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  1. I will buy this one then. Pretty good price and good CCA. All the others I've found are 450 ish CCA. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/NBP7204?partTypeName=Battery+-+Commercial&keywordInput=6v+battery
  2. Neat, maybe Road Commission? I've seen an M that was once.
  3. Keep the cab, Looks good on it. But Yeah I could see a Narrow Front on it.
  4. Boy those are neat, I need myself one of em jackets!
  5. No. These where built by Hydra-Mac, The ones you're referring to is the 3200-3300s.
  6. Nice find those are work horses! I love those. If you have Facebook you could join my group B/c those came with the Onan NHCV motor I'd consider keeping it too sell parts off of b/c they are so hard to find & you could make some good $$$ from it. All about Hydra-mac, Gehl & IH Skid loaders. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HydraMac There is a website i know of that Offers Re-Power units for those Older machines I gotta find it now. https://repowerspecialists.com/products/international-harvester-4130-engine-replacement-kit?variant=7333268357143 Or this one http://www.smallenginewarehouse.com/Repower-Old-Equipment/International-4130-Category/
  7. Has anyone tried NAPA's Brand Batteries? https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/NBP7204?partTypeName=Battery+-+Commercial&keywordInput=6v+battery
  8. I'll look into Dekas, Interstate & the Walmart "Never start" Brand. *edit* I've looked a bit and Cannot find a Deka that is sold Near me anywhere.. I'm in Holland, Michigan. I believe I have a Batteries-plus - Duracell Ultra, I've had it for roughly 3-4 yrs I think... When my Rear Tire Blew out as I was stand-by filling air into it that's when I parked it Temporarily into my Fathers Storage Shelter there it sat for I think 3 years, With the battery off Charge. So Really It's my fault for not taking it out & keeping it on the Tricker Charger.
  9. Charging system works. Always has. I wouldn't think my cub has very many hours on it since it was Overhauled in the Mid-2000s. I only use it to pull stuff around & Mow the lawn. We live on roughly 5 aces, along with 110 acres of Orchard. I've noticed that as well I don't believe Wally world does sell 6V Batteries. If this wasn't my Grandfather's Cub & His Dying Wish for me to Keep it all original I'd consider going to 12V. But I can't.
  10. Thanks for some advice & Places to go. I'll look around a bit more.
  11. Howdy all, I'm here to ask What's a Good Quality 6 Volt Battery around the Midwest? (Michigan Specifically) I got a 51 Farmall Cub that needs a new one, No sorry I am not interested in converting out to 12V. Keeping all original due to my Grandfather Wish. I'm open to all brands & Also... What about a Good quality Oil Pan Gasket? Thank you.
  12. For Research purposes, what was Different from the Gas Orchards to the ODS (s)? I am considering on making a 3D model for a Game I play (Farming Simulator)
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