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  1. If memory serves they have a high oil pressure sender as well as a low pressure one. Does it start if you engage the shutdown over ride? I would plumb a mechanical guage in place of one of them just to verify.
  2. I always leave the engine hang on the clutch housing and roll the front end away first just leave the 2 1/2 bolts in at the top of the bell housing. Then pick engine off with a cherry picker. reverse order going back together.
  3. Seems to be a common problem anymore. Procuring a quality gasket is the issue. Most that come in kits are China junk. Some say Fel Pro are still good. I just had this on a 560. Filled coolant and it started leaking. Plugged the block heater in and got it up to temp and retorqued the head and it stopped. Ran it and retorqued again and got some more. Now I’m getting compression in the radiator. Needs to come apart again. This gasket was from dealer but an A&I never again.
  4. If memory serves a 330 was I believe rated 8 ton and a 335 was 10 we had both under IH forage boxes. The 335 had 8 lug wheels and the 330 had the more common 6 lug wheels
  5. If your talking about the gear that drives the hitch pump you have a double split in your future. The shaft the gear sits on stays with the rear end when the center section is separated from the rear. Buy a IT manual
  6. Got a 706 with one and it does about 1/2 gallon an hour using a 1000/540 adapter. Not sure I could go out and get it started though. It needs batteries and I’m cheap. I only have to worry about the house now and bought a harbor freight generator. I still got the pto one in case we get an extended outage but this gas powered one is much easier to get going in a open shed where it’s dry just back feed the welder plug. Still pull the transfer switch.
  7. I’ve had a 560d for 25 years. Not long after I got it I was thinking about putting a turbo on it. The only thing the crotchety old time IH service manager had to say was “how quick you wanna blow it up?” Lol never did put one on it but I did locate the fuel screw. that dry air leaner does look hideous.
  8. Going to have to change the manifold to put the bigger carb on. Supers up through 350 used the bigger carb. ive seen after market manifolds with elongated holes so either will bolt up.
  9. ^^^^THIS^^^^^ I had the same thing with my 674 and thought I had pump issues until I happened to try it with the air filter out and it ran fine.
  10. I remember our local dealer delivering tractors on a six wheel flatbed. No rollback had to back up against a bank. The dealer had a loading dock at the dealership. This was in the sixties. They may have gotten a rollback towards the end I don’t remember. They were gone before the merger. Last tractor we bought there was a 1066 which is still here by the way. their shop was only about 8 miles away so most of the time it we would drive tractors home after getting worked on.
  11. 3 9/16” is what you get on an H block by simply pulling the sleeves. Going bigger will require boring. I did this and added a 300 head, manifold and carb. Basically made a 300 out of it 169 cubes. It runs nice and is a lot of fun.
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