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  1. Sounds like you have experience with this system. A lot of helpful info, thanks. When I had the 1644, we used a round bar concave in the second, and then the third concave had every other wire removed. That should work for corn shouldn't it? Or would it be better to have round bar in the third also? I will need to get a cover for the first concave when we run beans. That unfortunately didn't come with the combine. Another question, is there a set of concaves that would work for both corn and beans? To save changing them between crops.
  2. With Gordon the top seive is angled with different size holes for the grain to drop thru, the bottom seive is set open (11/16 I believe). Then there are special raspbars put on the rotor to help with the threshing. This where I need help to possibly get an idea of settings before I start.
  3. Yes it is where the top seive is non-adjustable. I understand some of that part. I more in setting the concaves properly. Running a caseih1020--20ft head in 50-70 bushel per acre soybeans. Ideally 13% moisture, usually drier than that. Running a six row Drago corn head in 180-250 bushels per acre corn. Not afraid to run 20+ % moisture corn if I have to. If more Info is needed, let me know. I will try to provide. Thank you
  4. Does anyone here have any experience with the Gordon sieve system? My new to me 2344 has this in and I am not sure how I set my concaves for corn and soy beans. I did run a round bar concave for corn and regular ones for beans in my 1644. Would my setting be similar, or is it completely different? Thanks for any help
  5. Model number and serial numbers will located inside the control panel door. I would say it is a Farm Fan AB 120. Looks very similar to the model I run with
  6. I remember when dad had a Gleaner F and he upgraded to the 1440, what a difference! After that, we ran a 1644 on our acreage. And starting this fall we will run a lower hour 2344 that I purchased this summer. Hard to beat the axial flow.
  7. Looking to buy cattle for this winter. Usually get 150-160 head. These kind of prices can make person nervous really quick. But they keep saying the demand for beef will remain strong, so who knows?!!
  8. I have an old one here yet, I may experiment with that before I try to fix the new one. Thanks for the info.
  9. I was afraid this could be the problem. Thanks
  10. Our Farmall H tends to do this when I have it running. The voltage meter seems to show a 10 volt discharge when running, 20 volts if you turn the lights on. The only way it will ever show a charge is if you tap the black regulator box behind the choke lever. Sometimes it will continue to charge, but most times not. That black box is fairly new, so I wouldn't think it is bad already. Not sure why it is that way. Does the battery need to be run down before it would show a +charge? Or do i have an issue somewhere else? I am unfortunately not that familiar with how these older tractors are to recharge themselves. Any help or advice is appreciated
  11. The steady steer is something I am looking into for my planting tractors. Thinking I could use the same monitor for both types of work
  12. I purchased a 2344 this summer that has the old black box yield monitor. No mapping capabilities. I would like to upgrade this system to something more modern and relevant. Was going to upgrade to the AFS 600 or 700, but was informed that will not be an option. The reason any components needed for this are discontinued and no longer available. It was suggested to look into Ag leader. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thank you
  13. This is the raven screen I have, I am not sure if they are autosteer compatible. It is a Raven Cruizer series from way back when.
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