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  1. wide front axle pivot pin bushings

    BOBSIH856- No, I did not know that, but then, as I have always said, I know just enough to be dangerous to any project I undertake. I'm one of those learn as you go type of tractor mechanics. The internet is a great thing if only I knew how to search for stuff in a more efficient way. I think I'll let my grandson do my searches from now on. He can operate that phone of his in the blink of an eye. If they had an Olympic event for that he would win the gold medal. It would take me another lifetime to know what he knows about computers. All that technology is over my gray head. Anyway, thanks to all you guys for helping me out! texgyrene
  2. wide front axle pivot pin bushings

    wally1965- Yes, I do have the 1.25 pin. The info you and the other guys provide on this site is fantastic. What a trip! Ford parts on an International product! Collectively, you guys with all the knowledge are such a wonderful group to share it with a rookie like me. Thank all of you for the help in my search! texgyrene
  3. wide front axle pivot pin bushings

    Maynard- Thanks for the info! Really appreciate your help in my search. texgyrene
  4. wide front axle pivot pin bushings

    iowaboy- No, they are not available anymore. They show them on the parts picture and say they don't carry them. I had bought some from them about 8 yrs. ago for my other 706. Strange they don't carry them now. Maybe the cost couldn't justify carrying them in inventory for such old machines. Who knows? texgyrene
  5. wide front axle pivot pin bushings

    BOBSIH856- Thank you very much for the sizes on the bushings. I really appreciate it. Great help in completing my project. Again, many thanks from an old non- computer operating geezer. texgyrene
  6. wide front axle pivot pin bushings

    Rawleigh99- Thank you very much for the info. I'm on it after this post. texgyrene
  7. wide front axle pivot pin bushings

    stronger 800- No, nothing within 100 miles. Thanks for the idea! The way things look, I just might have to make that journey. texgyrene
  8. wide front axle pivot pin bushings

    R190- Thanks for the part number! Worked wonders in the search for the bushings.Right you are about being spendy! I was thinking about e-mailing the sites about the pricing. They ran from $55.00 to $70.00 each. I was going to ask them if they were made of Marzenium on the Space Shuttle in zero gravity. The metal was found on Mars on a secret flight financed by the Chinese. This info was supposedly hacked by the Russians, I'll bet. All kidding aside, somebody has to make a bushing that size. If you or anyone on this site can ferret out the O.D. and I.D. of these bushings please pass that info on to me or anyone else that might be searching for these bushings. Again, thank you! texgyrene
  9. wide front axle pivot pin bushings

    I've been searching for wide front axle pivot pin bushings for my 706 gasser and have come up empty. The existing pair of them are worn so badly that I can't get an accurate size measurement. I've read where the pin is 1.25 inches, but have no idea of the I.D. and and O.D. of the bushings. Does anyone on this site know the exact size of these bushings? I would really appreciate the info. Thanks in advance for any info as to size and availability of these bushings! texgyrene
  10. I recently acquired a Farmall 706 with the C-263 engine for parts. The engine number is 57558 and has MM stamped after this number. I have searched the net for the meaning of the MM and have come up empty. Hopefully, someone with more knowledge than myself can come up with the answer. Thanks! texgyrene
  11. 706 diesel wide front end to 706 gas tricycle swap

    dumbfarmer- Thanks for the info. Really appreciate it. I have a chance to buy a tractor so equipped. Again, thank you!
  12. 706 diesel wide front end to 706 gas tricycle swap

    jass1660- Thanks for the info! I came across a pretty good buy on the gasser. Again, thanks! texgyrene
  13. Will a 706 D282 with an adjustable front end fit under a 706 263 gasser with a tricycle front? Are the holes in the frame rails of the 706 gasser there for the swap?
  14. D282 in 706 to Cummins 5.9B?

    taylor1566- I believe I am done with my D282. Another guy came to check it out. Bad news for home team. Onward to the 5.9. Checking on frame rails off an 806. cwinn put me on to a piece out solution which I can do. Great Idea if I can't find any factory rails. The guy that checked the 282D the other day came in at the money you are talking about, but offered a 30 day warranty. I didn't bite. I kinda like the reliability and easy starting of the 5.9, and since the adapter and all components to swap are available, I'm thinking with all the the implements I have for the 706, I just can't turn it loose considering what I have in it. As far as sheet metal is concerned, I just might be the only guy in this county with a custom ram air hood on a tractor. Time will tell the tale. Thanks for your input on this project of mine! texgyrene
  15. D282 in 706 to Cummins 5.9B?

    cwinn- I cannot adequately thank all the people on this site for the advice and insight I have been given to get this transplant going. I deeply appreciate it. Big Red will have a new life thanks to guys like you who are blazing the trail for dummies like me. Again, thank you and I will be on this site again when I run into a roadblock I can't figure out. As I have always said, I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree, but, I can always find people brighter than me. Thanks again for the knowledge and encouragement to see this project through. texgyrene