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  1. Turbo806

    1256 vs 1456

    too nice for parts, keep them both!!
  2. Turbo806

    806 oil cooler leak

    my 806 was doing same thing. use the quad ring mentioned above, it will solve the leaking issue.
  3. Turbo806

    1951 farmall m cuts out under load

    agreed, try and correct shaft. hard to find good points anymore. you may also consider putting in a pertronix ignition that replaces points and condenser. money well spent..
  4. Turbo806

    IH 1456 Gold Demo

    absolutely awesome!!! yes, a muffler would be "factory", but you cant beat a chrome stack!! Nicely done sir.
  5. Turbo806

    966 Haying Tractor???

    If you have a cab, how can you smell the burnt diesel fuel?? Open station any day.
  6. Turbo806

    806 timing

    have an 806 with w&w turbo. I had pump and injectors rebuilt. Tractor runs fine, when i timed pump the previous owner had timing way advanced around 18 degrees. I put back down to 8 per book. When I start up when cold, it misses just a bit until warmed up 30 seconds maybe. It didnt do this when timing was advanced. Question is should timing be advanced some having the turbo on or is motor just showing its age/use.
  7. Turbo806

    1466 Wedge Lock Wheels

    I just went through this with my 1066 wedge locks. If you have 366----# splits, these fit standard ubolt hub. The ones you need are 400078R1. If you find some R2's they should fit as well just larger opening. Used on 1566 series axles from what I am told. I used the R1 splits as starters then bolted full plates to them.
  8. Turbo806

    Corn picker and or belt driven grinder.

    x2 on craigslist. seen them posted there. last fall there was a single for sale in southern Ill.
  9. Turbo806

    AC 190 XT, JD 4020 & Farmall

    the 4020 is a great tractor, one of most iconic green tractors. The 806 is very comparable in production date and power. Cant speak for AC as I have never owned or operated one.
  10. Turbo806

    plowing with quickhitch?

    I did purchase a 510 4-16 yesterday at auction, now just need to pick up.
  11. Turbo806

    plowing with quickhitch?

    most likely I will have to use bushings, same as my chisel. seems to work without any issues.
  12. Turbo806

    plowing with quickhitch?

    thanks for the replies, biionthefarm, nice to see a fulton county native!
  13. Turbo806

    plowing with quickhitch?

    I have cat III quick hitch on my 1066. I currently have pull type plow and am considering going with semi mount. My question is can I get geometry of plow set up correctly with quick hitch on? as a kid I plowed with jd 4640 with quick hitch, but I did not do the settings. Friends father took care of all that. I am looking at an older 510 if price is right. Any help/suggestions appreciated. I use the quick hitch for a mounted chisel that I have.
  14. Turbo806

    which plow??

    so is what you are saying is that the pull type that I currently have is better than a newer semi mount style? I have a line on a 540 and 510 4 bottoms at nearby upcoming auctions, but still coming back to the 720 as to what everyone says about them. would the 510 be better than 540 if money was about the same?
  15. Turbo806

    which plow??

    bitty, looked up the mounted 450. That would be a great setup, now to try and locate one.