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  1. Bd154

    IH 500 build

    Good news is the Hydraulics work great and the engines is running awesome. So far I need to find a new spot for the hydraulic filter. it is hard to see in the picture but it is located next to the hydraulic controls. One benefit to this location is it is easy to change. With the lovely loader arms up and out of the way it is a little easier to work on the engine. Here are some pics of the oil leak: the rear seal may be installed wrong or I forgot to install the dollar plate at the end of the camshaft. Item 15 in the diagram Now I am waiting for the snow to disappear so I can position my tractor to lift out the engine again.
  2. Bd154

    IH 500 build

    So this afternoon I finally bled the fuel lines and chased some fuel leaks. starting to severely dislike the brass fuel fittings and the PO's use of vise grips. After a few battery charges she fired up, we got oil pressure, exhaust looks good, and she sounds really good!!! but..... I noticed a pretty substantial engine oil leak coming from the right rear side of the engine between the flywheel and oil pan. Not sure where that is coming from or what I forgot.....
  3. Bd154

    IH 500 build

    Fabricated the missing suction pipe - we will see if it will work and not leak Also installed an upgraded hydraulic filter Got her mostly together, still got some wiring to fix and need to update the glowplug system to some new fast glow plugs.
  4. Bd154

    500 steering clutches

    Subscribed, let us know how it works
  5. Bd154

    IH 500 build

    are they better now?
  6. Bd154

    IH 500 build

    Had issues getting out the pins from the old crank. nothing a little heat won't do. managed to finally wrestle the flywheel and bellhousing on Engine is finally back in the old girl! Now I just need to find the reverser pump's suction pipe that goes through the bellhousing. Only part that I have seemed to have lost. Crap......
  7. Bd154

    IH 500 build

    Hello, It has been sometime since I posted, but I figured I would give an update on my project. It has been a long one, constantly delayed due to work, other projects and weather, rebuilding an engine in a open sided shed during the winter is not the most pleasant. loaded onto the trailer when I first got her Last August I pulled the engine on my 1966 IH 500, due to finding camshaft parts lying on the bottom of the oil pan. After pulling the engine I was able to order most parts from, including new pistons, camshaft, crank shaft and bearings etc. Then everything sat until a few months ago when I resumed disassembly of the engine Make shift sleeve puller I forgot to take photos during the installation of the internals. new items are: New camshaft, crankshaft, all new bearings, cylinder sleeves, pistons, water pump, rings and one new con rod. Inspected the oil pump and all looked good and to spec. the head was sent to the shop to check checked out and tuned up. I had issues with the new cam bearings during install, they ended up being slightly too small. I had to send it to the shop so they could line bore the bearings. now with some paint
  8. Bd154

    1960 international b275 for loader duty

    Here is my B275 with a modified 901 loader on it. The loader bolts right on under the gas tank. It gives you a work out, but if you plan your turns it works pretty good.
  9. Bd154

    IH 500 dozer parts and Brown International Services have been helpful
  10. Bd154

    IH 500 engine removal

    Thanks everyone, got all the parts ordered and they are on the way. Including a new crankshaft, since the last one was severely worn on the one journal and according the engine shop had an internal crack. Got the head in the rebuild shop and is ready for pick-up! Willie - I will keep that in mind, thanks. I also have a B275, they are a nice little tractor.
  11. Bd154

    Welding teeth on shanks

    Pre-heat it to 300 degrees, after welding is complete you wanna post heat it a few times and wrap it with a welding blanket (a wool blanket will work too) the idea is to have cool down as slowly as possible. Use 7019 low hydrogen rods. make sure they are from a fresh box or have been stored in a rod oven.
  12. Bd154

    Camshaft is in pieces

    Yes the cam is exposed, no piston damage but some large chips cracked off the sleeve. Have not found much damage to the block. Definitly will take a closer look. Thanks.
  13. Bd154

    Camshaft is in pieces

    Yeah, thats what I was thinking
  14. Bd154

    Camshaft is in pieces

    Hi everyone Recently I had a BD-154 diesel stop turning in my 500 crawler. Had 2800hrs but may have rolled over once or twice based on the overall condition of the machine. When I pulled the pan I found the following. The #1 connecting rod failed and the cam is in a half dozen pieces. So I pulled the engine out so I could remove the crank. Got it checked out as the one journal was severely scored, the guy said it has an internal crack. Does anyone know why the cam would break like that? Anything I should check before starting the rebuild. Thanks in advance
  15. Bd154

    IH 500 engine removal

    Thanks for the advice. Yeah I have the books for a td5, the 500c, and all of the 500 books except for the engine....