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    Info on Steiger tractors- mods,updates,the good the bad ect. Also the farmall trac - tractor t20.

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  1. T 20 stuff

    Excuse my absence, between my work and my kids I am short pressed for time. Not to mention memory.. Those are some good pictures I think that will be extremely helpful to make my own version per say. Just to make sure there is a spot for the old to drain back dwn to the pan? Also this will cure my problem of valves sticking. I'll take a pic or 2 tomorrow while I'm working on freeing up a valve of a couple other things I was curious about. Hopefully you can shine some light on them. Thanks for all the information so far and thanks for putting the effort in of taking pictures.
  2. T 20 stuff

    Oiling the valve train, is there a update to get oil up there? Where is that you can put a after market starter on these? Checking the engine oil, I know there's the different level plugs, but is there a dipstick you can add? I really like the machine, here I'm pulling a 2/16, shortly after I hooked to a 3/16 which it pulled in "2nd" which I found impressive.
  3. T 20 stuff

    My father purchased one of these t20 just b4 retirement and I don't think he ever has ran it. Though I don't know much about it. I do have a few questions if anyone knows much about them.
  4. Wanting to put a eaton fuller 18spd in my steiger panther series2..?