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  1. Who was in 4H ?

    When I was growing up, there were no 4-H or FFA groups in the area. It's mostly because the County is the poorest in the state. So I wasn't given the opportunity to enjoy these essential rural groups. It's so unfortunate, especially being that I grew up in at one point the largest peanut producing counties in the US; Halifax County, NC. I do believe that both 4-H and FFA have become a little more desirable than a few years ago. No matter how the Ag industry changes, it's important that these groups continue to continue to thrive inside and outside of rural areas.
  2. You're quite correct in your opinion, and I believe it's much more than an opinion and more of a fact. Just as in the case of these new JD & CaseIH cotton pickers have the on board module building systems. Its gone from a 3-5 man job, to a one man job; essentially.
  3. Look at some of these pics from the studios of IH

    Man that 5288 is looking good. I've got a photo of our 5488 with saddle tanks, all-be-it, the tractor nor tanks look nearly as good. Link to this photo on my Flickr Page.
  4. Nice Cotton Farming Video

    SuperIH; what a great video, and I love what Tony wrote in reply. I wanted to ask if it would be alright for me to post the video on my Facebook page. I'm in North Carolina, and am in the process of trying to get started farming myself. Unfortunately, after farming with my father for approximately 16-years, there was no assurance of me taking over because of other family members thoughts and beliefs. So, at the age of 21 I began college, and finally graduated in 2008 during the midst of the recession. It's not going to be an easy task, starting a farm operation, especially with student loans, but it is what I love and the only thing that I can stay focused on; in way of a career. If you happen to know of any forums or other members that have or are in the process of starting to farm within the Red Power Magazine, would you mind letting me know about it or them? Thanks very much for your time. My Facebook Page
  5. 66 series toys 1/16 scale

    Now that's a great looking 1066