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  1. I like to read the star herald, they always have a farm and ranch section on Sundays. Thought u guys might like this
  2. Dumb question but could u have bad gas ? My truck seems to get water in the back coil on the drivers side , it runs pretty crappy until I clean it out . Also a 04 v10
  3. If you don’t need the wide stance I would slide the axle in. Always felt there stronger that way
  4. jimw

    Saw this

    Saw this in a yard , hope there red guys
  5. Who are the guys, a band I assume
  6. jimw

    Cute allis

    Saw this at a garage sale . They wanted 800 ,
  7. jimw


    Any of you buy this rig, don’t see many anymore
  8. Nice pictures, looks like a happy kid on that last photo
  9. jimw


    Less maintenance than a round baler , No belts
  10. jimw


    Loaders have come a long way
  11. jimw


    See this sold out in sandhillers country for about 12 1300 hundred. Wish I would of saw it before the auction. Kinda of a neat piece
  12. Sledgehammer is not entirely wrong. I think he is referring to VARs , Volt-amp reactive. I can’t really explain it well but on generators you can adjust it . I believe we would run about -6 on the generators. After the windmills came we would run -15 or -17 if I recall to balance out the smaller wind generators . I was told electric motors run more efficient and last longer at that -5 or - 6 . For some reason the 1 to 3 mw can’t regulate them as well as 70 or 600 mw unit. Sorry I’m a little vague but the power companies were and are struggling with this
  13. Neighbor up the road used a W4 and a AR jd . To b fair grandpa had a U Allis also .
  14. Lots of M gas engines out there , my grandpa ran his 640 acre farm with a W6 . It will still be running when these Chinese ones r long gone
  15. Always thought they made good Equipment, anyone ever run one of these
  16. that is really awesome. looks to be the real thing
  17. Not as noble, but coming from a gassy family. ( A farting horse never tires so a farting man is the man to hire.)
  18. So did u recover everything in red ? Or able to order it ? Looks nice
  19. They do die and dry down . For me thou the time it didn’t freeze it took a long time . Think I was combining in Jan . You can’t combine them green. Even sort of green works the heck out of the combine
  20. I guess u have to realize that if there financing that it’s required that the place is finished. I understand it’s not your problem if u made the deal as is for cash. A person has to be willing to give some . I would be sour also . Did they sign paperwork contingent that the house passes inspection knowing full well it wouldn’t. I would be very disappointed in the realtor. I think I would tell them all I decided to pull it from the market and Finnish it.
  21. Yes combine late October or mid November, have combined the after the first also . These didn’t look like much but ran like 1800lbs a acre
  22. Good thing this isn’t political, I’d rather not talk about the young man who wanted to buy a M who can’t afford to drive his pickup to pick it up much less gas to tinker with it . It will become like many things a lost dream to many.
  23. I was told u flip the differential over so u have the forward gears going backwards? Not gave that much thought.
  24. So what r u pulling the drills with ? Looks like a nice modern setup with a old twist tractor ??
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