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  1. I realize this is an old thread but does anyone have a part number on the bracket shown above ? I would like one to install a op guage, thanks!
  2. Thanks guys, dirtboyz the pump throttle was wired back prior to removing and the pump is still off, it just got rattled around getting it out and im not sure how to checknof weights are still on place, not sure what i should see looking in there, timing window marks are still lined up
  3. Hey guys, Replaving the seals in my pump drive on the 806, had Heck of a time getting the pump out this time, and i wired the throttle back as required. My question is can you tell if the governor weights are in place by looking in from the end? It got got jarred a heck of a lot trying to finagle it out of there and id like to make sure every thing is in place before i put it back in and potentially shell a pump. Thanks for any help!
  4. I will get that for you, its a gates adapter, ill get the part number. Also all seems to be working well so far!!
  5. Hey again to you all, I have been looking to replace my front wheel cylinders on a 1975 loadstar 1700 which has been quite the adventure. Sorry beforehand to start a new topic but i have scoured the archives looking for the information i needed and never found it, so i wanted to share what i found. My front wheel cylinders began leaking so i figured it was time for a replacement. My truck is a 75 1700 and has the heavier i believe 9k front axel 15x3 brake shoes. Got everything apart just fine (fyi the spindle nuts are 2 7/8" also couldnt get a answer on that beforehand) and found wheel cylinders with lockheed wagner part # fe-3069 on the cylinders. Called up napa and they had 2 listed, an 1 1/8 an a 1 1/4. Mine were 1 1/4 so thats what i ordered. Showed up today to pick them up and found the the thread going into the cylinder did not have a bubble flare seated down inside. Long story short after 2 hours, the store owner involved, lots of bickering and wondering if it was even the right part, i found out they make an adapter that goes from just the open thread to a bubble flare or jic type flare whatever you prefer it called and mates it up to the factory brake lines. I will post some photos tonight and let you know if the fittings hold fluid over time but like i said i spent hours on the forums trying to find another instance of this and found only 1 that was archived and travelette did behind the scenes ordeing for that fella so hopefully this will help someone in the future. Thanks again!
  6. seant

    Loadstar 1700

    I do have a lineset in the kick pannel just dont know how to read it, ill post a photo tonight but i will get a better one. Thanks!
  7. Sorry ill rephrase that what happened to the OPs 404 that he is lookin to switch lol
  8. seant

    Mv 404, 446

    Thank you binderoid, did you ever have any distributer issues? Ive read about a lot. Also would you be able to tell me where your washer fluid tubing runs? Mine has been removed and i am trying to reinstall but cannot find a good route or the connection port.
  9. seant

    Loadstar 1700

    Thank you guys, thats what i needed to know, i think the transmission has been refered to as a short 4th or 5th direct, top end shift pattern is 4lo 5lo 4hi 5hi, anyone know which model this would be? Also it has the mv404, and my idle is pretty high and actuated by manifold vacum to a little solenoid on the throttle. When disconecting the vacum line it idles down to more normal speed. Anyone hve any experience adjusting tbose or know why it might be set so high? Thanks
  10. Acem, Howd the pipe plug workout for bleeding? !
  11. seant

    Mv 404, 446

    Hey guys, without dragging in the diesels, im looking for some general feedback on the MV motors. I have 1 that i believe is an mv 404 that was professonally rebuilt within the last couple thousand miles, wondering if they are generally something to stay away from or not to bad. I have heard alot of bad about them. I know they arnt like a sv motor but why? Ive heard the eat cam gears? Iv attached a photo if someone can help id more deffinately 404 or 446, and which carb it is. Thanks!
  12. seant

    Loadstar 1700

    Hey all some questions on a 1978 loadstar 1700 dump truck. First, the beaten to death question, which trans oil? Its a 5 speed with 2 speed rear. Reverse is all the way to you and down. From what i gather a 50wt transmission oil or 30wt engine oil will suffice ( with a elbow installed to increase capacity). I do not know exactly which model the tranny is, i would love to find out but without better history it sounds next to impossible to figure out without a tear down. Next question, it seems any 85-90 or simialr synthetic will work in the rearend? What about the spliter? Laslty (ish) it has of course the pto hydrualic pump, is there any special reservoir for the pto its self or is it all shared with the transmission? I know a manual would be the place to look for this but i havent found one to get ahold of. Thanks ahead of time for the help!
  13. Just some thought you probably already know, under no circumstances would i use starter fluid with that motor, its a loose fit or "push fit" sleeve and starter fluid will blow the sleeve all to heck with cracks. As they warm up they expand and seat better in the bore. Also with those heads, let it warm up and cool down good before shutting down or going to work or you risk cracking the head. Very fuel efficient and great motors but $$$$ to work on, just built one last year.
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