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  1. Farmall B clutch adjustment

    There is a clevis in the adjustment window by the axle. It has a nut on eithe sid of the clevis to adjust. I'm just out of adjustment.
  2. Farmall B clutch adjustment

    Just putting a B back together. Complete major overall. I didn't change the clutch, pressure plate or throw out bearing as the looked fine. Lots of clutch pad, no wear on the flywheel and the fingers showed little to no wear. The clutch engages and disengages just fine but I have almost 3 inches of free travel. This is a school project and clutch travel has to be to spec which is 1.5 inches. Any ideas? Anything is appreciated. Thanks
  3. I'm about to buy a complete rebuild kit for a 1941 B. Are their any brands better than others? Any of real poor quality? There are several I see and the price variance isn't that much. Pistons, rings, liners. We are doing it all. Any help appreciated. Thanks guys.
  4. New Tractor Tool Kit

    Thanks. We are trying to do it without any reproduction parts if possible. Those aftermarket took boxes look great for sure. We have a couple originals and like most of them, have had mounting tab work.
  5. My son is working on B for an FFA project. We've gone thru the machine top to bottom and have completely restored it without any reproduction pieces. In looking thru the owners manual the tractor came with a grease gun which we have. It looks like it also came with a socket wrench, monkey wrench and maybe a pair of pliers. My question is am I correct with the tool kit? and did the tools come in a pouch of some sort? and if so, has anyone ever seen one? Trying to make this machine 100% as new correct. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Pneumatic Lift

    Will do Kopeck.
  7. Pneumatic Lift

    The pic above is exactly what I'm talking about. I actually found a complete, non-cracked valve today in west TX. Sadly the guy wouldn't part out the tractor after telling me he would prior to a long drive out there. I have a machinist looking at making a few of these. Hopefully more to come on the exhaust lift saga.
  8. Pneumatic Lift

    I can't get the pics to upload. I'm new to the site and will have to figure it out. It's a pretty neat OEM piece from IH. I will work on it and get some pics uploaded eventually.
  9. Pneumatic Lift

    New to the forum but old to Farmall tractors. Working on an FFA restore with my son. We picked up a B with a complete engine lift on it. As with these lifts the exhaust valve chamber on top of the manifold is split. These are cast and as such very brittle. Is there a source for this piece? If not, I think I might be able to machine a few. Would there be interest in any that I could produce? I'd rather buy something if there is a ready made supply somewhere. Thanks for any input.