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  1. 3 hours ago, TomH said:

    My wife was filling her garden cart with mulch from a big pile and came across a Milk snake. Scared the living you know what out of her! She thought it was a copperhead, but after looking at pictures she identified it as a milk snake. Milk snakes are non venomous and will eat other snakes.


    Milk snake

    Do you need some copperheads? I can  send you a summer's supply of them.

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  2. 1 hour ago, jeeper61 said:

    If you passed fake bills at the local establishment multiple times they would likely get even one way or another  

    Ah Come on Man, he dindu nuffin, he was a good boy just tryin to make it in tha world.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Dasnake said:

    Ya know if you look at the statue do the walking figures look browbeaten, to me, no, but, and this is my wonderment of the woke bunch, of the blm bunch, take a man like Roosevelt and slam his doings, but you take a convicted ex-con ( I know what snopes tries to say) and put him on a pedestal for doing only one thing,  dying, his death was a huge mistake, but a national figure, some people better shake their heads.

    Oh, you mean the fentanyl overdose?

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  4. 5 hours ago, junkandcattle said:

    Being fairly ignorant on armadillos is there a soft spot the dogs can get to?

    The head, there is a lapse in armor behind their head before the main shell starts where a dog can bite and break their neck and the belly is soft like a dog's stomach.

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  5. 43 minutes ago, junkandcattle said:

    Did the dogs have to leave the yard to find them.

    My red heeler found a very flat and long dead cat, I threw it out in the bean field several times but she kept getting it found.

    We just named it toaster kitty and let her keep it.?

    Yea, I  on a gravel road out in the sticks so they run loose on what's left of the family farm I've been buying back. 3 females all spayed, but for some reason they'll pass other animals for a dead armadillo. They'll hunt out their burrows and dig them out and kill them as well. I got a little over 100 acres here so them running out in the fields and the thousands of acres of woods around me isn't an issue. Just can't understand their love of armadillos.

  6. x 2 on the wax. While I was an apprentice working with millwrights all of them had a stick of bee's wax in their gang box and swore by it for the really stubborn bolts. I've had good luck with it as well. Sometimes hitting the bolt on the end (not hard enough to damage head) can break up corrosion between threads. Also had luck trying to tighten bolt or nut first to see if you can get it to turn,  even if it's a small amount, then trying to loosen it again.

  7. Ok, the ones I have seen before the stalks were tied upright/vertical then laid to the side on the ground. But no they don't have them down here and if they ever did they went to scrap long before I was brought into this world.  I still can't make heads or tails of the back of the thing.

  8. The T/A deletes and T/As that were removed later can be found more often depending where you are in the country. It seems that the mid west loved having TA's for the most part and down south more often liked them without since it was one less thing that could fail or give you problems.. They could be ordered from the factory without a T/A and it won't have a slot on the left side of the dash for the handle. I have a 1086 like that. Some have had the TA removed after they went out or failed and it will more than likely have the handle & TA linkage removed  but the dash will still have the slot.

  9. They do jump when startled, they'll jump when you straddle one on the highway and hit the underside of your truck. When you shoot them with a 22 they'll jump 2 to 5 foot off the ground. You're also right about the leprosy. Not all them carry it but I've been told it's somewhere less than half. One man in his 80's caught it around here after picking up one that had been ran over near his mailbox. Luckily now it can be treated and cured.

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  10. I can understand that Lorenzo, just that criminals don't care about laws already and in a terrorist situation if they have any funding at all getting fake documents such as birth certificate, ss card, immigration papers or a falsified passport I would think would be one of the smaller problems that they would need to deal with. Or faking another countries paperwork that would be harder for TSA to check the validity of. Such as a lot of 3rd world countries that don't have the record keeping capabilities like the US, Canada, EU, etc. As far as the 911 terrorist, it's harder to get all those ID's legitimately, if they were indeed real & legitimate, now that all 50 states are linked concerning driver's license or state ID's. When I got an Arkansas ID for banking paperwork for some land I'm buying, the AR DMV pulled up my LA driver's license also in a check they ran and told me I would have to swap my driver's license as well to Arkansas and turn in my Louisiana license since having an Arkansas ID and LA driver's license could be used to illegally buy instate hunting license and etc. I'm not saying REAL ID is a bad idea or anything like that, just that I don't see that in itself being much of a deterrent. I would be willing to bet all the necessary paperwork needed to get a Real ID or passport could be bought off the dark web within 30 minutes.

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