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  1. Adam1256

    Non-cab platforms...

  2. Adam1256

    Non-cab platforms...

    The 56 had both styles, can't remember exactly but the serial number break for 12's is in the 13xxx's. After that they had the same platform as the 66 series before that they were closer to the 06 except there were two sets of extensions available
  3. Adam1256

    1256 cast center

    If your close to Sikeston, D&S or Worthington might have one
  4. Adam1256

    IH 6.9L IDI Diesel vs Ford Truck Longevity

    The motor and trans were great in mine. But the body and interior were going downhill fast. Lots of rust, and cracked and broken interior
  5. Adam1256

    Never even noticed...

    Edit:Never mind
  6. Adam1256

    How many Missouri people?

    Cape Girardeau here. This is the way I found her. Getting ready for a fresh coat of paint now.
  7. The parts book for the 12 doesn't list a muffler as an option, just the straight pipe
  8. Adam1256

    muffler blues

    Stanley mufflers number is 573-649-5151. I would call them if Dave doesn't work it out. Their headquarters is in the same town in the boot heel of MO
  9. Adam1256

    966 muffler

    Not sure if thomure sells Stanley mufflers or not, Thomure is on one side of town, and Stanley is on the other. Grew up in between the two, but mostly just used stacks from Thomure ( who needs mufflers) as our shop was across the ditch from Thomures
  10. Adam1256

    1256 Blowing coolant from radiator overflow

    Not at all, fixing the exhaust manifold issue on the other hand. I ruined both end pieces and the new center trying to put them together. Fortunately I found a complete one in a salvage yard nearby
  11. Adam1256

    1256 Blowing coolant from radiator overflow

    Now that the testing and the fix is finally done and tested, I can confirm that it was just a head gasket. Well, a head gasket, and a turbo, and an exhaust manifold. Never simple dealing with something that hasn't been apart for 50 years
  12. Adam1256

    Ford and IH 6.9 IDI

    I had an 86 3/4 ton with the 6.9 used a roost master style pump similar to the 361/407. Dead simple, biggest problem I had was glow plugs, but this was easily solved with an ether start setup from the tractor salvage yard. The truck had at one time had a banks turbo added, but the turbo had been removed and was shot by the time I got it. The truck around it was the biggest let down for me, it came from the great frozen north and the body rotted down around the still good running 6.9. Even on my 86 many of the parts still carried the IH logo
  13. Adam1256

    Old solar to Schweitzer adapter

    Does anyone make just the adapter plate used on the old style manifold on a 1206-1256 from the old solar turbo, to the Schweitzer? I have one but the bolts are frozen and would just as soon buy a new one as opposed to fighting this one
  14. Adam1256

    1256 Serial Numbers

    I have a Farmall 1256. Serial #9643 S-Y. The online serial number list in the IH archives online place it as a February 1968 Tractor given the first number produced for Feb and the First number produced in March. IHRedDrive I would think yours would be nearby to that.
  15. Adam1256

    Home built Sprayer

    Changed the post, it was a cotton picker in its first life