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  1. x2 Use to be able to find it occasionally at a farmer's market here but I think that knowledge is unfortunately quickly dying out.
  2. I just think that getting only one side of the story in any situation can be problematic. I'll always be a conservative but I do appreciate a different viewpoint.
  3. I like Louder with Crowder, I use to be in the Mug Club when he got demonetized. Also, even though I'm a conservative, I watch Jimmy Dore. He is about left wing as it gets. Although I don't agree with his political beliefs 99.9% of the time, I have found him to be pretty honest on reporting the facts, even though with his telling from a progressive liberal slant I haven't caught him making up stories since I've been watching him on YTube. Idk, I may be crazy but I do like getting information from a wide spectrum because somewhere in the middle is the truth.
  4. I guess that technology can't beat reliability.
  5. Most of the time when I'm really tired is when I have the most fitfull sleep. Will go into a "deep" sleep for 45 minutes then wake wide awake. Get up, smoke a cigarette, walk thru the house lay back down, sleep an hour, wake up and somehow prop up on my left side on my elbow and sleep another hour on propped up on my left elbow so when I wake up my left arm is hurting from propping up on it then my neck hurts from being propped up on my left side with my head hanging down. Don't get my best"sleep"til the final hour
  6. This story has been floating online for a while if you google it
  7. Idk it says it'll do a body good. Never said which body
  8. Just heard drink a bunch of milk afterwards that somehow the calcium would somehow offset it. IDK. I was asleep that day at medical school.
  9. I'm in the same boat, alcohol makes me sleep longer but I'm even more tired when I wake up so I quit several years ago. Take melatonin regularly but to no avail. Had a Dr. write a prescription to Halcion which actually helped a great deal but he had a stroke 2 monthsater and as I said most Dr's around here have admitted (I can explain further) they are hesitant to prescribe anything that can be abused at all by anyone due to state and federal laws. So Dr's here are no longer helpful. It's get blind drunk and pass out, (I'll pass on that) or feel like a sleep deprived zombie 3/4's of the time.
  10. Thanks for the post and topic. I like many on here really struggle with this. I work shift work, 12 hour shifts, get off one morning at 7am then return to go to dayshift 24 hours later, the following morning at 7 am and get ALOT of overtime on top of the 2 hour 10 minute roundtrip commute everyday. While I'm grateful for the great income, most of the time I don't know if I am in H*ll or Houston. I can't keep up with anything anymore or what I need to do next. I like you and many have tried most everything. It's got to the point I sleep an hour and a half at a time. I never, I mean never sleep for more than 3 consecutive hours and have forgotten what sleeping 6 hours feels like. Quit going to Dr.'s because I always hear that they have medicine that will work but they won't give it to me since with all the prescription abuse almost no one wants to write a prescription for anything that actually will work because things can be abused for any reason at all. I'll take 60 to 100 mg of melatonin or more and it keeps me down for 90 minutes at max and sometimes the lack of sleep makes me feel like I'm going crazy. Not to mention at times a hard person to be around even though I try me best to notice that and keep it in check. Thanks for the info, willing to try anything short of a frying pan to the head.
  11. Come on Tanker, it's all in good natured fun. Everything doesn't have to link back to suffering and death. The thread was making fun of the vultures who prey upon the misery. Which like Finney, I have beat asbestos off of pipe to make a tie in while lighting a cigarette and breathing grinding dust before 6010 then 7018 smoke.
  12. I buy most my ammo online thru places like Classic Firearms since you can buy in bulk. There is a search engine called Ammo Seek that you can enter the caliber you are looking for and it finds what is available online and gives you a list by caliber with the maker and price per round. I've had pretty good luck with it finding everything from hunting rifle ammo to military surplus ammo in spam cans and wooden crates from mauser 8mm to british 303 and 30 06. Might be worth a look especially for the harder to find or more expensive calibers.
  13. Cotton Picker Works in Lake Village, Arkansas use to make some stuff but I don't know how much they do in recent years
  14. For those who have ordered the LED light package from Larsen's, does the package contain just the bulbs or the whole light with the LED bulb?
  15. What is the purpose of this forum if it is not for sharing information on the mechanical problems and diagnostics of these old tractors?
  16. No Indy, it's just the direction you have drug so many threads
  17. It's easy Indy, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". You dont have to be taught that you dont like being punched in the face, stolen from/robbed, cheated, lied to, etc. If you dont like it being done to you it's not a stretch of the imagination that a person can/will figure out that others might not like being done that way either. I think man is capable of understanding that without being taught. So morals dont always have to be taught. But I have come to realize that you will be a contrarian regardless of the topic or what side you choose to champion. As long as your on the opposite side of the issue of a known conservative. You dont have to go there on all these threads espousing your "superior beliefs" that fall on their face in real life.
  18. Ease of reach being the benefit?
  19. Socialism is wanting equal outcomes not equal opportunity. That's why socialist don't mind stealing someone else's success to mitigate their own failure. After a while you'll run out of successful people to rob from and all that's left is poverty for everyone. It's the reason socialism has always and will always fail.
  20. Do you have a picture of the lever? Never seen one like that before
  21. I would figure lawyers would get this struck down in time since it appears to me as double taxation.
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