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    New/rebuild IPTO electromatic clutch

    Thanks Rainman, I'll give the CC Specialist Co. a call later on today.
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    New/rebuild IPTO electromatic clutch

    I have a 1977 IH 184 loboy that I purchased over a year ago and started "a total tear-down". Every component that was bolted onto the frame are now ID'd and put into bags or containers. Most of the parts that show some wear (medium to heavy) have been replaced and ALL bearings , seals,bushings and gaskets through out the tractor as well. What I need to look for now is a creditable business that rebuilds the old electric IPTO clutch. The bearings are in sad shape and it's pretty obvious little maintenance, if any, was performed on that unit. The only tractor parts business that handles those clutches are Hamilton Bobs in Ohio which they sell for about $435.00. I just need to see if there are any other sources out there that may rebuild mine and what the cost would be as well as competitive prices for a new one.
  3. About a year ago I bought a 1977 IH 184 loboy in terrible running condition. Over the year I have started replacing all the basic tune-up components starting with plugs and wires up to a new carb and rebuilding the govenor 100%. I now have a great running,blue smoke puffing,C-60 motor. Now that winter will be here in Michigan before much longer, I've decided to go with a complete tear down and rebuild on the motor and frame, replacing all of the worn components as needed. After removing all of the body panels around the IPTO shaft, I found that the rear bearing had been wobbling on the shaft for quite a while. What secret is there to removing the shaft from the electric clutch. So far I have unbolted the front bearing retainer and collar. There appears to be a hex head bolt at the front of the electric clutch. Does this bolt act as a retainer that threads into the front of the IPTO shaft? Once I get the shaft out, I'm hoping I can save it as the bearing wobble has done some wear damage but is repairable.