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  1. 706 narrow front

    Hello again, just have a question on narrow front ends. Just picked up a 706 gas at auction. I don't need it at all but I think I want to keep it and would like to put a narrow front end on it. Which ones will work 560 series, or 656, or is the large frame tractors different. Thanks
  2. Speaking of Elwoods

    The combine went for 89 thousand, Steiger went for 20 thousand the 4230 with hydro front end went to phone bid in Nebraska for 11500 I think
  3. Grain Cart

    Very good point on the front fold auger. Looks like my list is getting narrowed down. Thanks for the input everyone
  4. Grain Cart

    Thanks for the response, the corner seems like the way to go. I run a 1460 with a 963 corn head and 20 ft 1020 flex. Seems like I waste so much time traveling from the field to dump in the truck because it's always a little wet here in the fall and trucks just can't get in the field that a cart would be justified.
  5. Grain Cart

    Looking for some recommendations and advice on buying a grain cart. In the market for a good used 500 bushel size cart. I see there are lots of choices. Side auger or corner auger. Small or big PTO. Tire size and tread. Is there any brand that is better for durablity. Would be only using on our small farm 300 acres and pulling with a 3588. Any comments or things to look for would be great. Thanks.
  6. 3588

    They are great tractors. We have a 3588, there is a learning curve with steering them because the seat is behind, but it becomes second nature. They are animals when it gets sloppy out, not much it can't go through. Things to look for same as above, loose pivot, bad carrier bearings on drive shafts, and transfer case oil. They have a expensive muffler if it gets bad. We have had ours around 20 years with very minor problems and it has 10,000 hours. Prices are going up a little on them, not very many made and good ones are becoming collectible. Good luck.
  7. Wheat harvest with 615

    It was red winter wheat. Running a 10 foot head. It was about all she wanted to handle this year. Used all 80 horses she had Thanks everyone for all the posts over the years I have read. Most any problem we have ever had with our IH equipment has been covered here and makes the repair easy with all the knowledge posted.
  8. Wheat harvest with 615

    We are just outside Rochester NY, the wheat was great this year because it's been so dry here. Unfortunately the beans and corn don't look as good as this.
  9. Wheat harvest with 615

    Hello everyone, new member here but have been reading the site for years. Thought I would share some pics of this years wheat harvest with some old iron. Our old 615 working good in the best wheat we have ever had. She did 40 acres that averaged 115 bushel an acre and averaged 2600 lbs straw a acre.