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  1. i am sure we wouldn't mind seeing pics of the work in progress.
  2. Still have to look, new better, but still!
  3. Mom and dads drive in the first pic was a four ft drift out to the road. My drive in the second pic was the same, but twice as long. So glad my new skid loader has an enclosed cab with heat!
  4. was you trying to post an article? dont see it yet. curious to see what it says about. knifing it in is promoted around here
  5. The first photo of our farm done in 1953 and was hand painted. The most recent (2018) I had done with a drone. It was easier to get the pic done when I wanted. It was also easier to determine which angle the pic would be taken from. Apologies for the glare.
  6. You keep the all snow you want! Every year that goes by, I don't mind missing it!?
  7. For us feedlot guys. This years group. And Jake keeping watch!
  8. Potash levels are very good in my fields. Always apply 200 lbs/acre in the fall to maintain levels. Was thinking that the nitrogen and sulfur would help boost early season growth. We have heavy clay soils that like to stay cool and wet in the spring.
  9. A lazy Sunday has given me a chance to do some reading and thinking of ways of possibly increasing my soybean yields. A recent article in Successful Farming about how the reduced availability of sulfur in the atmosphere may warrant the application of the needed element has gained my attention. I am curious, do any of you apply row starter for your soybeans? Do you have any luck with what you use? What do you use and what rate? I was thinking about using ammonium thiosulfate as a 2x2 or 2x0 row starter. I will be planting on 15 inch rows this year. My planter (White 6818) alread
  10. i like all of these. sorry about the upside down one! cannot seem to get it upright.
  11. All the Amish mennonite crews south of me have their tractor tires on backwards. Smoother ride and wear longer when traveling the roads to job sites.
  12. Agreed, just bought a used skidsteer (1740 hrs) to replace mine that has close to 5000 hrs on it. Still surprised at even what used equipment can bring.
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