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  1. CubNamedOscar

    I H M5H6

    Interesting truck never saw one before... I wouldn't imagine parts are very plentiful.
  2. Never heard of it. I just now am learning about these.
  3. Found this guy on Youtube I used to watch, Crazy some of the stuff he did But he Surely knew what he was talking about... Looked up that Dozer he had IH TD-20 Dozer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RGiptFLKSg Didn't find much... Tractor data didn't show much but tractors.fandom did... apparently, 2,963 units built from 58-61 That was before my Time, I grew up on Old Michigans / Clarks, Terex's, IH, etc being a Concrete/Construction family. P.s are there any old Heavy Equipment shows in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio?
  4. I'm sure there's a website out there that probably sells new or rebuildable. I wouldn't know of course I've never owned one. Was very close once.
  5. That's quite interesting John. I still have tons of things to buy for my other projects so I decided to wait on it. want to get my Old Pontiac LeMans on the road again, as well my Chevy pickup
  6. Thanks, Guys. I have no knowledge of the M/Hs... Only Bs and Cubs. might pass that one up and keep looking for a 44-45 B.
  7. Been eying this all original super H near me, runs and works well SH reman kit a few years ago he's asking 1450... I got the Sn number can anyone decode it? SN 342135 Xl The guy says its 1950, but wasn't the Super H only made 52-54? Don't see many round me like this all original.
  8. Sure is hard to believe they've been around that long! I was a youngin back then. I wonder if they were a limited production? I've seen a few for sale. Did they sell well?
  9. What a great find! I don't believe i've found many with the blade on them anymore.
  10. What a big beast!! Always loved these... a 4568 Is still my Dream Tractor. That's if I can ever find one.. Not now though got enuff projects.
  11. Oh Okay. Would love to have one. I'll look online thanks
  12. I'm in the IH group, Just joined the IH-Wheatland and Standards as well as this one https://www.facebook.com/groups/1744741302453245/?hc_location=group
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