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  1. CubNamedOscar

    4586: A Rebuild/Repair

    What a big beast!! Always loved these... a 4568 Is still my Dream Tractor. That's if I can ever find one.. Not now though got enuff projects.
  2. CubNamedOscar

    49' McCormick ODS6

    Oh Okay. Would love to have one. I'll look online thanks
  3. CubNamedOscar

    49' McCormick ODS6

    I'm in the IH group, Just joined the IH-Wheatland and Standards as well as this one
  4. CubNamedOscar

    49' McCormick ODS6

    Was that the Only IH Orchard brochure on eBay I'd love to have that!
  5. CubNamedOscar

    49' McCormick ODS6

    Ahh i see. Majority of them around here are either getting picked up for scrap, or being parted whole What are some good FB groups to find these? Would love one.
  6. CubNamedOscar

    Custom Built: IH 1456 w/M&W oil pan

    The Details are amazing!
  7. CubNamedOscar

    Ertl Precision 706 & IH wagon

    I gotta get one of these! Where can I order this one? 😮
  8. CubNamedOscar

    My W series collection

    Super cool Collection. I love the Sales brochures included in the background. That W9/WD9 Brochure was the first one I bought when I started getting into sales brochures & manuals.
  9. CubNamedOscar

    49' McCormick ODS6

    How do you find these orchards?? I wish I could have one since I run a 160-acre blueberry farm here in SW MI.
  10. CubNamedOscar

    1932 T20

    Neat little thing. I know those T20s and early IH Crawlers are getting very rough to find.
  11. CubNamedOscar

    IH skid steer 3300B

    NIce... 3300Bs are getting hard to find
  12. CubNamedOscar

    Anybody know of an R series for sale?

    Is there any from Michigan for sale?
  13. CubNamedOscar

    4130 Skid Steer

    got an picture of this? th e 4130 is the same as the Hydra mac 9C i think and those 9Cs are some what common.
  14. CubNamedOscar

    IH Skid steer made by Hydra mac?

    I haven't done much searching for the motor I just know it was a 3cyl Isuzu and most likely only came in the 12C... Other than that I found 3-4 Dealers, 2 That CAN get parts & 2 Who might be able too and a bunch for Gaskets/Seals, Hydraulic Pump rebuilt etc. So Hackert's seems to be the place for Replacement parts.