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  1. Done for the night, but my ride is wayyyyyy over there!!
  2. We have been having issues with our Big Country not wanting to shift from forward to neutral or to reverse or to any sort of shift. These use a vacuum type system for the shifting and I know they were never that great. Has anyone ever converted one to a manual type shifting or is there a kit to do such a thing and then just do away with the vacuum system?
  3. Planting soybeans today and tomorrow. Will be finished then if nothing goes wrong.
  4. All my neighbors are going now. Dad talked each of them, and they all said it is too wet and heavy! I guess their patience has run out. I just hope, come July and August, they aren't regretting that decision. That usually when you see the results of compaction, of any sorts, around here
  5. Would like to get in the fields, but the ground seems to be two days from being fit. Then it rains, and wait again! But last year I didn't plant until the 24th, and the yields turned out super. So, I guess I will just be patient
  6. Hard to say at this point. Most times they are still born, and never had to worry about it. Got buddy of mine, his son raises calves for the feedlot, he is willing to take it off my hands.
  7. Feeding out heifers this for year. All animals were pregnancy checked and guaranteed open before delivery back in November. Went out to feed this morning at 5 am and surprise, surprise!! Someone missed one!
  8. This last Monday guys were working ground around here. Monday night into Tuesday we got close to an inch on all that worked ground. Today guys were planting direct into that "stale" seed bed. Understand they want to get their corn before this next five days of forecasted precip, but I would be more concerned about the compaction they could be doing
  9. Started using talc with the seed, pretty well solved that problem
  10. It's a lot easier to work on now, if you notice, the middle row is missing. It is now a 15" row planter
  11. Got it on the first guess!! Was afraid I would get complaints about this being to hard! Last year, my soybeans in The front six were 1/4 inch shallower than the back seven. Just enough that they didn't get any moisture for three weeks. The back seven rows were in moisture. Made for interesting looking bean fields last year!
  12. Getting things ready for this spring, hope to be planting next week. But in the meantime: Gonna post a little quiz for ya guys and gals. What is wrong with the planter? Clue 1: has to do with last year crop's uneven emergence.
  13. He "marked" them with his seal of approval!!
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