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  1. The 417-8 had a 60" side discharge...left a very nice spread in grass up to 8" tall (I agree that you really need to crawl in the thick stuff) The 310-8 had a 48" rear pattern, which was not nearly as pretty unless grass was only about 5" tall On a side note, if the PTO clutch is good and tight, those Kohler engines can really grunt
  2. My parents had 2 when I was growing up, a 417-8 and a 310-8. Those were the toughest little machines out there. The only thing the 417 ever needed was a new PTO clutch and high-low range fork. The 310 pushed snow and mowed grass for over 20 years. Could probably go another 20. Just solid, rugged little machines. Mind you, these ones are the “true” Wheel Horses yet, some were sold under these models as Toro-Wheel Horse.
  3. Been doing a little thinking about floatation tires for trucks (specifically silage trucks that are run in field at harvest) and I was wondering if anyone here had experience with them: Have you seen improvements in soil health/quality from running them? Specifically, if you’ve run them in alfalfa fields being cut for haylage 3+ times per year, have you had any benefit from reducing sidewall pressure? I imagine the tires are a bit softer than normal road tractor tires. Would the reduced life pay off over the course of several years? Thanks in advance to any answers
  4. I’d feel pretty good about myself if I were the first to introduce any of you to these guys. I love ‘em
  5. I live in right in the northeast corner of PA (kind of a right angle 2 hours between bitty and bdse) I always get a lot of stories from my dad and uncles about clearing fields for hay/corn fields and pasture when they were growing up, timbering and leveling and picking stones to clear 8-10 acres every summer. The rock pile has grown up a bit over the past 30 years, but it hasn't gone anywhere
  6. If I didn't know you guys were named after having anthracite, I'd say that puts the "carbon" in Carbon County, PA
  7. I know it’s not red, but I was hoping another owner could give me some input: My roommate got this bike for free over the summer while at his internship...I rebuilt the carb, replaced water pump, new fluids, cleaned out old gas for him. Tried starting it and I can only get it to run for about 10-20 seconds before it dies and I can’t start it again for at least 15 minutes. What might be my issue? Also, the bike is an ‘01 with ~2,200 miles and sat for maybe 10 years. I want to make an offer to him to buy it for crop scouting in the future but I’m wondering about a fair price
  8. +1 on the overhang, especially in snowy areas Unless you're like my dad and had 3 sons running around to shovel away the snow that fell against sliding doors, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble
  9. Always thought the open station/no rops 3088 looked pretty good
  10. The drunk air tower support guy?
  11. What series is it? (B/C/D/E...). I think that would dictate the job you're facing. Dad has a "B" series with dry clutches and it took foooooooorever to diagnose and solve steering issues (fixed it mostly after 8 years but not quite 100%). A friend of his was able to split/pull/tilt the top of the rear with an A-frame he built to give him access to the clutches and brake bands. Like vtfireman said, "C" and beyond series were more desired due to having wet clutches that aren't as easily ruined by mud/water.
  12. My brothers and I have (at least, according to dad) beat the nuts off our 1998 Honda foreman 450 es and she keeps chugging great machine, plenty of power, 4x4, solid rear axle, electronic shift is nice feature too for reference, my uncle also has a 98 foreman and a 2012 fourtrax that he uses at the farm and the fourtrax constantly has electrical issues that keep it from running/shifting/steering correctly. His foreman is always ready on backup
  13. Just when I thought this forum couldn’t get better
  14. Made me think of this
  15. Was there an option for a CB radio as well?
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