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  1. might try making ur own. Did not come with any factory & i doubt there are many aftermarket companies who made more than a few hundred.
  2. Probably best to make your own. Only seen em in Australia.
  3. Noted. There is still John @ GeardriveParts.com & Doug @ Pocahontas Equipment. Both still have parts, manuals, Diagrams etc.
  4. I almost got the chance to buy one... but the guy never got back to me! grrr!!! So yes the only Chrysler 4cyl i know of is that God awful H105. American Eng, Licensed for England's Small cars during the 70s & Early 80s. The one i looked at the eng needed a Rebuild... Whilst searching on Craigslist i come across another guy in WIS who had a 4140 & could only find 1 Engine shop here in the U.S who could get Rebuild kits ($2800) Otherwise you have to find a Kit in England. Which was over $3000.
  5. Now this is cool! Rarely see any 340s or 240s for the fact of that!
  6. Cool little unit! i've been eyeing a IH 454... Tractor that is! just love the look.
  7. New shoes looks nice! I need too get 1 new tire on my '46 BN.
  8. IF anyone is interested / Has Facebook here is my group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HydraMac/
  9. To my knowledge on these machines i don't know of any one who remakes the track components besides tracks. They make those. BTW Is that a Sales brochure you have Or manual? Looking for both! if willing to scan a few copies for me.
  10. One of the 2nd built by HMI. Between 1973 & 1975 possibly 1976.
  11. Very nice. Wish i could find a 460/560 around my area! getting slim!
  12. Great lookin' truck! hows it to find parts for it especially suspension / brakes?
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