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  1. Thanks, I completely forgot about that. 🤦‍♂️
  2. Honey Bee, Or The Johns company made Reversed B/BNs and put forklifts on them! They are somewhat common here in Michigan. Depending on your area, Here in Southwest quite a few of them around. Usually they sell between $5,500 - 9,000. Used in Vineyards & Orchards a lot!!! for being about 80 year old machines they'll keep on goin! Our Local blueberry company (Reindeers) has a Whole fleet of them how many? 10+ I'd say. Very neat and handy looking.
  3. I come across some fairly rare and oddball/uncommon stuff on craigslist. where can i post it in-case someone is looking?
  4. awesome! I'll have to find some of these to buy!
  5. They sure are neat looking, Getting to be very collectable and valuable. Some of the Rarer Hydra-Mac / IH Made skid steers are going upwards of 20k!
  6. @Alan Dinan Yes. These where made by Hydra-mac for IH... They where partnered. 4120, 4125, 4130, 4135, 4136, 4140, 4150, 4155 all Hydra mac made for IH. 4150-4155 Are the holy grails. But so is the 4136, 1 year only made. I have all the factory brochures. Took me a few years to find them.
  7. might try making ur own. Did not come with any factory & i doubt there are many aftermarket companies who made more than a few hundred.
  8. Probably best to make your own. Only seen em in Australia.
  9. Noted. There is still John @ GeardriveParts.com & Doug @ Pocahontas Equipment. Both still have parts, manuals, Diagrams etc.
  10. I almost got the chance to buy one... but the guy never got back to me! grrr!!! So yes the only Chrysler 4cyl i know of is that God awful H105. American Eng, Licensed for England's Small cars during the 70s & Early 80s. The one i looked at the eng needed a Rebuild... Whilst searching on Craigslist i come across another guy in WIS who had a 4140 & could only find 1 Engine shop here in the U.S who could get Rebuild kits ($2800) Otherwise you have to find a Kit in England. Which was over $3000.
  11. Now this is cool! Rarely see any 340s or 240s for the fact of that!
  12. Cool little unit! i've been eyeing a IH 454... Tractor that is! just love the look.
  13. New shoes looks nice! I need too get 1 new tire on my '46 BN.
  14. IF anyone is interested / Has Facebook here is my group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HydraMac/
  15. To my knowledge on these machines i don't know of any one who remakes the track components besides tracks. They make those. BTW Is that a Sales brochure you have Or manual? Looking for both! if willing to scan a few copies for me.
  16. One of the 2nd built by HMI. Between 1973 & 1975 possibly 1976.
  17. Very nice. Wish i could find a 460/560 around my area! getting slim!
  18. Great lookin' truck! hows it to find parts for it especially suspension / brakes?
  19. Excellent video find. Got a tip from a guy on The Yesterday's Tractors forum.
  20. Looks like a Beauty! It sucks that these are so under appreciated. At least i think so. Seems most where plagued by Eng problems. As long it's a Gas should be relatively easy as i would think.
  21. That's Two very scarce ones. Excellent your restoring them. I once saw one in my Area $8,600 unrestored!
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