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  1. Looks very nice, For what little you did too it!
  2. Best off with a 392, Like The guy said above. I have seen a bunch of Loadstars with IDI 7.3 Diesels.
  3. Anyone have pictures here on the Forum? I'd love to find one with a 903.
  4. A Youtuber I watch is having a bit of rough time getting his Transmission countershaft out. maybe someone could go over there and comment some Tips or Expert suggestions.
  5. Oh gotcha, Well I tried! haha. Best of luck to you & Your brother, Looks like a Real Gem keep it original. Never know could be the only one left existing.
  6. If you have facebook feel free to drop-in and join my group especially for those skid loaders! https://www.facebook.com/groups/HydraMac/
  7. Boy those be very rare... So Rare you'd have to "Trip!" Over it literally!!! I once found a 4070B V903 Powered only one I've ever seen and been searching ever since.
  8. They are tough to find... Not many are water trucks. Your best bet is to find a Grain truck and get a Water tank put inside of it, Most usually many of the cargostars are in the mid-west, Illinois and so on.
  9. You outta take some Steel wool to those front grille bars. Shine em up.
  10. I will buy this one then. Pretty good price and good CCA. All the others I've found are 450 ish CCA. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/NBP7204?partTypeName=Battery+-+Commercial&keywordInput=6v+battery
  11. Neat, maybe Road Commission? I've seen an M that was once.
  12. Keep the cab, Looks good on it. But Yeah I could see a Narrow Front on it.
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