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  1. ^^^^THIS^^^^^ I had the same thing with my 674 and thought I had pump issues until I happened to try it with the air filter out and it ran fine.
  2. I remember our local dealer delivering tractors on a six wheel flatbed. No rollback had to back up against a bank. The dealer had a loading dock at the dealership. This was in the sixties. They may have gotten a rollback towards the end I don’t remember. They were gone before the merger. Last tractor we bought there was a 1066 which is still here by the way. their shop was only about 8 miles away so most of the time it we would drive tractors home after getting worked on.
  3. Nyjim

    H puller build

    3 9/16” is what you get on an H block by simply pulling the sleeves. Going bigger will require boring. I did this and added a 300 head, manifold and carb. Basically made a 300 out of it 169 cubes. It runs nice and is a lot of fun.
  4. **** I made a Massey loader fit my 674. Best $100 I ever spent. Anything’s possible with a welder and torch.
  5. My ta delete is around 8000 with dry tires. It’s a bare back though no 3 pt or fast hitch should be able to tow it without hurting anything as long as it’s in neutral can’t tow start ta tractors
  6. Blown o ring between pump and mount.
  7. Watch it. Had to replace fuel pump seal on ours once. sure way to tell would be too send out an oil sample.
  8. If they’re flat tops it don’t make any difference. Now if they ain’t line them up with the chamber in the head.
  9. You can always raise the loader up all the way and shut the engine off. First dump the bucket and then let the loader down. With the engine off it won’t put oil back out into the cylinders. Purging the large majority of it into the tractor.
  10. Mines a TA delete no 3 pt or fast hitch. Standard drawbar it weighs around 77-7800 depending on fuel. 18.4-34 tires are dry
  11. I fought with one of them for 6 months once. Same thing.i replaced the pump a couple times. Had the valves off it numerous times. Dealer could t figure it out either. Finally discovered that someone had replaced the signal line with a hose and for some reason I had both ends of said hose loose and tried to blow air through it. NOTHING!! ultimately found a check valve ball lodged in the hose after I cut it apart. Put a new hose on and all was well. Never did find out where the ball came from.
  12. I think it’s # 14 if memory serves.
  13. What kind of oil is in it. The cheap stuff will cause milky foamy looking oil when it gets a little moisture in it.
  14. Could have two problems at play here. the pto clutches could be shot and the main pump could be weak
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