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  1. Oh wow. Haha some time ago then! Yeah maybe Either of those. I know Sundstrand was kidna popular.
  2. We run a blueberry farm so no manure/hay or any of that. mostly gonna use for yard work and pulling engines. Tag on the engine said VG4D, and even a factory sales brochure said the same thing. If it was the 3200B it was the VH4D. (Supposedly) Glad they made the IH, MF, and other brand one. Interesting wear problems about the hubs. Never heard of that happening. Are the Hydraulic pumps available or any of the other major pieces? Thanks
  3. I just bought this for $300, Runs but needs head gasket... but won't be picking it up till Wednesday & what are the other common issues i should look into while it's apart, i'm not sure what the owner was doing... shouldn't be that hard to get into the eng like he did taking everything out.
  4. Scored this baby for $300 just needs put back together... (not a big deal) even runs! but does need a new head gasket, thankfully the owner ordered a new one and is giving it to me included in the deal has a bucket & possibly forks, I think i did good... Owner said I was the only one to call Now i know those fenders are quite uncommon any value to those?
  5. I know there's these...http://www.burchmfg.com/ag_heat_houser/farmall.htm
  6. 600D sure is a Rare gem these days! When I logged on i instantly clicked on this board!
  7. Looks very nice, For what little you did too it!
  8. Best off with a 392, Like The guy said above. I have seen a bunch of Loadstars with IDI 7.3 Diesels.
  9. Anyone have pictures here on the Forum? I'd love to find one with a 903.
  10. A Youtuber I watch is having a bit of rough time getting his Transmission countershaft out. maybe someone could go over there and comment some Tips or Expert suggestions.
  11. Oh gotcha, Well I tried! haha. Best of luck to you & Your brother, Looks like a Real Gem keep it original. Never know could be the only one left existing.
  12. If you have facebook feel free to drop-in and join my group especially for those skid loaders! https://www.facebook.com/groups/HydraMac/
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