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  1. Nyjim

    What Can You Tell Me About This 986

    Water filter would be on opposite side than pictured. If only the two oil filters and nothing else on opposite there’s no water filter . Extra hyd filter indicates closed center hydraulics. Make certain the 3 point and remote outlets work. Closed center on these can be problematic. Open is more reliable imho.
  2. Nyjim

    IH 800 Cyclo no-till options?

    I just noticed in their latest catalog that shoup has a notched wheel setup to replace the packer wheel that may be benificial in your situation.
  3. Nyjim

    IH 800 Cyclo no-till options?

    I put the shoup notched closing discs on my 900 years ago and they helped closing a lot. Also keetons in place of that stupid little brush prevents seed from blowing out of the trench. Also make sure all of your wear parts are up to spec. Openers, firming points etc....Make certain your hitch and frame are running level. And it will plant into concrete.
  4. Nyjim

    756 loader

    Think a great bend 660 would be a nice fit. Had one on a 5240 that was easy on off
  5. Had a 1066 make an occasional grind. The park linkage rod with no adjustment had become fatigued and stretched a bit. All I did was bend it back and it’s been fine ever since.
  6. Nyjim

    900 pto pump

    Not if he’s planting with what looks to be an open center tractor. Oil will get hot plus the planter won’t lift without shutting fan off. Will need to find another pump by the looks of it.
  7. I got one off a 1066 on mine. Doesn’t really help that much. Thinking about getting on of the handrail after market steps for my crippled up butt
  8. What kind of oil are you using ? Some of the cheap stuff will turn to milk with very little moisture.hy Tran won’t as quickly.
  9. Nyjim

    NO not another oil thread just info

    I will not put the yellow bucket stuff in a tractor it turns to cream with the slightest amount of moisture. For the older IH tractors I use the Napa premium. Last I bought was around $46 a pail. But anything with wet brakes or clutch I pony up for hytran. Even at the outrageous price it’s still cheaper than shop rates and down time.
  10. Nyjim

    5140 vs 5240

    They need a baseball bat to alert the driver when it’s put into gear with the parking brake still on.
  11. Nyjim

    Radiator removal Case IH 5230

    Been awhile but as I recall doing a 5240 more than once not a bad job. Pretty straight forward. C
  12. Nyjim

    Ih 674 hydraulic pribem

    Mine was like that when I first got it. Put a pump out of a burnt 685 in it and it made a world of difference. There are different gpm pumps available.....
  13. Nyjim

    3688 ?

    Had one and had a love hate relationship with it. Loved driving it it was a very handy size for haying and planting. But I hated working on it and that never seemed to stop. The pfc hydraulic is a weak point. They are very prone to breaking the input shaft on the pump. And a discbine or forage blower are two things that can cause it to break along with a square baler. Old IH mechanic warned to avoid using it on these jobs and he was right.....
  14. Nyjim

    Windbreaker window?

    X2 on femco. Just ordered a complete set for a new old stock windbreaker I came across. They offer replacements for front section.
  15. Nyjim

    1086 transmission trouble

    The brakes themselves could be sticking Pull up on the pedals and if that cures it lube the pedal valve mechanism. Should do that anyway.