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  1. 9 hours ago, TB5288 said:

    Spindles, tired of buying spindles. I replaced the OEM spindles several years ago because the splines were wore on top. Had to bright idea of installing aftermarket taper mate spindles. Major mistake, they are junk. No loader, standard weight on front. I've probably snapped 8 in the last five years. Lucky never running on road. Twice I broke both at the same time, that's quite a ride! This is just by hitting things that are not very rough. Never broke an OEM one doing same work. I just thought for the price of 2 OEM spindles and arms maybe I could find a good used heavy duty axle for close to the same money.

    Good luck finding one for about the same money, I paid 2500 for mine and had to completely rebuild it including the bolster, still worth every penny, the knees and spindles are same as 2wd magnum.E149A330-7598-4235-98A0-4AA9E8237145.thumb.jpeg.a406d31964cbf789f5e59dd1517589f6.jpegget the wheels and lug bolts too, the standard wheels and tapered bolts will work, but the offset is wrong, and it cost about 350/side for magnum wheels and bolts, as I can’t find a source for bolts beside CNH for over $14/bolt.

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  2. 8 hours ago, ksfarmdude said:

    Doesn't make sense changing it over its about the same front axle as the late 1086 I never had spindles break unless your running over some really hard ground too fast

    I don’t think a late 1086 axle has any similarity to a high capacity axle 

  3. On 2/17/2022 at 6:58 AM, SDman said:

    Its not "synchronized", but the 30 series had the hydraulic transmission brake, which made them shift much easier when the transmission was in neutral, as compared to an 06-86 series with a worn out mechanical transmission brake. 

    Can an 86 series be converted to the hydraulic trans brake?

  4. Thank you gentlemen, I will call Herrs, I do have a hose on it temporarily and it makes it growl loudly if you use the foot n inch pedal. I also tried a brake line with brass nuts a local auto parts store made for me but it didn’t last long until it was leaking, just out of curiosity does anyone know how much pressure those pipes run?

  5. I’ll try to keep this short, forward works fine, reverse has a little pressure but not enough to move, found the servo cylinders and anchor pins leaking, rebuilt them, still no reverse.  Went through the trouble shooting chart and found the check valve broken, replaced it, recovered the ball but 2 small pieces of the cage still missing.  Reverse was still intermittent but then worked about 30 times test driving it, thought it was going to work.  Took it home and it only worked 3 times and quit. Any ideas short of taking the whole hydro out and going through it?  Thanks 

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