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  1. Now this is cool! Rarely see any 340s or 240s for the fact of that!
  2. Cool little unit! i've been eyeing a IH 454... Tractor that is! just love the look.
  3. New shoes looks nice! I need too get 1 new tire on my '46 BN.
  4. Very nice. Wish i could find a 460/560 around my area! getting slim!
  5. Looks like a Beauty! It sucks that these are so under appreciated. At least i think so. Seems most where plagued by Eng problems. As long it's a Gas should be relatively easy as i would think.
  6. That's Two very scarce ones. Excellent your restoring them. I once saw one in my Area $8,600 unrestored!
  7. I have seen them go anywhere from $300 - 800. I know they came for the Farmall H/M But very hard to find. I found one years ago & That's the ONLY one i've ever seen.
  8. Looks very nice. Wonder if the spin-outs still work?
  9. 600D sure is a Rare gem these days! When I logged on i instantly clicked on this board!
  10. Looks very nice, For what little you did too it!
  11. Anyone have pictures here on the Forum? I'd love to find one with a 903.
  12. Oh gotcha, Well I tried! haha. Best of luck to you & Your brother, Looks like a Real Gem keep it original. Never know could be the only one left existing.
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