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  1. To be honest I’ve thought maybe summer fallowing a large portion might be cheapest
  2. Might wanna go with 18.4x38s then
  3. There’s a point you need to do a complete rebuild or new motor, But it’s kinda about value for me . I’ve spent the $23 for the oring and usually $90 for rod bearings . this has worked for me on combines and tractors. No regrets and ready to do it again
  4. Remember a old cowpokes cartoon. If we’re gonna buy hay bales for $2 and sell hay bales for $2 we’re gonna have to get a bigger truck 😳
  5. I kinda like this option, couldn’t find the 706 picture
  6. jimw

    3588 price

    Decent older rubber, ran when parked long time ago. Think the transfer case out
  7. Everyone has different needs I guess. Dad would chop corn with the 806 and she would just walk along in gear. Myself I ran a 862 Massey pull type with a 100 hydro, nice on corners but switched to the 1586. Just put it in gear and go. Lots of gears are kinda like a smart phone 📞, don’t really miss them till u have them.
  8. jimw

    3588 price

    Looking at a 3588 non runner, pretty straight. Think 3 grand is fair
  9. 86s r good tractors. They were really in the trenches when operator comfort became more important than machine handiness , I think more maneuverable than a Deere. Still find myself grabbing hydraulic levers from the ground to hook up old equipment. Old neighbor of mine put a loader on his 4020 and the hydraulic levers r on the left side so u could shift with the right. Same old time concept. The 40 series Deere really won out, nice tractors to operate, still pretty handy. I think the 50 series was loosely based on them . Right hand shifting. Longer wheel base gave a better ride . And really with bigger equipment turning on a dime became less important.
  10. Did anyone mention Super M’s . - 20 below not plugged in and barely turns over and they fire off. Not many start that good
  11. jimw


    So is freedom convoy to controversial for red power . ?
  12. I don’t no anything about them , I just watched from the stoplight , maybe he had her at idle ? But it looked pretty slow from where I was . I thought for what they cost they would be faster. Shows how the right or wrong operator can sell a machine.
  13. I was watching a guy clean out the lot where they sell JD lawn and garden tractors, heck they must have 20 or 30 of them . Nice little rig with cab and loader. Guessing 25hp. When he went to dump snow after pushing it up on the pile the dang thing moved so slow u couldn’t even rattle the bucket out. Maybe the hydraulics where turned down ? I’d be pretty disappointed if I couldn’t shake out the bucket kinda how u have to do it with wet snow.
  14. The IH factory or deluxe cab would be a easy choice. Although still fairly loud I always felt they were a tight quality. The others were just noise amplifiers. They all help keep the north wind off . To many years on a 4020 or 56 cabs have left my ears ringing. Swear they ring more just looking at those machines. Still love them thou
  15. Your boys running a what looks to be a newer front assist JD , Your running a f20 . Seems like dads are always sacrificing for there kids . Just a little fun sarcasm there 😉
  16. jimw

    Made #6

    Back when these were built almost all small grains up north in the Dakotas . Probably Canada and Montana. Almost all grain was swathed . I remember my dad saying they would advertise you could buy a 1066 and 914 combine for about the price as a 915. These guys were cheap but also have to realize these machines only ran in August into September.
  17. Can’t believe u didn’t think we would want to see pictures? 😉, cool outfit. Pretty good shape for as old as it is.
  18. My 04 v10, wish it was a diesel but honestly has been a good truck.
  19. jimw


    Got 30 percent off at a pawn shop 7$ for unknown breaker bar a d 20 for tawain tat set
  20. If I had the trouble you have had I would move on to something else. Seems almost impossible to have that much trouble, it must be the same problem causing your troubles.
  21. Been around several of those tractors and they just run and run. Even with high hours and crappy oil . Definitely something bypassing the filter ? Good luck
  22. Beautiful tractor, pretty gutless thou. Everyone takes the cab off, I would leave it on.
  23. Run a wire off the positive and negative battery pole to one the solenoids , this will bypass the sentry. I bet it will go . They end up having poor connections after many years
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