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  1. watching it rain at the moment!😣 was hoping to get some burndown sprayed, not anymore!
  2. Very little to nothing planned in our area. It is even to wet yet to apply our burn down. Which is making a big headache, the marestail in some fields are 10 inches or taller already! Not sure what the best way to control them will be.
  3. No pics from western Ohio, we are to wet! Received 1.5 inches Thursday nite in about a half an hour. We lucked out though, not to far north of us places recieved up to 5 inches in a couple of hours. A lot of serious talk about the preventive planting option on their insurance. A lot could change in two weeks if will straighten up!
  4. But what about beef, corn, fruit, all other producers affected. Everyone else is affected by this, it is hard to justify paying to guys that just raise beans and hogs. we got farms in our area with thousands of pigs. Not saying they aren’t allowed their share of the “pie”, but how do you come up with a plan that is fair to all. Damn near impossible.
  5. Thank you, haven’t had that good of a laugh in a long time. Always did like his skits.
  6. Oh yay! Another wet week, last year at this time my corn was up. Kinda wondering if we'll even get any corn put in the ground this year.
  7. Farmerboy72

    New Toy

    Do the decks flip up for easy access to the blades? Been thinking about switching to a Ferris. Our grasshopper is starting to show wear and tear. And heard the ferris mowers have a smoother ride.
  8. Know how you feel, I would to like find a twelve row to replace my six row for the same reasons you mentioned. But the way this year is starting out, I may need to look for pontoons for my six row instead!
  9. Had the same thing here a few years back. But my neighbor made a good point, if he can screw up a lot more in a short time.
  10. Expecting another 2 inches of rain going into the weekend, with rains expected everyday or so into mid next week.😓 nobody's had a chance around here to even think about starting yet
  11. That is a 32 meter. The company I work for also has another 32, a 36, 2-39's, and a 20 meter. All Schwings.
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