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    Plow Chief bottom and plowing compacted help

    I put a couple of those 20 dollar ones on my plow a couple years ago, luckily my brother had a bucket of them, as the position of the mounting bolt seemed to vary a lot. I picked the two best out of the bunch and still had to loosen moldboard and share to get them on. They seemed to work ok but the fit left a lot to be desired. I remember changing those back in the day with OE parts and it only taking a couple minutes. Luckily it is just a plow day plow because I bet they don't last as long either. I need to look into the Plow Chief parts at Ploworx , my shares need to be replaced also.
  2. robgIN

    Letter Series at Work

    The old B still earns her keep. Over the years this tractor has done a lot of jobs, but now auger duty is about it.
  3. robgIN

    Older hybrid reliability?

    a few years ago I had the parts man check the price on a hybrid battery for one of the Ford models, it was over 10,000 dollars. So the first thing I would do before buying one is check on the price of a new high voltage battery, and unless they were willing to deduct that amount from their asking price, walk away. In all reality hybrids are only feasible in a fairly warm climate and majority city driving. Do yourself a favor , if you are looking for mileage, stay away from all wheel drive and opt for the 4 cylinder engine instead of the V-6 and you will be way ahead in the end.
  4. robgIN

    Fast hitch for tractor pulling

    the green guys don't like the fast hitch because of the location of the front mount , think it gives an "unfair advantage" , the ones with the swinging drawbar mounts in the same place so if you can pull off of it I don't see much difference. It's not like you could raise the hitch without anyone noticing.
  5. robgIN

    2017 IHCC #33 PLOWDAY

    Great video ! Well worth the wait, that was a good day and watching this I can almost smell the dirt again. I think everyone there enjoyed themselves.
  6. robgIN

    Chapter 33 plowday pics

    A nice fall day in northern Indiana had a good time plowing with this bunch of guys.
  7. robgIN

    Chapter 33 plowday pics

    Can't blame him, that one would be hard to part with, it cruised right along with that 4 bottom.
  8. robgIN

    Chapter 33 plowday pics

    I will do that, I think I got one of him also, but he was looking the other way. He was quite a guy, had some interesting stories .
  9. robgIN

    Chapter 33 plowday pics

    4 bottom on the 766 . Here's some more pics. There was a nice M with a semi mount but I must not have gotten a pic of it, hopefully someone else did.
  10. robgIN


    My plan is to be there again this year, most likely with the rusty F-30 again. I have a 34 W-30 that used to live and work up in that part of the state that I would like to bring but I am not sure it is quite field ready yet so maybe next year for it. It has been a long time since it has been out in a field plowing. Should be another great day and I encourage anybody thinking about going to do so, it's a big field and most parts pull easy.
  11. robgIN

    Finished Project - McCormick No. 4 Tractor Plow

    I'm impressed with all 3 of them, the plow the M and the F-12, great job.
  12. robgIN

    Maybe dumb question, why no 1006 ?

    one of the old Harvester Highlights had an article on the F-40 and I believe 2 were built using the power improved 15-30 engine ( 22-36 HP ) . The article mentioned issues with crankshaft failures if I remember right and for various reasons they decided a larger row crop tractor was not feasible .
  13. robgIN

    Plow id

    looks like a 412 maybe
  14. robgIN


    Great video ! Lots of nice tractors there and always a great bunch of people.
  15. robgIN

    NW Ohio plow day

    Some neat pictures and videos, it was a nice day , ground was a bit tough in spots but I think a good time was had by all. Thanks to Mark, Scott Equity Exchange , the land owner and everyone else who helped put this on. As always a nice variety of colors out in the field and nice to see some young participants out there along with the rest of us.
  16. robgIN

    NW Ohio plow day

    I'll probably still give it a shot. I'm bringing my 2 bottom with new shares and it went in the ground a couple years ago when we had the 20 plus inches of rain in June then the ground turned to concrete in the fall . The dull worn share plows just scooted across the top of the ground that year. Maybe I should have been hoping for some rain today instead of wishing it would stay away.
  17. robgIN

    T-20 vs Cat22 (Video)

    T-20 used the same engine as an F-20 , with the addition of a water pump, not a 10-20, or F-30 engine. And what was that he was rolling uo ? LOL fun video
  18. robgIN

    Red 4WD Tractors, Book

    Me too !
  19. robgIN

    Got the 560 running today

    that went pretty quick ! It ought to be pretty lively now.
  20. robgIN

    Got my motor back

    the dyno does help Mark, but those pesky condenser failures still pop up, maybe I should just leave them run during lunch from now on. As of now I am planning on being there on the 12th with one of the F series, I think it is the F-20s turn again. You guys always have a good event with a good mix of tractors.
  21. robgIN

    Got my motor back

    If you need a dyno to break it in when you get it back together let me know, I have the M&W P400 that used to be in the local IH repair shop here in town back in the day. The F-series take awhile to get it warmed up.
  22. robgIN

    8X28 H&F round spokes for an F-20

    you see a lot of 14.9-28s on roundspokes on F-20s so yes they will fit , they will be somewhat pinched and the tread rounded but with the right amount of air will work.
  23. robgIN

    IH 540 plow

    You could always turn it into a 3 bottom , Ohio Farmer has a nice plow that I believe started life as a 540 that has been cut down to 3 bottoms . A pretty common thing to do in this part of the country where clay is king.
  24. robgIN

    IH Little genius plow

    They don't have bearings , the wheels just run on the axles , so if you have play there is probably wear on the axle itself and maybe the hub but it is a pretty forgiving design so don't panic. If you take the lift wheel off there is a spacer with about 4 steps on it and a pin that holds the hub from having too much in and out play, this is probably worn down also. If the hub can move out too far it can slip off the dogs that catch to lift the plow. Or it may be full of old hard grease , or parts may be partially seized. Likely a little bit of all those is what you will find. Just take it apart , clean it up good , make sure nothing is broken and adjust it so the hub can't move to far back and forth. You may have to make a spacer from a piece of pipe or something to compensate for the worn adjuster but once you get it apart you will see it is not that complicated and nothing is going to fly out at you when you take it apart.I would hate to think how many miles some of those plows have traveled in their lifetime.