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  1. Yes and it's quiet in reverse no grinding until I let the clutch out in a forward gears. I took the deck off and the transmission is solid as far as I can telll.
  2. Ok this may seem like a stupid question but to get to the transmission you take the platform off and do you have split the tractor?
  3. Hello my name is jack norton I have a 1950 farmall c. My great grandpa bought this tractor new and has given it to me and I promised him to restore it but sad to say he won't be able to see it restored. Anyway my tractor has a problem with the transmission. When I put the tractor in any of the forward gears and I let the catch out it grinds like you wouldn't believe. It is so bad that you can feel it grinding when you let out the clutch. The only thing is that it doesn't do it in reverse. Can anyone tell me what is going on and maybe how to fix it. I had the tractor at a tractor show and it wo
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