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  1. Farmerboy72

    toolbox for magnum 290

    thank you
  2. Farmerboy72

    toolbox for magnum 290

    do you have a link for this? everytime I try go to k&m website I get a hay equipment site, or
  3. Farmerboy72

    toolbox for magnum 290

    found it. that placement seems a lot more handy than the current spot. guess I will have to talk to my neighbor (he is a fabricator and has his own weld shop).
  4. Farmerboy72

    toolbox for magnum 290

    I am trying to find a different place to mount the toolbox on our 290. I was browsing the web and saw something made by some Purdue students that allowed you put the toolbox just behind the weight bracket. Now I cant find it back and would like to look into it more. Does anyone here know what I might be talking about? and if so, where could I locate it? It bolted to the frame just under the hood. you would access the bolts that hold to the frame by lifting the hood. thanks for any help
  5. Farmerboy72

    The Dog Thread

    This is Jake and pic of what he does best. Watching those steers from the "safe" side of the fence!s
  6. Farmerboy72

    The cattle thread

    This is this years group. Not as cute as the previous pic!
  7. Farmerboy72

    Cattle motivation, What do you use?

    so very true!
  8. Farmerboy72

    Homestead pics

    Always seemed to be between groups. I am usually empty from July to Oct, silos are about empty at that time anyways. Have 150 had of black angus out there right now.
  9. Farmerboy72

    Homestead pics

    Still use the two cement silos. The later pics are taken when no cattle are on the farm
  10. Farmerboy72

    Homestead pics

    A drone was used for the most recent pic I have. Cheaper than having a plane come out.
  11. Farmerboy72

    Homestead pics

    Please post them! Would love to see others. Quote Edit
  12. Farmerboy72

    Homestead pics

    Please post them! Would love to see others.
  13. Farmerboy72

    Barn pictures

    Very cool! Nice craftsmanship!
  14. Farmerboy72

    Homestead pics

    I didn't want hijack the barn pics post, but I was having trouble uploading these pics. So the next best thing was to start a new one. i have been wanting to hang these for some time and finally got around to it. I am sure the wife will not like the way I did it, but it is done. The masking tape is temporary until I get something nicer looking to show the years. Kinda neat to see how things have changed or not changed over the years. The farm was established in 1908
  15. Farmerboy72

    Magnum 290 toolbox placement

    Funny how two different places that offer the exact same thing have such a big difference in price.$532 sloanexpress--$375 are there any other sites to check?