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  1. West Texas IH 1256

    Nearly in New Mexico
  2. West Texas IH 1256

    Where in West Texas did you get her ?
  3. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    I was looking for a 2510/2520 when i found my 544 Farmall
  4. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    4640 way easier to row crop terraced land, stays on the row better, liked the Quadrange better than ps .
  5. 756 lpg tractors

    When starting the John Deere's if you whipped the steering wheel back and forth fairly swift you would take a load off the hydo pump and the motor would turn over faster, i.e. easier to start ! Then stand up and look out over the cotton stalks to be shredded and say " I love the smell of Butane in the Morning" ant the other quote was " Charlie doesn't Shred "
  6. Friend's corn and cotton

    I bet so !
  7. Friend's corn and cotton

    Tony, thats a belt unloading peanuts , and I wish i had a picture for you to see ,North of the school in Avoca ,TX is a 706 lp with stripper mounted and front dump Heston basket !
  8. Farmall 544, meet Knox.

    Hahahaha, I wondered how long it would take for someone to point that out , was a blanket of one of my boys some years ago
  9. Farmall 544, meet Knox.

    Our Grandson on weight bracket of a farmall 544
  10. Friend's corn and cotton

    Back to the question , JD guess you could say spread out franchise's. Abilene, Stamford, Munday and so on. I dont remember what Co built the store north of Stamford May have been Quality
  11. Friend's corn and cotton

    Begg's was at Stamford, Hertel at Hamlin, Haskell was Hale, Munday , Anson, Rochester,Bible hardware in Abilene was also JD at one time , A.C. Richardson in Haskell was IH dealer , Jones co Imp. was Case ,White, NewHolland, Gale, ECT , changed to Cox Equipment co when they moved across town and into Haskell co
  12. Friend's corn and cotton

    When my dad worked for Beggs inp. in Stamford TX he would bring the truck home on Friday and on Saturday we would set baskets for the 282/283 strippers all over Old Glory / Sagerton communities . Farmers would have the rears widened and the stands on the tractor and loose for us to pick up the baskets and set them on the tractors , later the would slide the row units under and attach the rest . New 283 strippers came in by rail , lots packed in the basket , take a panel off and gather boxes up and install on tractor at dealership . Lots to do ,move batteries ,put blower on back ,ck row sensors , sometimes cut a square out of a plate for the unit to raise high enough, on and on most important radio antenna and ground chain
  13. Some neat ole JD green pics

    I ran a 4320 several summers ,mainly running 8 row bars plowing beds about a week ahead of the other bed plowing rig and my dad planting cotton on the rolling plains of TX. 9 cat face busters on top of 24'' sweeps and knocking the top off the rows with sweeps also would load her and made her smoke , the 4430 handled it better ,and the 4440 even better! always dreamed about it being a 4640 as i was running balls to the wall in 4th gear . In college I went to work for the former bosses BIL , he asked if i was ready to move farms ,said i wasnt through, he looked up from his lunch and asked "what gear you in ?", I says well B2 , He laughed said Son thats a C2 tractor , that took some getting used to ! and by the way in 89 it had over 9000hrs !!! but we farmed year around in TX. I always liked the hoods on the red tractors , I have a 544 farmall wide ,3point it came out of iowa and i like it just fine
  14. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Do you remember who you bought the Cotton Queen from ? I was raised about 25 miles NNW of Anson, TX
  15. Farmall 544

    Thank You Sledgehammer !