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  1. Who is responsible for downstream field tile

    have him start at the county office and see if they can offer any assistance. they may be able to help him figure what each of the other farms share would be (percentage wise). doing the leg work and having that info available will be beneficial to him and gives him better leverage against the others. when he knows this he may be able to ask them to pay at a lesser rate. it may help convince the others that he is not trying to get them to pay for all of it, just help with their share. if all else fails he could re-ditch and not hook their strings up to his. but this can cause more problems down the road. 1. that can really make the neighbors unwilling to ever work with him. 2. he may end up getting their water then as surface runoff which is not good.
  2. cannot get into forums on the ipad

    any one else having problems getting into the forums using their ipad? I can access it on my desktop, but not on my ipad. It says system error, page not found/503.shtml
  3. I dare you

    Like the "no phone" challenge. the only problem is, this forum would get awfully quiet during that time!
  4. hard on cattle

    Hope I don't have issues. They weren't showing any signs this afternoon, will look them over good in the morning. You just never know when it goes from 50's to the teens in just a few days.
  5. hard on cattle

    got home last nite around 11 pm and it was close to 60. Went to work this morning at six am, it was 35 and the wind blowing and raining. Got home from work at three pm, the snow was falling horizontally! Now it is just windy. My cattle were enjoying the big snow drift piling up in the lot. Bucking and rolling around in it!
  6. Winter Tractor Show

    Very nice tribute. Any father would be proud of that.
  7. Favorite Truck Ever?

    1979 chevy, my dad bought brand new. Nothing fancy about it, but my favorite because it was the first vehicle I learned to drive in (at 13-14 yrs old)!
  8. whats worse wind chill or cold temps?

    Wind chill, every time. Cold is not bad if it is not windy!
  9. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    My favorite to drive working ground, the 7288. The 7120 is fun in front of the bean planter. Our MTX 135 is fun in front of the corn planter. Our 5140 is fun side dressing 28%. The Duetz 6265 is great for bush hoggin and putting wagons away. i guess it just depends on what job is to be done!
  10. Interesting call from CNH today

    Wouldn't hurt to talk to your insurance guy ( liability stuff, etc) and maybe a lawyer if some sort of "loaner" contract would need to be made.
  11. Vertical tillage of corn stalks

    We have mostly heavy clay to deal with. once it is wet, it takes a while to dry out. I came home from work Tuesday and he was already working one field a second time. I wasn't happy, I thought he was bringing up to much mud. So I may have my 20 acre check field! My thinkng is to lightly vertical till in the spring as my second pass. This way I leave some fodder on top to protect from erosion over winter. And by working it in spring, it may dry out a little faster and help reduce early disease pressure.
  12. Vertical tillage of corn stalks

    I ran my corn acres two weeks ago. It did a good job and I am satisfied, but my dad on the other hand is not. He feels we need to do it again. The first time we managed to get 3-4 inches of dirt mixed with the fodder and fields are leveled off good to. We received about 4 inches of rain a day or two after we ran the first time. The ground is good on top now but it is still wet enough three inches down. I am afraid hitting it a second time now will only undo any good I did the first time. The hard part is getting him to see it my way.
  13. Vertical tillage of corn stalks

    A couple of questions For those those of you that vertical till. Primarily those that run with the Great Plains Turbomax. What do you find as the best option for heavy corn residue? Do you get by once in the fall, or need to hit it a second time? If you go a second time, do you in the fall or let it wait till early spring and work it lightly?
  14. Unusual Phobias or fears

    Rats, cleaning out a grain leg, many years ago, had one climb up my left arm to my elbow then proceed to jump to my right arm. Passed within inches of my nose! Before I realized what happened his brother did the same thing. I came climbing out of that pit screaming like a little girl! My boss at the time was at the opening when I came flying out. I know my hand was in his face shoving him out of my way! Gives me the Heebie jeebies every time I tell that story. and fat people in speedos!
  15. Downloading a video from iPad?

    How do you this? I assume it is not the same as a photo