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  1. The pto keeps turning. And i changed the filter and fluid bout 100 hrs ago but it was doing it before i changed them . This issue is super aggravating not to say pretty dangerous. I couldn't imagine trying to run a loader stacking hay while this issue was going on. And no there is no noise when u pull levers. and i used regular hydraulic fluid
  2. Ok fellows totally new this forum deal but was told you guys could help me out . My 886 will lock up the steering if you pull your hydraulic lever say to raise a harrow. But once you return lever back to neutral position it will go back to working. So it gets kinda hairy at the end of the field when turning around lol!!! Ive changed hydraulic filter and fluid but didnt fix it. I was told that steering took priority as far as fluid supply went but its getting robbed some where and i dont know where to start so im up for suggestions.
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