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    Hours on 5088

    Thanks Dale, plan to keep it . It’s a western Nd tractor so mostly field work or haying. I was told they had had trouble with the electronics for the transmission. Kinda hoping it’s a easy fix. Time will tell
  2. jimw

    Hours on 5088

    I’ll go out and take a picture
  3. jimw

    Hours on 5088

    Drawbar shows little wear
  4. Hauled my 5088 home finally. Pretty happy with it. Lots of good parts but hope to get it working again. How would you read the hours. It has four hydraulics, couple of the outlets are gone. Pto is gone but 3 point is there. Has the extra fuel tank . Someone must of put in some long days ?
  5. My trailer only makes a few runs a year. Have always put the used tires from my truck on my trailer except now my truck runs 18" . Getting low on 16s. The sidewalls seem alot heaver on these gladiators.
  6. jimw

    Nice 1256

    Saw this at a local dealership, not for sale. we’re there a lot of these cabs, kinda reminds me of a better replacement for a ice cream box cab
  7. My local tire shop had 6 of these stacked in there junk pile . I grabbed them thinking I could get some more life out of them. Are they any good or should I left them be. Never used anything but old 10 ply pickup tires before
  8. jimw

    Auction results

    Was in Nd. Consignment sales never sell as good as estate sales. Most figure people r getting rid of there junk
  9. jimw

    Oil price

    I see runnings raised there oil price . Thought it was 42.99
  10. jimw

    Auction results

    Combine I think right at 4 , other stuff pretty close or right on. I always like those old GMC trucks , loud smelly but. They always ran, this one had the 6-71
  11. Consignment sale I watched
  12. Looks like a nice straight tractor. Be fun to run for a few hours
  13. My 1586 doesn’t have 3 point , that 5288 I got has the arms missing, there are some from a 1486 for sale , are the different
  14. I’ve wondered the same thing, to much of a coincidence
  15. Thanks for all the input. I don’t have any gas ⛽️ at my place other than maybe. A can or two, I was at TSC today and decided to buy 50 gal tank for 379 then switched to the 100 gal tank for 450. I also believe the old semi tank would of worked but just decided this was the best route. With hackers shutting down pipelines and packing houses I want to be a little more prepared.
  16. Is it okay to put gas in a aluminum fuel tank from a truck ,
  17. Not sure what happened saw it on the way to the folks . Doesn’t look fun
  18. Enjoy the good times. He did well, mine was in it 3 years ago. Seems like yesterday
  19. jimw


    The one in the pictures
  20. jimw


    It had a electric fan with lots of room between the engine and radiator
  21. Back 40 years ago u could get triticale pancake mix at the store. I remember liking it but hasn’t been available here for a long time
  22. Nice 450 , my son laughed the other day when we were seeding with the cab less 1586 , i said it’s better than a mule ?. 450 was a big outfit in its day. Still getting it done that’s awesome
  23. jimw


    Saw this today , young guy from Wisconsin. Looks pretty decent put in a older gas dodge. Air cleaner a little sketchy
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