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  1. All the 06 and 56 series cab tractors I sat in had the grab handles. I think they were robbed at some point in its life
  2. Since no one’s said it I will. Guessing those front weights are shot, mind if I swing over and get rid of them for you 😯
  3. jimw

    Tire wear

    Never took the snow tires off the wife’s car this year. Probably only puts on 7000 miles a year. Thought this was pretty strange wear. Not overinflated? What caused it?
  4. jimw

    Old prices

    Just looking in the paper today . In 1897 a farmer was selling HRSW for 68 cents a bushel, a very desirable house in town was advertised for $1050, and $100 cash will buy you a New Deering harvester. I assume a reaper ? Jumping ahead in 1922 the railroad was hiring men for 70 cents a hour. The thing I saw was basically a hours labor was similar to a Bu a wheat.
  5. Yeah I don’t no, it had sat for awhile, the salvage yard came and got it . Not sure what they did with it.
  6. At the old coal plant we had one till about 1990. We called it a turnatractor. ? Used it to move rail cars of coal. We moved on to a JD 844 loader so it sat till they scrapped it.
  7. You have to do like my wife does. Just stand there with your hand in the air. I think she raises her own bid sometimes
  8. Damn I feel bad for the people involved. Most importantly hope everyone is all right . But there is a lot of time and money put into that stuff
  9. That is a really nice older tractor. Good luck with it
  10. Not as noble, but coming from a gassy family. ( A farting horse never tires so a farting man is the man to hire.)
  11. They do die and dry down . For me thou the time it didn’t freeze it took a long time . Think I was combining in Jan . You can’t combine them green. Even sort of green works the heck out of the combine
  12. Yes combine late October or mid November, have combined the after the first also . These didn’t look like much but ran like 1800lbs a acre
  13. Probably my favorite tractor, but 10 -12 thousand is pretty steep if it has to pay for itself on my operation. So the steering column and dash up a ways is black. does that make it a gold demo??
  14. Replaced a injector once and it hydrolocked. Usually the o ring leaking by below the injector . Changed mine and was good, good truck when it ran but made me walk more than all my other trucks combined
  15. Always liked farmhand, good name and a good shade of red?
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