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  1. 19 million acres according to a FSA report released today
  2. Hate to use the word, incompetent. But I don’t think it can be said loudly or enough right now.!
  3. I wasn’t planning on feeding cattle out this year cause of our somewhat questionable corn crop. I guess I can add this to my list of reasons not too.
  4. Haven’t seen the report yet, but by the markets, I am assuming the usda found lots of corn acres and high yields!🤔
  5. if you can justify it, offer to buy his planter?! could be an option.
  6. was just ready to report how things went tonite. you pretty much read my mind. cleaning has definitely made it less apparent. probably will be ordering a new clutch. I believe it is getting worn, it is still the original and we bought the big country new. so I think I got my moneys worth out of that clutch. would love to trade up, but it is hard to justify it. newer model utv's bring so much and I would not get much for ours(and ours is in good shape)!
  7. I don’t think the engine is running too fast at low idle, but I was going to check that also. The clutch works fine when you first start, it seems to act up after you have been driving a while. Then other times it won’t act up. That is why I think something is goofy in the clutch. Will find out tonite after I clean the old one and put it back in.
  8. Will try to, not making any promises though. If you got a rattle, that could be a broken piece in there or as simple as a stone got up in there.
  9. Replaced them already, that is easy and simple enough. My problem is my drive clutch doesn’t want to release when I let off the throttle. Local shop suggested giving it a good cleaning with brake cleaning fluid, might be too much dirt buildup. Will try that first. Replacing this type clutch will cost about 500 bucks. They don’t offer rebuild kit’s for them anymore, you replace the whole thing! Hope the cleaning does the trick.
  10. Our big country utv lately has started to be devil to drive. When you want to come to a stop, the machine want to lurch forward. Sometimes you really have to stand on the brake to get it to stop. these models have the cvt transmission. You have a drive pulley and a driven pulley. Is my problem in the drive pulley that it is not releasing when you let off the throttle? Are these clutches rebuildable or do you just replace them? Our machine is a 2004 or 05 and I believe this is still the original clutch. or am I looking in the wrong place and it is something else? if anyone has any advice, it would be appreciated.
  11. Once the bale gets rolling, you won’t catch it!!
  12. I was gonna say "goats"!
  13. From what I understand, oak blight is a disease that is not in the ohio area, yet. Somehow infected trees got shipped to Walmart and Menards to be sold in their lawn and garden centers. Sounds like they got the infected inventory pulled, but it is hard to say how many were sold before they caught it. if it takes hold, it can be pretty devastating. extreme pruning seems to be the best way of managing it. I think all the aborists are talking about it on the radio to make people aware of it so they can hopefully catch any outbreaks, and thus, hopefully control it.
  14. Just stand a little more to the left! looks good, overall
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