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  1. Farmall H with Cultivator

    Is the 100 inch axle option rare to find? Also is it rare to find the only one wheel set up in the front? I think it looks like the cultivator is complete but is there anything that you guys can tell is missing? How wide do you guys think the cultivator is? As I am trying to see if I could get it home on a trailer in one piece or would I have to take it apart? It would be about 253 miles on a trailer. If I have to take it apart how hard is it to do so?
  2. Farmall H with Cultivator

    Hi, What do you think a farmall h with a Cultivator is worth? Tractor runs goods Thanks
  3. Buying 2 row corn picker

    Hi guys I am looking at buying a farmall h with a 2 row corn picker mounted on it. The tractor and piker are in pretty rough shape and the piker is missing it cone( how hard would it be to build one myself?). I was wondering if any one could give me some things to look for, and a rough value of it.