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  1. Very nice. Wish i could find a 460/560 around my area! getting slim!
  2. Great lookin' truck! hows it to find parts for it especially suspension / brakes?
  3. Excellent video find. Got a tip from a guy on The Yesterday's Tractors forum.
  4. Looks like a Beauty! It sucks that these are so under appreciated. At least i think so. Seems most where plagued by Eng problems. As long it's a Gas should be relatively easy as i would think.
  5. That's Two very scarce ones. Excellent your restoring them. I once saw one in my Area $8,600 unrestored!
  6. I have seen them go anywhere from $300 - 800. I know they came for the Farmall H/M But very hard to find. I found one years ago & That's the ONLY one i've ever seen.
  7. Howdy. Does anyone know what model # This little 3-4 ft IH Spring tooth Harrow is? Was gonna restore to pull behind my Cub for my Food plot, I had seen one for sale a while ago that was Red & Blue... Like some of the other Early cub Implements. Otherwise would like to buy one that's already restored preferably in S.W, MI
  8. Looks very nice. Wonder if the spin-outs still work?
  9. Oh wow. Haha some time ago then! Yeah maybe Either of those. I know Sundstrand was kidna popular.
  10. We run a blueberry farm so no manure/hay or any of that. mostly gonna use for yard work and pulling engines. Tag on the engine said VG4D, and even a factory sales brochure said the same thing. If it was the 3200B it was the VH4D. (Supposedly) Glad they made the IH, MF, and other brand one. Interesting wear problems about the hubs. Never heard of that happening. Are the Hydraulic pumps available or any of the other major pieces? Thanks
  11. I just bought this for $300, Runs but needs head gasket... but won't be picking it up till Wednesday & what are the other common issues i should look into while it's apart, i'm not sure what the owner was doing... shouldn't be that hard to get into the eng like he did taking everything out.
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