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  1. My dad use to do the same. I am the 4th generation to live on the property where I am at and my father grew up in my front yard. He explained things much in the ways your father did. I lost him Easter morning of '16 to a massive heart attack at 64. Seems every time I'm on a tractor, dozer or trackhoe here on the homeplace I wind up talking to him. I keep expecting to see his truck to pull up late in the evenings like he so often did asking what I got done that day and what my plans for tomorrow are. My son missed out on a lot by being 5 when he died.
  2. ArkLa 1086

    South paws

    Nope but I bat left.
  3. Pay attention to what this man ^^^^^^ said.
  4. Glad yall brought this to my attention. I know one place that will be 2 cases lighter my next off days. Also MarkG is correct about ammonia, I am an industrial maintenance mechanic and part of my job is running and maintaining an industrial ammonia refrigeration system with about 30,000 lbs of it in the system with 3 500 hp compressors and 2 600 hp compressors. It was 72 cents a pound 3 months ago at 5lbs a gallon and highly efficient. I believe a lot of campers do or use to use it in their refrigerators and use to be used in large buildings and apartment complexes that use chill water air handler systems. If released out into the open air it causes no environmental damage. Only drawback is if it is in confined spaces. But doesn't everything have a drawback and it seems like everything that works REALLY good has the even bigger drawbacks.
  5. I'm sure the guy could get some cookware endorsement deals to help out with any legal fees he may have incurred.
  6. I usually tell people I'm the King of England, prove me wrong.
  7. You know a man is serious when he doesn't even drop his cigarette
  8. Shhhhh Lorenzo, I'm expecting a package.
  9. Acem wasn't exaggerating about the average/normal prices for those tractors down here. I live several hours southeast of him and just on the other side of the Mississippi river from Delta Dirt. Those tractors usually go from 2500$ to 6000$ on average "here". Too big for most small landowners and too small for the average size farms here but there a lot of the 66 series still running around here more often for cutting hay and feeding cows. I believe the lack of a cab & A/C here in the South is what drives the price down on them as much as anything.
  10. I bought (maybe but I believe I'll get it) the combine from an used equipment dealer that has always been great to me and I know who it originally came from. The original owner was a retired JD mechanic who restored 20's thru 40's JD tractors and farmed a couple hundred acres on the side. The owner died 6-7 years ago but hadn't ran the combine in about 10-12 years. He had supposedly bought it because it was a JD95 R model or rice model with a full hydrostatic drive(no clutch pedal) and it is suppose to be a "rare" model. I have no idea if it is or not but I'm afraid I spent several hundred dollars that is only going to lead to a lot of heartburn.
  11. I may have bought (if someone else doesn't want it) a JD95 R. It needs some work of course but I can drive it home. I got it for under 1000$ with a grain table but tell me I'll survive this without medication and these aren't totally horrible to run on 100 acres of soybeans without cussing every minute it runs. I had planned on buying a 14 series but this is cheap and close to home without paying 2-4k shipping like I would have done buying a 1460 online.
  12. I like straight pipes but the muffler does give it that distinctive & iconic "look". My vote is for the muffler.
  13. Do you also use Blackstone Labs?
  14. Thanks. I'm not looking for anything visual but I know contaminants stratify in oil related to their specific gravity, as in any liquid and the heavier suspended particles will be closer to the bottom just as water contamination goes to the bottom and is the first to run out when plug is removed. That's why I asked because I've heard a few different things, just curious to see how most people do theirs.
  15. Getting ready to take oil samples on a few things today and wanted to get other people's opinion on how they do their's. I take my sample shortly after I unscrew the oil plug out to catch any heavier suspended particles that may be near the bottom. I have been told to just get it out of catch pan or it really didnt matter which way I did it. Just curious how others do it.
  16. Follow what DirtBoyz said. I did a similar thing to my 1086 gas tank and it still looks good 6 years later. Although I used an adhesion promoter after I pressure washed it good before I painted it just in case any oils came to the surface later and I painted it with a paint made for plastic. Supposedly the paint made for plastic allows "some" flex without causing cracks or paint to pop off. The ppg paint Dirtboyz used would probably keep its color longer than what I used without fading though.
  17. I can't find Cenpeco down here where I live. I've looked after seeing it mentioned many times on here. Is it something that I can buy by the barrel and have it shipped or would it be just as high as Caterpillar oil by then?
  18. I was looking for a D6C or D6D and came across an early 70's D8H for 22k only 85 miles from home. Bigger than I needed but price was right and it has been taken care of. It cranked on a 35 degree day without using glow plugs and exhaust cleared up in 30 seconds and ran/steered as it should and the previous owner had it for 20 years and traded it in on an excavator. Motor has been rebuilt previously, newer starter and reman Cat turbo. As usual I will be changing ALL fluids & filters from front to rear and taking samples and was wondering if people here with experience use the Cat brand 30wt TDTO oil in transmission or some other top shelf oil instead? I know this is a dangerous question but the nearest CAT dealer is 90 miles and I'm only going to be putting 100-200 hours on it before I'm done and selling it. Just wanted to get advice from the guys who have experience with the bigger Cats.
  19. Don't feel alone about your air filter. I have a 1086 that I believe was made in Oct of 76 with around 4500 hours. When I got it in 2013 it had the original IH inner air filter. The date on the end of filter was Sept of 76. The outer filter was a little bit better since it was a NAPA brand from 1985. I guess previous owners thought an air hose cleaning was as good as replacing them. You know these 400 serious engines are good when they can tolerate the workloads put on them and the dereliction and neglect some have endured and kept on running as mine and I'm sure many other's have.
  20. What plant do you work at? I use to spend a lot of time at Wabash and Miami Fort
  21. They still do. It's a 12 gauge shooting a steel slug. That is the first choice if the clinker isn't too large. They also use that load to test the thickness of shotcrete and similar insulations. I thought you worked at a power plant and would be familiar. Not sure what plant you work at but I worked a bunch of them in the south and midwest thru the 90's and 2000's.
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