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  1. Update, was able to work on tractor yesterday. I replaced main fuel line/hose. I knew this would not correct, but it needed changed. Primed system and loosened injector line at injector then at pump, no fuel. I had read in other posts about throttle shaft being stuck in off position, so I opened throttle and gently tapped around throttle linkage and low and behold it fired right up. Got lucky, I will leave throttle open from now on when it sits for extended period of time. Thank you all for the ideas/responses. Hopefully this will help someone else in the future.
  2. tractor is an hour away from home, next day off I will crack injector lines and make sure fuel is there. Never has done this before, not sure why it lost fuel pressure or bleed back. No, did not use over abundance of ether when trying to start. Air filters were fine, even left out when trying to start to eliminate such issue. Still no better/worse.
  3. parked tractor last fall, running perfectly. Tried starting today first time this year and no start. Usually when I touch button, she fires. Never done this in the past. I changed fuel filters and made sure fuel coming out of lines to filter housing. Check air filters for obstructions, ok. Used hand pump and got filters primed, still no start. Tried using ether button, pulled line from manifold and it does spray. Tractor wont even fire using ether? Wasnt getting any smoke at first, but after messing with it for ever, now have some smoke out of stack when cranking. It did fire twice at different times after using hand pump. Batteries charged up, spinning over quickly. I have not tried bleeding injector lines, but curious as to no fire when using ether.
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