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  1. West central ohio. Coldwater ohio is where they were located. They have been out of business well before the internet came about!
  2. Superior silos. They were a local company around here forty years ago
  3. Keep in mind, it is 114 day corn, planted two weeks later than usual, and had fungicide applied.
  4. 33-35 % . If it can get below 30, I will run
  5. Tried some hi moisture corn today. Little to wet yet. Unload these, and then wait till next weekend
  6. Topped it off today, some better pics of the unloader as requested.
  7. This year's crop may not be to bad if all the ears are like this
  8. If you look at the second pic, you can see the bottom of the augers. I bring the unloader all the way up to the tripod, so it cannot get buried. If I think about it early next week, I will get a few pics for you when we refill.
  9. https://youtube.com/shorts/PexiS8RLEk4?feature=share A short clip also
  10. After four inches of rain last Sunday, was able to get the silo filled today. More rain forecasted for tomorrow.
  11. It's not, but I am not very motivated to really do anything today!
  12. Take advantage of a somewhat tolerable morning in august
  13. definitely get the ph checked. for good reference you will want a sample from the old part that was rented out and a sample from the new part. you may be surprised at the difference. in Ohio, you would like to have the ph in a range of 6.5-6.8 for most crops. alfalfa on it for 5 years has probably dropped the old part to low for any field crops to "like". as far as the clay dirt, (especially if it is fill dirt) the best is to keep some sort of continuous grass in it if you wish to break up the hardness. that is essentially why your new part seems to do better.
  14. Soybean harvest usually starts mid to late September, so I would think late September thru October would be your best bet
  15. Hank enjoying the dog days of summer
  16. Pulling this setup at 4.7-4.8, and according to the monitor, dropping the exact amount I want. Also did a visual check ( lots of digging) and shows good spacing.
  17. Well she moved to a different tractor now, fortunately I don't need to use the 5140 soon.
  18. We have one female cat on our farm, 1st time mother, and she picks quite a spot for her litter! Down in the bowels of our 290. Only found them after I start the tractor, cause momma come flying out. 2 out 4 alive, moved them to the barn and hope momma keeps them there.
  19. Triple your heart rate when I feed at 530 am before work and the lighting is not that great in the barn!!
  20. Nothing like relaxing in the sun. Some look a little too relaxed, scares me every time I come out to feed!
  21. I like the planter, it was setup for ten inches until last year. This planter was one of the demo units at the Agco plant in Coldwater Ohio when they were developing it. The idea was to have one machine to plant your wheat, soybeans, and corn. The idea never really took off at that time. We switched it to 15 inch rows(basically got rid of the middle row). Always liked the idea of ten inch rows,but with our soils, we would struggle getting good stands. This was because the way this planter would precisely plant each bean 3 inches apart. The beans would struggle to get thru any crusting that may occur. By going to 15s, our beans placement in the furrows are closer, which seem to let the seed help each other out of ground. And it is a lot easier to work on now!
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