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  1. Vintage Aerial

    Thanks for sharing...found pics of the quarry my dad worked for almost 20 years in. Also found the pit I worked, ( definitely will be ordering prints of them to hang side by side) and some other interesting things like how the local tourist attractions have balloned in size. And the high school then and now
  2. Its in Harisburg Pa on March 24 at the farm show building. Registration starts at 8am I am hoping to be there with my M. Click older post at the bottom right in small print to move between pages.
  3. My new shop truck /year plus project !!

    Very nice shop also! Lots of height and floor space
  4. Tunkhannock,Pa

    Strasburg railroad museum is also really neat if you like the history of railroading and its right in amish country also.
  5. Tunkhannock,Pa

    Some one beat me to rough and tumble. Check their web site so you plan your trip for one of their shows like threshermans reunion or whatever one works for you. Also williams grove historical steam society has a big show over summer and friday night truck/tractor/mini rod pulls in york county.
  6. Burning Powder

    Nice pictures. Looks very peaceful were you guys are. I enjoy shooting at those kind of ranges, used to compete in NRA high power at 600yds before i got into pulling. I enjoy pulling more now. Hearing a steel target ring sure is a rewarding feeling !
  7. What welders say

    A buddy showed me this today. Hope you find some humor in it like I did.
  8. Not any where near your level, but Im having fun for now
  9. Its just a good runnin farmall M. In most clubs here I run it in some type of "3.5 / 4.0 mph class" or there abouts. Verizon took my cloud away so im stil working on getting my pictures back here is one for now
  10. I got 7 pulls in. I had a lot of things to learn but once I got the tire pressure and front weight setup squared away the last 3 pulls where all top 3 finishes. I had some carb issues to but whatever.... I pull all around Pa. Hoping to go the big pull in harrisburg this march
  11. I always enjoy seeing your pulling posts. How did you make out during the season overall? It was my first year with a new puller also so hoefully we both learned a lot and can take that info to this year! Good luck in 2018 awesome lookin machine!
  12. Another puller from the 1970s, this time a 56 series

    Man thats cool! Wonder what ever happened to that tractor?
  13. A John Deere funny sticker

    LOL "i dont remember that was too many beers ago!" Good one Bob
  14. Question about M oil pump

    The line from the block to oil gauge is 1/4 O.D. so i beleieve that is 1/8 I.D. dont know if that helps. Thanks for the replies so far. So this might just be good and normal.