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  1. Hi, All. just wanted to mention i passed on the trade deal after hearing the extreme scarcity of diesel specific parts and how some guys have well over 15k into the engs alone. Just way too much for me currently being mostly fixed income. thanks all for the helpful replies among my urge thinking i absolutely needed it too then seeing "it's too much work" lol. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Big Bud guy said:

    If you are going to use it full time, I would find a gas engine to throw in it and keep the diesel in case someday you want restore back to originality.  

    Not this year. Bc i have 2 on-going long time NOS restorations, but more than likely probably next season i may. 

  3. 4 hours ago, mmi said:

    not at all COST /parts  effective

    2x...... Bubble POp ....... tell him to ad $15K and its still a bad deal for you.

    Sure its cheaper than $35K for china %^$%^& ,   AND it could run out of the gate, or $3K  later....go right on thru $20K

    A  $1.5 k  ,M or $7K 90s small 4wd will do more every day work.

    as a novelty/toy and < $500 in, the over $ B go for it. Park in back of the shed until $$$$.

    And then tomorrow buy something to use

    It won't be a high priority item until next winter probably. i have to finish up 2 on-going restorations right now. Believe it or not but the B/BN tractors in my area are almost non-existent and i can barely find parts anyhow. I may just roll the dice on it. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, snoshoe said:

    In my opinion. You could rebuild the BN 10 times for what it is likely to cost just to make the WD6 run.

    Dang. The only issue with the BN is that i rarely ever get to shows and it has no use on the farm, besides towing/pulling. I'd been trying to find a buzz rig for mine but no luck everyone i come across is too far gone or 3pt mounted. Pretty much all the sheet metal on the bn is shot. 

  5. HI. I am talking to a guy on Facebook who has a wd6. He wants to trade for my Farmall BN. He bought it and it was left outside when he got it without a muffler on it, the engine is sized. I am aware of the rarity and how hard fuel system parts are to come by as well as the cyl heads cracking. Is there anyone out there who is the GURU on these? where to get parts, rebuild kits, pistons, sleeves, correct wiring harness, etc? Shops that DEAL with the injectors and pumps...??? What is the unicorn to find, impossible, unobtainable parts? etc??? It was converted to 12v but i would like it back to 6v. So i can swap batteries with my other farmalls. I can add photo's if needed. with permission. 

    What all do i need to know about these, what should i be careful with, If i can get it unstuck and running it will be used full time on our family blueberry orchard farm. almost 60 acres. A good workout for an old tractor. it would go along well with my Farmall cub which i use to maintain our blueberry isles. 

  6. On 1/15/2022 at 3:06 AM, Oliver’s Deere Memories said:

    I have a Hydra Mac series 12C and need the part number of the Pierce governor that is on the H105. Can anyone help me?

    The Chrysler H105s are pretty tough to get parts for, I had one and rebuild kits are not even available. I was able to track down a kit in the UK as the eng is the same as used in a Small '70s ford compact car only made for the UK Market but was over $2800. Your best bet is to call my friend Gordy. He'd have it all. Former Hydra-mac Dealer. Gordy Shop number 218-574-2501

  7. Honey Bee, Or The Johns company made Reversed B/BNs and put forklifts on them! They are somewhat common here in Michigan. Depending on your area, Here in Southwest quite a few of them around. Usually they sell between $5,500 - 9,000. Used in Vineyards & Orchards a lot!!! for being about 80 year old machines they'll keep on goin! Our Local blueberry company (Reindeers) has a Whole fleet of them how many? 10+ I'd say. Very neat and handy looking. 

  8. On 2/10/2021 at 2:56 PM, ihmadness656 said:

    I currently have a IH 4140 and it has the chrysler 4 cylinder gas. Parts are still around just takes some searching. I just got done rebuilding mine. New driver gears,hoses, water pump ,govenor, starter ECT. As far as I know a 12c is the same size just different motors. 

    I almost got the chance to buy one... but the guy never got back to me! grrr!!! So yes the only Chrysler 4cyl i know of is that God awful H105.

    American Eng, Licensed for England's Small cars during the 70s & Early 80s. The one i looked at the eng needed a Rebuild... Whilst searching on Craigslist i come across another guy in WIS who had a 4140 & could only find 1 Engine shop here in the U.S who could get Rebuild kits ($2800) Otherwise you have to find a Kit in England. Which was over $3000. 



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