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    I agree that would be a easy $15,000 tractor here in the East. I wish these 5-7 thousand dollar 50 series were here in NY. Beat up old 06 and 56 series are bringing more than that at auction here.
  2. Yes neukm I would be interested in talking to you about it. Sounds like what I’m looking for.
  3. I’ll walk away from this one and keep looking.
  4. Thanks for the help. I just wanted to make sure. Brian
  5. Here is a pic of what the engine looks like. Wasn’t sure if the the cooler was different between the inline pump engine or the rotary pump B series engines.
  6. I have a quick question. We are looking at maybe purchasing a 5488. The owner has sent us some pics of the engine. I don’t see any signs of a intercooler. We’re the early ones made without one? Thanks.
  7. Yes they are shot, seems like at one time I remember seeing a oddball 10.00 size tire that didn’t need a bigger rim.
  8. Hello, just wanted some thoughts on what tire size I may need on my 5088. It has 10.00-16 4 rib Firestone’s now and they just seem to small, they seem to make the front end point downhill. It has 18.4-38s on rear. Is 11.00-16 a good size. Or is there another size in between. Thanks.
  9. We have used a 4186 and a 500 bushel size cart for the past couple years. It works good for us, we found the cart just seemed to big for our 2 wheel drive tractors and with any wet conditions they were useless. The 4186 handles it great and is awesome in the mud, almost impossible to stop. It has a rugged drawbar and the crazy backwards hyd. levers on the left side of the seat are in a good spot for the cart unloading. That being said it is awkward sometimes, but for our size and acres it’s fine. Seems to work fine for unloading on the go, we use a 1460. We don’t have a lot into the tractor,
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