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  1. 2.19 farm fill for grain dryers 2 weeks ago when I ordered. Fortunately the tanks were full from the end of last year ($1.09) when I started drying. Only had to fill once this year due o drier corn and warmer weather.
  2. Just read an article about what the prices are doing and are expected to do, but no explanation as to why. What seems to be the deal.
  3. We didn't stay dogless for very long. here is Hank.
  4. Replace the whole clutch. Most snowmobiles run the same type of clutch.
  5. Had some delivered today, was afraid to ask. Told them just to fill it, need to get the corn dried.
  6. Don’t worry, look closer at the first pic. Lower right hand corner, you can see it locked in. by the way, when it comes to safety, it doesn’t hurt to nag!!
  7. Well, I was wanting to run corn today. Started to go in the corn and the one row wasn't turning. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the drive shaft that goes thru the transfer case was broken and shifted out of the transfer case. Once I got the shaft and case out, I could tell the shaft has been broken for some time. I bought this header used last year and had no problems. I believe this was broken before I bought it. Where it was broke, you would never know it unless you took it apart. I have no issue there, that is the chance you take when you buy used. My question is, what would it take to break that shaft? It is almost 1.75 inches thick.
  8. Buddy of mine running his beans yesterday next to me asked when I was going to take a break for supper. Told him I wasn’t planning on stopping(try to beat the rain). Asked why he asked, he told me he was gonna “borrow” some parts from mine when I wasn’t looking. Local dealer can’t get his part and no other dealers will give up what they have to non locals. I told him he was more than welcome to it, if he can remove it while I was running!
  9. Good to hear, will give it a go later. Shouldn't be to much dew this morning as breezy as it was thru the nite. Down to the last of my beans and would love to get them finished so I can switch to corn
  10. Hoping to run some beans today. Hope they are dry enough cause my bin is full and the rest I run will go to town. I am sure it will be soft enough. Fortunately I can leave the wagon set on the road for the last of it. Don't like to do that, but this road is barely used.
  11. Do you mind, if I ask what you upgraded to. Mine wont last forever either, will need ideas for any future upgrades
  12. Have heard from several different farmers that bin pads waiting and all the sheet metal, but no bolts. Really would suck at this time of year
  13. Know how you feel, be glad you still have it place to use. Hoping to get beans done soon to use mine for corn.
  14. I was told when we got ours that if you leave the differential on all the time, that it can wear the teeth off. So we only use it in a pinch.
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