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  1. He probably hold no more clout than you,do things the way you want until one of the real bosses bitchs about something some guys like that just want to see how far they can throw their weight around .I would probably just ignore him after all he isn't your boss.How long has this salesman been there? And what got him stared thinking he was the big d wheel
  2. Two products I use in a pinch that work really well ,Conklin has a product called DIKE and the other one is called Mendtite both of those work great I've even seen Mendtite dry up a leaking head gasket on a 1256 that actually had streams of coolant trickling down the block
  3. IN 2012 a good friend of mine lost his battle with cancer,. he had a really nice 1970 Nova Super Sport than he had restored a few years prior to getting cancer it was red with black SS stripes .The body man that painted his car did his casket in the same paint layout for free.
  4. I think this would be a good training mission for the army or the marines show them we mean business 'You start mowing down weeds with a few full autos it would change there attitude in a hot second .The US is to soft hearted on alot of this kind of stuff `,Go try to enter Russia like this see what kind of welcome wagon they send out
  5. Day i n and day out you cannot beat a 70's/80's era 870 I've got 2 gave 175 and 275$ for them one vent rib one plain barrel .But i would'nt go to new and get one of those newer parkerized 870 express model a friend of my teenage son bought one a few years back he was telling all the trouble he has with it I picked it up and looked at it they have cheapened them up alot so go for a good used one or youll have to spend 700 or there abouts for a wingmaster new .I remember in 1980 when they opened the first Kmart that was close to my home town several of my friend went and bought Remington shotgu
  6. Man that is one clean line of machinery you have .Nice to see a farmer that takes pride in his equipment hope they sell good for ya quality stuff seems like it always brings good money .Good luck and stay healthy
  7. I've seen the term shop used pretty loosely but that would win the prize.Good luck
  8. Looks like more rust showing than gold if it were mine and I had all the mechanical stuff fixed and had all that money in it I would have to paint it ,To some it might look original to me it says worked hard and put away wet ,If that tractor could talk it would say paint me.To each his own.
  9. Saw on a show tonight about Burt and Hal Needham it said Smokey and the Bandit cost 4.3 million to make and grossed 250 million. wonder how many Trans Ams Pontiac would have sold if that movie had never been made .I grew up in a town of 750 people and I remember at least 4 black Trans Ams in our area.a guy told me he bought his new 77 T/A for $6600
  10. HTS1206

    886 vs 986

    Good luck with it wish I could ship you a bunch of them and get them out of my area.The engine is ok as you have said but you'll find they were about 75% engineered then released on the public.One farmer that was in my shop when I was putting a clutch in a 1850 said that he was working for the local dealer when the 1850 was announced and the boss said he was never going to sell a 1850 because if he could'nt overhaul the engine every 3000 hrs. he wasn't going to sell it (waukasha's in most others of that period crapped out about every 3k then talk them into a clutch and going thru the hydra pow
  11. HTS1206

    886 vs 986

    I don't think they will ban you on the forum but your forehead will get sore from banging it on the wall.Wait until your need some parts for it that have to come from the dealer and if you do all your own mechanic work your in for a treat.I run a shop in what was once a Oliver/White heavy area now the dealer is gone .I'd rather work on 5 red ones than one of those .Good luck , and as I always say there is no such thing as a bargain on a White or Oliver
  12. In our area there are way more 10's than 9's i think a turbo on any motor just make them carry better (maintain their rpm's under load) the frame size would be the same so they should handle the same.To me there is no comparision in how they run and here a lot of them have been put to light chore type work no one seems to complain about wet stacking and the 10's won't cost any more and will probably be cheaper than the 9's you can buy the 2 to 3 converter bushings for the 3pt while not ideal everybody around here does that .I'd go for the 1066
  13. Someones welder privledges should be revoked looks like that old girl had a rough life . I guess to some people a tractor is just a tool and nothing more kinda sad ,she'll have a better home now
  14. I'M guessing Hercules they used them in quit a few tractors 2/135 2/155 that I can think of also 20 or2150 I think .They were great for the dealers because they need a MOH every 3000 hrs and cant be done in frame and the parts are outragous. Good income for the dealers
  15. Well I don't know how old grand pa was but I've heard alot of the old timers say anything was better than working at the business end of a horse all day.I think back in the 77/88 days they would have been ok but in later stuff their engines they used just weren't suited to heavy work . And then if you have to work on them ,they have somethings that look like they hired engineers that flunked out of college or they took the blueprint home and let their 2nd grader draw on them
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