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  1. Finished yesterday. cleaned up the dryer and buttoned up the bins today. All my corn ran anywhere from 19%-24%, mostly 20-21%. Others are just starting corn, i think they hoping for some more free drying. Sounds like anyone that has ran corn here has been in the low 20's for moisture.
  2. They were greased regularly. What is odd, they broke just below the ball. Where the tie rod is bolted to the wheel assembly
  3. The tie rods that broke were originals with the grease zerk. The replacementS I got are gwithout the grease zerk. Hope they last. I was surprised by the others breaking.
  4. Two weeks ago our 135 had the left steering rod break off at pinion at the hub. Today the right one broke at the same place. What is frustrating, is this just bad luck or is there something else going on? Never have had this problem before. These were the original rods. Do they where out after while? Fortunately the tractor wasn't moving fast when they fell apart each time.
  5. this is the 7288 (#16) that we owned for close to twenty years until 2 years ago. Funny thing is when I made my screen name, I wasn't referencing the tractor, 72 is year I was born! But I like that idea better!
  6. They were actual production. The Case/International merger did them in.
  7. 2-3 points is what we have always done. Has never failed us yet.
  8. Farmerboy72


    Made me look!
  9. We will shell the corn 26-28% moisture. We also have a special sieve in the combine so we collect 60-70% of the cob. Then it is run thru this setup, which is a roller mill/blower combo. I also apply a silage preservative as it is blown in the silo, it helps to keep the molds at bay. It makes really good feed. this pic is from a few years ago, but it is still what I use.
  10. Unfortunately the reel is going on. Had a certain variety got nailed bad by rootworm this year.
  11. Finally pulled the trigger and replaced my 1063 corn head a few weeks ago. It's replacement showed up today. None too soon, have a feeling high moisture ear corn for the silo is gonna start soon.
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