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  1. Favorite Truck Ever?

    What was some of your guys' favorite trucks growing up, either by performance, reliability, or just plain good looks? I like the looks of a GMC General and the Ford L/LTL-9000's, but I've never driven them. I also happen to like Peterbilt 379's for the sake of drivability and comfort
  2. International 1256 with GPS and Auto Steer

    By the same token, you can take a 10' wide machine that pulls behind a ATV and drive along and get a rough idea of the quality of the soil by measuring the electroconductivity of the soil, giving you an idea of the conditions in a 10 acre field much faster than a conventional grid sample. Granted, it'll never be as accurate as digging samples and sending them to the lab, but the maps you can create give you a much faster (and maybe better) understanding of how you want to prioritize liming, fertilizing, planting, etc in those fields. This kind of potential for efficiency is unparalleled in the history of farming, and it's amazing. I love driving old iron across a field just as much as the next guy, but the opportunities that are becoming available to agriculture are increasing every year. I definitely don't think any farmer does things right or wrong, but technology is a tool. It's another tool that's available to help your operation work more efficiently. If you can work it in, more power to you. Efficiency is only a relative term in agriculture.
  3. need real life experience with midwest cover crops

    Maybe you shorter season guys could pester your local NRCS office to get an interseeder! http://www.interseedertech.com/index.php
  4. industial hemp and milk prices?

    Pennsylvania just opened up the amount of growers and individual operation sizes compared to what it was last year. I thought states were trying to regulate licenses to protect the market? This past summer the university grew 1 acre of 5 different varieties, it took the combine operator quite a bit of time to work through that little chunk I would personally like to try some for inclusion in a TMR, with 34% protein/lots of fatty acids in the hearts and all the fiber in the stem or leaves. Might get some funny looks from the neighbors, but at least the cows would milk well
  5. McCormick CX105 no startup

    If it has creeper gear I'd check that that's in the proper place MTX135 once made a fool out of me for that...
  6. who all grinds feed still?

    We use dried distillers grains, soybean meal, ground corn, little bit of lime and sodium bicarbonate and hydrolyzed yeast, molasses and a premixed vitamin supplement (can't remember off hand who makes it). The corn might be shelled or on the cob too, depending on who's selling it cheapest. I remember when I was real little they used to add in ice cream inclusions that come from a local chocolate factory. Seems some would always disappear when we visited. That all goes in the Gehl and gives the 8920 something to munch on to keep from getting bored over the winter. Makes for a pretty good dairy blend with the hay and the corn silage.
  7. Orange Question

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Not sure why I didn't get notifications about your replies sooner, but I appreciate them the same One of our head mechanics seems to think it's the main clutch, because when I put it in 4th (technically 2nd gear high side) it pulled alright, but still stopped occasionally. Would it stop regardless of director position if it were the main clutch? I can't help but think how much I'd like to have one of those of my own if only it had live PTO
  8. Ive got a sinkhole up top of our driveway

    Needs a sign that says "Parking for Deere Customers"
  9. Orange Question

    I was running an Allis-Chalmers 180 today while I was disking and after about 45 minutes of pulling (I was in 5th gear with a 10' disk in loamy soil) it crawled to a stop. Took it out of gear, put it back in, let the clutch out, and after about 20 seconds it started moving again. Is the clutch going out?
  10. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    I'm a big fan of the CIH 695 myself.....even though the one we run leaks fluids in places you'd never imagine. 2WD, no T/A, no shuttle, has a loader we don't use, considerable power for it's size. Very easy to shift, thoughtful gear spacing, 540/1000 PTO, good hydraulics, clutch is very smooth. Nice for raking, tedding, cultivating, hauling wagons. Very loud, but I like it more than the 4210 with 4WD and C/A/H we have... Like said above, the side panels on the hood like to break and fall off. This past summer we had to replace the alternator and the fuel return lines because they were cracked and leaking. Grandpa used a CIH 585 for years for light duty on his dairy, but was never a huge fan of it....I believe his famous line was "It'd be a nice little tractor if it wasn't such a piece of ****"
  11. Help me identify a weed

    Be sure to welcome the introduction of marestail over the next few years from poorly cleaned custom cropping/used equipment...have heard it also spreads along railroad tracks, as the slight breeze from passing cars carries the seeds. Try to combine the worst fields last to keep seeds from spreading. Like SMOKER said, marestail needs controlled before it's >6", or else you can bet it will resist most of what you can try to throw at it. Some form of tillage helps to get the seeds too deep to germinate. Marestail will grow both in the early spring and the late fall. Most of the treatments used by PSU Extension agents at the research farm I work at involve Liberty, dicamba, or 2,4-D. RoundUp works if you get in there at the right time. Luckily, marestail is very bad at competing once it gets shaded out. If you get your crop high enough to shade out the marestail, the problem lessens. Best of luck dealing with this, hopefully it doesn't make it's way into the fields, and here's a little extra info. http://extension.umd.edu/sites/extension.umd.edu/files/_docs/programs/ipmnet/Marestail-UMD IPMnet.pdf http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/05/control-horseweed-marestail-prior-to-soybean-emergence
  12. Fleetstar 2050A Bed

    Are these trucks still worth enough to try and change the engine, or does the job become more expensive than the rest of the truck?
  13. Fleetstar 2050A Bed

    Actually you read my mind, I was wondering if there was companies out that that made these sorts of flat beds (sounds like a yes) I'm not sure how long the bed is though...
  14. Fleetstar 2050A Bed

    So I was at my grandparents farm today and got curious when I started looking at his Fleetstar with a dump body... It's a 4x2 with the D-170 and runs well, but time hasn't been very kind to the body work. Is it possible to build a flat bed body for hauling big squares or a nice show tractor, with stake pockets to bolt together all the pieces if you wanted the dump bed? I just think it'd be really cool restored, with a flat bed hauling a 1066 to a pull, or set up to haul sawdust the next day with the bed sides assembled so you can dump it too
  15. New joke

    While I'm on the Polish jokes.... Couple years ago the Polish national library burnt down.....took both books with it. One of them wasn't even colored in yet!