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  1. You still can from time to time. I collect old military rifles and have an early war (4-5-42) serial # 757xxx all original Springfield M1. Your best deals to be found are at pawn shops and gun shows
  2. How does that work since you've already had to pay it once on the vehicle?
  3. That's just a lifetime outdoors in the deep south.
  4. Looks like some cops may have went a little gung ho. I thought it was protect and serve, it doesn't appear that they tried to get the innocent drivers out of harms way at all. They could have tried to disable the truck (shoot out radiator/engine/fuel tank/tires) instead of pumping all those rounds into the cab knowing that there was a hostage inside. Looks like there will be a few "confidential" settlements paid out to several people over this. At least the cops didn't have an armored APC like some police have, I could only imagine them smashing cars with it trying to get to the robbers. I believe a lot of police dept.s have became too militarized in recent years.
  5. My 1086 also has that same problem on the same side.
  6. I worked in Mitchell SD in 06 or 07 building the ethanol plant north of town just past the strip club on the left. I liked the place but I was confused by all the signs on the side of the road advertising "The World's Only Corn Palace". Being from Louisiana I was wondering what in the **** a Corn Palace was. I'll admit it was pretty neat seeing the ornate designs of it.
  7. Not that I'm aware of... Hard enough just to find all the original components needed to upgrade a 2wd.
  8. Tony you should look into selling people admission tickets just to walk thru your shop looking around at your collection.
  9. Looks good. You ever thought about trying rubbing compound? I've used it before on older non-clearcoat vehicles and it worked great on taking off dead/dull paint.
  10. ArkLa 1086


    If I ever need another pipe wrench I'm calling you.
  11. ArkLa 1086


    I have a big Wilton about the size of the ones in the pictures and they are about like front end loaders, after you get one you never realize how you got by without it.
  12. What is the battery for in the W6 work table post for? It looks pretty neat.
  13. Ok Will do. I'll be calling from a Louisiana 318 area code cell phone.
  14. 10-4 I'll definitely give you a ring soon, I gotta run up to Lowe's in Greenville for some parts for my well.
  15. What's wrong with your old grain truck in the background DD? Other than just lack of use I mean.
  16. Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is this Wildcat machine used for?
  17. Hey red tractor fever I know a guy here locally you may be able to help you. It was the guy I mentioned in previous post who has a small tractor salvage yard (200-300 tractors) close to me. He's a millwright by trade and started the IH salvage on the side til it grew larger than he intended I think. He doesn't actively manage it anymore but still sells a few parts when he's not gone working on turbines in power plants. He's a super good guy and very knowledgeable and has always been helpful to me and anyone else who stopped by. If you like PM me and I'll give you his number and info. Idk if he has any 826's out there but if there's any within 50 miles of here he'd be the one I'd ask.
  18. Thanks, the 318-282-xxxx is in my area. The 282 is a prefix for a town 25 miles from here. I asked because I thought you may have gotten ahold of a local guy who has an IH salvage yard and very knowledgeable about IH in general
  19. What part of Louisiana was the guy you spoke to. I've been keeping up with this thread. Not many of those models around here and unfortunately it's pretty common for old/wore out tractors in this area get hauled off for scrap so it's slim pickins hunting old iron in fence rows and tree lines anymore around here.
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