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  1. Started shelling corn for hi moisture feed. Would like to have it in at 28%, but having to settle for 22%. Late season tar spot and extreme heat lately really has turned it quick!
  2. Would love to talk about how some of you are doing with the start of harvest, successes, failures, so on and so on. But since there is no coffee shop, I guess I will keep it to myself🤔.
  3. Would love to talk about how some of you are doing with the start of harvest, successes, failures, so on and so on. But since there is no coffee shop, I guess I will keep it to myself🤔.
  4. Always roll down the windows when I drive by a fresh cut field. Never get tired of that sweet smell!
  5. totally agree, but this planter will most likely stay for corn. I have a 6818 White with a 30 bushel hopper that i currently use for soybeans
  6. very true, was just thinking if I found smaller boxes, it would be easier to work around the units. And I also have the option of adding insecticide boxes in the future if we need to.
  7. Would like to find smaller seed boxes for it. I don't necessarily need the 3 bushel box. Anyone know where to find the regular size boxes?
  8. Finally found what I was looking for. It will need a little bit TLC before next spring, but it is overall good shape.
  9. Some started a thread in the general forum asking these questions, now I see that has been poofed!
  10. This is what I am thinking also, just seeing if anyone knows or has this setup.
  11. West central Ohio, our average will be 55-65 bu/acre. A lot of variable soils throughout here, so it can very from farm to farm. In the past if you can get rain during this week or next, those averages can be as high as 70-80 bu/acre. But the forecast for the next 5-7 days is temps in the nineties and no rain. That will definitely knock off some bushels.
  12. Does anyone here know if the AGCO SM4000 can be connected to a GPS receiver to read mph for counting population, or does it need to be connected via radar? I have a SM3000 on our current bean planter that reads the speed by radar. I was wondering if the 4000 needs the radar or can it be hooked to the GPS receiver. Looking at a 8200 corn planter the has the 4000 monitor with it. Our current corn planter has a SM300 monitor with a GPS receiver connected for the speed readings. thanks
  13. Todd, Greg, and Brad were working on the the manure pump that is put in the pit ( covered concrete pit). They were overcome by the gases and fell in and drowned. Todd and Greg initially fell in, and then their brother Brad unfortunately tried to get them out. The weather has been extremely humid and hot, with no wind the day the accident happened. Most of the neighborhood believes that contributed them to being overcome. No breeze to help move the noxious gases away.
  14. Tried the website, haven’t had any luck. They don’t have a support contact number listed. Was the first place I looked.
  15. Would anyone have a video of this type rig unfolding and folding? Kinda curious how much of a process it is.
  16. That will most probably be the route I go. I have seen this style on other drago heads but no one seems to have a part number. The metal piece that the poly is bolted is a manufactured product. The nuts are welded to it and the holes line up perfect to fasten to the header plate. I have seen them on different dragos, and they are all the same. Figured if I could find out where to get one, I would do that. Tried looking up on Drago website, but haven't had any luck there.
  17. Need help locating the item in the first pic, not sure what to call it. An ear saver, or dry corn saver. I really need the metal part that bolts to the header, the poly is easy enough to get. thank you
  18. Who here has had one? I would like to know the pros and cons of them. A local dealer got one on a trade in from a local guy. Know the previous owner, so I know the machine has been taken care(it is just a bit older than I was hoping for). He traded in for a 16 row I believe. i would like to move up to a 12 row machine if I can find one set up close to what I want. Was looking into the econo-folds, but not having any luck. The ones I find with the setup I want are a bit pricey. This white, I believe I could buy cheap enough and then add the features I would like.
  19. Where we unload there is no room to turn around, so they have to be pushed in like that and then pulled out the same way
  20. In the 90's here today, they won't have to put up with for long. They head for the packer Thursday!
  21. Thanks for the offer! But these kids got it done. 2 on the left are my 15 year old and 14 year old nephews, and the two on the right are their friends. Their two friends never touched a bale before today, but they did great. Not in the pic is my 13 year old son and my niece that also helped.
  22. Got some straw baled on this Fourth of July, now it is Monday morning ready to unload. It is not much, but enough to do on a high humidity and very hot day!
  23. Does anyone know, is there a kit or setup to add hooded covers to an older(1990) Hagie? just something I was thinking about. Never seems to be a calm day to spray when I am available to spray. Thought maybe hoods would give me more oppurtunities to do so.
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