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  1. Dennis, I took your advice from above and installed the insulators. Mine were in great shape. Also checked coil orientation to make sure of good contact with cap. Thanks again!
  2. So what do they insulate against? Are they like a vibration isolator? They don't reduce magnetism I've played around with that when I was debating whether or not I had to reinstall.
  3. The gentleman I bought the tractor from two years ago said the Magneto was rebuilt. The tractor ran great before this rebuild but seeing that coil I figured it was time. It ran really well once I installed it on the tractor and tested it out I thought I was going to blow the little light bulb in my spark plug tester! LoL Any input on whether I should have installed those thick paper like washers shown in picture 1?
  4. Hello all I just wanted to upload some pictures of the rebuild I did on the Magneto for my M. I don't know how old the coil is and any input to that would be a big help but looking at the cracks on the insulation I think it must have gotten a little warm at one time and seeing that that wire wore through the insulation that was surprising. otherwise it was a pretty simple rebuild the metal bar inside the coil came out easily I cleaned the bar up it slipped into my new coil right on. I got my supplies from brillman in Virginia I've dealt with them before, and they as well as their parts are first class I reinstalled the Magneto back on the tractor and have an excellent Spark! Just curious as to how old you guys think that original coil might be? the insulation on this new coil is much more like plastic and that old insulation is nothing like the new one. The only thing I didn't reinstall was that thick paper-like material between the coil and the magnets because the wire coming out of the coil on my new coil is in a different place than the original coil the paper didn't line up and because of the snug fit it was hard getting everything to line up and the paper always moved out of the way so I left them out I'm not sure what they are supposed to do.
  5. Not any where near your level, but Im having fun for now
  6. Its just a good runnin farmall M. In most clubs here I run it in some type of "3.5 / 4.0 mph class" or there abouts. Verizon took my cloud away so im stil working on getting my pictures back here is one for now
  7. I got 7 pulls in. I had a lot of things to learn but once I got the tire pressure and front weight setup squared away the last 3 pulls where all top 3 finishes. I had some carb issues to but whatever.... I pull all around Pa. Hoping to go the big pull in harrisburg this march
  8. I always enjoy seeing your pulling posts. How did you make out during the season overall? It was my first year with a new puller also so hoefully we both learned a lot and can take that info to this year! Good luck in 2018 awesome lookin machine!
  9. The line from the block to oil gauge is 1/4 O.D. so i beleieve that is 1/8 I.D. dont know if that helps. Thanks for the replies so far. So this might just be good and normal.
  10. Hello all Ive recently installed a newer style oil pressure gauge on my M so i can see my exact PSI. Im idiling at 50 psi but here is my question. I only use the tractor for pulling so about 2 or 3 times a month. And when i start it it takes about 8 seconds for the gauge to climb,but once it goes it goes fast. Is that 8 seconds of little oil psi ok? When i checked the base plate on the oil pump last winter i was superised at how little wear there was on it compared to all the pictures ive seen on the web. None at all really. I think everyt hing is ok im just not sure about the pump taking so long to get me pressure
  11. I agree on the three spoke front wheels i like their original look so they are staying. There are a few more pulls left around before the end of season,hope the weather cooperates.
  12. Hello all It's been awhile since I've been on and you may remember my last post in this forum was about my 46 M having a freshly rebuilt motor and a rear main seal leak my wife and I rebuild it twice with no luck. well I took it to a well-known tractor mechanic and he fixed it first shot and I couldn't be more pleased. this machine runs fantastic! I am very happy with my rebuild. yesterday I was at a local tractor pull and I did better than I thought. I don't have a lot of knowledge with this tractor being this is only the third pull for me this season so far and the second pull with this new set of tires I have brand new 15.5 x 38 Titan galaxy's I pulled 5000 lbs and 5500 lbs. It's hard to keep the front end down at 5000 because I couldn't add any weight but at 5500 I put 300 lb up front and that really helped a lot. I believe I drove into a soft spot or spun out at the end for whatever reason but I know for sure I did not power out that's why there is so much dirt piled at the Buckboard at the end of my 5500 lb run. all in all I'm very happy and I'm looking forward to learning a lot more of this season and hopefully getting some trophies and ribbons enjoy the pictures. Oh and if anybody is wondering what the plastic bag and duct tape is on there for they were calling for heavy rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon that is covering the Magneto I don't need rain ruining my day. I'm open to thoughts suggestions and questions Thanks for looking
  13. Thank you Dennis One thing I didn't do was check the flatness of the seal retainer that may be what got me I will be sure to do that this time Also I heard when oiling the felt do not oil the ends of the Felts oil the center and the middle but do not oil the ends where they compress any thoughts on that? I installed the felts dry with a large socket to help roll and press them in they fit really snug. I did not trim any off the ends and then oiled the snot out of them with 30 weight oil Once I split the tractor I will be sure to take pictures so we can all see what the problem really was Anyone have splitting stands they would be willing to let me borrow? I would be more than happy to meet in the middle or work something out.I live close to Harrisburg PA. I usually do this job with a floor jack, jack stands and a 2 ton cherry picker but I think splitting stands would really be nice
  14. So I drained the oil and removed the oil pain. The two plugs that are supposed to be in the mounting plate are both there. One one the carb side of the engine is original felt and not leaking. The one on the mag side is a new rubber plug and this is the side with the leak. Gasket looks ok. Guess im splitting it again. Any other ideas. Thanks all.
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