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  1. How far you going with disc from where to where. Mt is farm exempt I believe as long as you towing. Loaded is a different game.

  2. Anyone have any experiences with one? Good or bad? What tractor did you use?
  3. Looking at getting a 480 international disc that is 18ft wide. It is to far to tow it so it would have to be loaded on a trailer to get home. Can you load these disc side ways on the trailer and take the tongue off?. If so how wide would it still be? Any other ways to make it fit on a trailer? Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I think how I put them together or fix them will all come down to what I find once I get to look at them in person. A few follow up questions, How much do you thing these tractors are worth in their current state. The 856 has a different style three point that I have not seen before. It runs off of two hydraulic cylinders. Anyone know anything about this style three point? Do they work? Are they any good? Could you take it off the 856 and put it on the 706? Also, the 856 also has a factory Ice Cream Box cab that has A/C.
  5. I am look at a 856 and a 706 that a guy north of me has for sale. He picked up the 856 form a someone that did a rebuild on the engine less than 100 hr ago, but the guy's kid got the transmission stuck in between gears. He got the 706 form someone else that had parked the tractor running but the muffler came off and now it has a frozen engine. His plan was to combine the two tractors into one, but since he change his plans for his place he no longer needs a tractor that that size so he is selling the tractors. My question is, Is this even possible to combine these two tractors into one, and if so what problems would you have to confront to combine theses tractors. Thanks for any help you can give me
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