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  1. I swear I need to buy stock in Nuflor, Banimine, and DrAxxon this year! Vet warned me there was some nasty BRD going on this year, but I wasn't expecting this many!
  2. I would just like to have some more ten's!!
  3. What I do to get ready for this year's feedlot cattle. Pics of the calves will be in a few days. Fill the silo in September, clean the silo off in November, get the hay ready for the first few days, vaccinate and implant on Wednesday, and then hope they do well on regular feed. I apologize for some pics out of order. The last three should be between the two videos to be in chronological order.
  4. Same here, except the BTOs here are the same guys and their children. They keep justifying the price by being able to spread the cost across all the acres. Which I guess will work as long as the continuing generations wish to keep farming. What kinda sucks, is that if a small operation wants to expand, they can't without busting their bank account. This includes if you just want to rent a piece of land. The prices just keep jacking things up. Got a piece of land next door to me I would like to rent next year, not sure if I will be in the running. A local farm sold for $25500 an acre last week. That will just lack the rental rates. Will put my bid in I think I can handle, and hope for the best.
  5. 100 acre farm a few miles from me sold in a 60 and 40 acre tracts, buildings sold separately. $25500/acre to a farmer. Can't figure out what guys are thinking
  6. I use a leaf blower out in the field. The air compressor with a long wand helps get up in the tight spots
  7. I am just straight west of you in Fort Recovery. 70 here also!
  8. Got a 70 degree day at the end of October, better make use of it.
  9. I've been wanting to upgrade what I have here with a bit more capacity. Just haven't pulled the trigger.
  10. What size dryer is that. Would love to upgrade my setup with that size. I assume you have setup for continuous flow
  11. There were days, it felt like it!
  12. The old combine performed well this year. Finished corn today with snowflakes hitting the windshield! Yields for me ranged anywhere from 170-230 Bu/acre on corn. You can tell which varieties handled the summer stress better. Soybeans were in the 65-70 Bu range. Very satisfied with this year's results Had to have a celebratory beer when I got in tonight!
  13. Made it with no problem! That thought did cross my mind when I took the pic
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