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  1. It is a 1972, we have had for 35 years now. It was a short tractor. We stretched, doubled the frame and added the hoist and rack. Still has the original Cat 1160 in it.
  2. It seems to work good. It was perfect this year with the mud. It is unstoppable, also the drawbar is heavier so it take the tongue weight better than our 3588. We bought it at a auction just by chance this year and didn’t need it but thought it needed a home. It runs perfect and everything works on it. I know it is kinda of a stepchild but I like it and it is very cheap horse power.
  3. Love looking at everyone’s pics. Here are some of my fall pics, seemed like fall went fast. Got to cold and wet to fast. All done at least and equipment cleaned and parked.
  4. Matt, the best thing to do is swap out the York pump for the Sandin style. Use the stock hose with adapter. I have done a 1586 for a friend with no problem and the Sandin works way better. I just finished our 3588 the other day and works great. Also check expansion valve if not new replace that also. Brian
  5. Thanks for the reply's, I dug into it this afternoon and removed the pump and disassembled it. I found one of the pistons in the pump bad. It is coming apart and is all hacked up. I'm happy I found something and now feel better about spending $1500 on a reman pump. And glad it didn't totally self destruct and cause bigger problems. It has been doing this for a couple of years and I wanted to figure it out while I had it in the shop this spring. Just finished a entire new cab interior and all new AC system so hopefully it should be good to go.
  6. I have a question on our 3588, it has a bad chatter in the hydro system when using the remotes and 3 point hitch. All hydro functions seem ok, plenty of lifting power and speed in the hitch. I thought it may be cavitating so I replaced seals on hitch pump suction inlet and checked the screen and orifice in the signal line to the pump. I don't have any real knowledge of these PFC style pumps but it sure seems like that's what's making the noise when it starts working to move hitch or remotes. Is it common for these PFC pumps to fail. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks.
  7. Hello again, just have a question on narrow front ends. Just picked up a 706 gas at auction. I don't need it at all but I think I want to keep it and would like to put a narrow front end on it. Which ones will work 560 series, or 656, or is the large frame tractors different. Thanks
  8. The combine went for 89 thousand, Steiger went for 20 thousand the 4230 with hydro front end went to phone bid in Nebraska for 11500 I think
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