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  1. I could always use more air pressure. Ive blasted a lot of metal but this is the first time ive encountered this many rust blooms. It seems like the rust started under the paint and had 34 years to bloom under the paint. The paint and rust cleaned up easy, but these blooms seem to be little fissures in the metal that's holding onto rust.

    I will look up eastwoods rust converter. Thank you

  2. Thanks,

    I tried to keep blasting but I cant seem to get all of it. There is way too much metal to spend hours and hours trying to blast it all off. It seems like the sand is to course to get into the fine grooves of rust. I know its like cancer which Is why I blasted in the first place, but I cant get it all clean to my satisfaction. There are pieces that are way worse than the pics, lots of rust blooms

    Ive used citric acid in the past, and I know there are other products that convert rust. I was wondering what other people have used and the success people have had.


  3. Im restoring a piece of machinery and I sandblasted all the metal, however, the sandblasting didn't remove the rust from tiny pits in the metal. I am worried that if I prime and paint it wont last long.

    What is the best product to convert or neutralize the rust before prime and paint? Is citric acid good enough or is there another product? Whats the best way to neutralize the citric acid or other product after treatment? Should it be sandblasted after rust treatment to get rid of any small particles?

    Suggestions would be appreciated. I don't want to put all this work in just to have the rust growing under the paint, ruining the finish and frustrating me.


    Thanks for your help

  4. A cowboy rides into town and his first stop is at the saloon to quench his thirst. The bartender is known to be a gambling man and a drinker, so when the cowboy enters and orders a whiskey the bartender get the bottle and glass out and while he is pouring he asks the cowboy if he is a betting man. 

    "I've been known to." Said the cowboy

    The bartender says "how would you like to a free drink?"

    "Sure" says the cowboy. "What do you want to bet on?"

    The bartender thinks for a second and says "I bet you a whiskey that you cant make your horse laugh."

    Without saying a word the cowboy gets up, walks to his horse thats tied up right outside the door and whispers in the horses ear.

    All of a sudden the horse is cracking up. He is laughing so hard he falls over and has a hard time recovering.  he's rolling in the street, kicking his feet. He's laughing so hard he has tears in his eyes.

    The Cowboy walks to the bar and slams down the whiskey as the bartend is standing in disbelief.

    After a few minutes of thinking of how to get even, the bartender asks if he would like to go double or nothing. 

    "Sure" says the cowboy. What do you suggest. 

    The bartender says he will give him a bottle of whiskey if he can make your horse cry.

    Without saying a word, the cowboy gets up and walks in front of his horse. The bartender cant see what the cowboy is doing but as the cowboy turns towards the bar, the horse is sobbing. The dang horse wont shut up. He's sobbing and crying, its really disturbing to see such a big animal broken like that. 

    The cowboy is at the bar waiting for his bottle.

    "Before I hand this over" said the bartender " I gotta know how you made your horse laugh."

    "Simple" said the cowboy. "I whispered into his ear that my co@k was bigger than his. I knew he would find that funny"

    "That makes sense" said the bartender. "But how did you make him cry???"

    "Simple" said the cowboy. "I stood in front of him, opened my pants and showed him!!"

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