  1. Thank you very much for the information every one. There is basically one field where I expect to need the extra flotation. I was concerned about the final drives and that is why I was interested in tracks vs bigger tires or duals. From what I understand the weak points in the drives were fixed in the 16 series? Could I in that case update to a newer style final drive or are they totally different? And how much is it installing and removing the tracks? Also, I have been toying with the idea of of updating my combine one of these years. How do the New Holland TR98 era compare to a 1688
  2. I'm thinking about getting tracks from for my combine for this year as the ground is saturated and soft. I don't have many acres so I can't afford to spend a fortune. Does anyone know what price range the steel systems run and where I would find a set, preferably in Western Canada? Or would duals be a better option?
  3. Thank you everyone for your help, I'm kind of torn between the two turbos now, the S2E is slightly less expensive so I may go with that one.... They are both a direct replacement, right? Does anyone happen to know in what factory applications the S2E or the 3LM-466 were used so I could look for a used one? Got to thinking what I would do with my T04 if I upgraded. Am I asking for trouble if I put it on my 1440? How big of a deal is it putting a turbo on a NA engine? Jeff, I found it very interesting that you said to not put any fluid or weight on the tractor, it makes sense, j
  4. Thanks gentlemen, can you expound on the difference between the two turbos? Also, a local guy told me to advance the timing when it still had the ambac 100 pump and it did bring egt's down a bit. Is it safe to do that ?
  5. Great job Zach! I utilized AOG this spring just with an electric motor instead of the hydraulic valve. I really like the hydraulic part though, looks very neat! Do you have any item number for the components I would need for the hydraulic portion? Also, I need to tweak my steering semi constantly, have you run into that? I'm powering the sensor from the arduino which is powered by the laptops USB; any chance that could be the issue?
  6. Hello, I'm thinking of upgrading the turbo on my 4386 and I'm looking for some advice. The tractor is just being used on the farm and seems to be a little short on power for what I need. It has an MW pump on there right now and I was thinking of putting a 3LM-466 turbo on there to hopefully get a few more horses and cool the egt's. Currently is running around 1150 to 1200 degrees preturbo under full load. I try to use it from 1800 -2300 rpm and egt's go up the faster it turns. Would this be a good turbo and where should I time the pump? I was hoping to get about 250 horses out of it o
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