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    460 std

    Rarer than a SH-TA ??? Be nice to see the serial number tag
  2. Looks like the v6 . Good old motors
  3. Guess I sound like a downer. But lots of hrs listening to thirties farmers. They pushed these experiences on their kids and this affected how they lived. Really was a time when it was hard to tell the well off from the not so well off. I really like the 50 series and finally got a chance to own one about 2014
  4. I agree to always having a radio in the cab thing . I don’t think a lot of u understand how poor or conservative those old farmers were. Pretty much all big and appear to doing well farmers would have a big field tractor and an older loader tractor. Some young farmers who broke with dirty thirties dads were ridiculed for expanding and then probably loosing the farm. Poor mangers they were called. moms uncle farmed till he died in 84 with a D case . New paint was a waste of money. Try getting him to pay extra for a radio.
  5. My 1982 5088 had the short levers but ended up with a tilt steering wheel. Wish it had the Manuel gauges.
  6. I’d say 3 to 3500 around here . But with the big tires and 806 motor I’d probably go towards 5
  7. Bigger is better ? Always thought the 414 started better , if that’s possible. What are the torque numbers comparison on these engines
  8. I haven’t read any of theses posts . Same long argument different time . Damn fine tractors that will get the job done.
  9. It does look like a landscaper . 35” tires on a tonner pulling a zero lawn mower. No offense to anyone. Opposite at my place . Dad would pull 8 big round bales with a regular cab Chevy 1/2 ton .
  10. Duals rule , Isn’t that what the king of obsolete would say ?
  11. Didn’t realize they were made like that , makes sense thou. Thanks for the info
  12. Just wondering if anyone now’s anything about these
  13. R those 10 bolt wheels ? Off a 50 series ?
  14. jimw


    The CO / global warming post was political ?? Guess I’m missing something here . Did someone call out a individual party ? I posted a graph the facts , I’m sorry if I offended. Maybe just not seeing it
  15. Guess we will never no but would guess u guys r right. I didn’t no but thought with the square hood it might be a 504
  16. Yes just the external parts. My 52 is missing the arms and has the lift cylinder. The 5088 is a non runner but has the arms but no lift cylinder
  17. Will a 5088 3 point fit on a 5288 ? Or is it not as heavy duty
  18. Think this could be a 504 ? Only have pictures to go by
  19. Nice project. I think I would cap them with a piece between and build off that.
  20. All nice, but really like that first truck
  21. A guy shouldn’t have to put gauges on under the floor boards for testing, I think there should be gauges on the dash for constant monitoring.
  22. jimw


    Good way to honor her , I think turkey isn’t as good as chicken cooked the same way
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