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    Go coal

    If u look at that miso pie it’s running at 91000 megawatts. Today only 88000. Our big wheel told us last year there’s 135009 available and if everyone turned on there lights it would top off at 105000. ??? So where did the 40000 bump go. Oh no gas or wind available?? Be careful out there
  2. jimw

    Go coal

    This is for the miso market, MN all the way down to Texas
  3. jimw

    Go coal

    Anyone think we don’t coal yet
  4. jimw


    Those engines are all good starters but if I had to pick one the 1066 had to be the best cold starting tractor I was ever around. Heck of a haying / chore tractor.
  5. I had a nice 3688, thought it was a good tractor. didn't really care for the shifting for loader work. would have to think that newer would be better but the older ones are pretty simple to fix
  6. jimw

    Kelly bluebook

    I was looking for a work car and liked this one but have decided I’m not overpaying. Plenty of things are worth more than book value but for me this isn’t one of them.
  7. Called a guy on a used car for 4500 obo , he said if he didn’t sell it by Saturday he was gonna trade it off, so asked his best price, he said the dealer would give home 4000.? Now the car in above average shape books for 2091 to 2895 for trade. I can’t believe the dealer would go 4000. Doesn’t matter it’s his to do as he pleases, just curious what u guys think
  8. Is this the way these came out
  9. I try not to post auction tractors on here till there done. Kind of discouraging when u might buy something and there’s a bunch of new bidders ? Way the ball bounces sometimes. Did someone on here buy this 826 ? Looked nice and also unique.? Thought it might bring 10, guess I was way off
  10. Very nice tractor, think u will be very happy with it
  11. It looks to be as nice as a person could find
  12. Wow, that’s a pretty good price!
  13. So that’s -54 F ? Damn that’s cold. I’m gonna guess it’s real still. Takes my breath away just thinking about it
  14. believe they said the picture was taken 1967 ?
  15. they said the experiment station was 50 years old
  16. Built like a bricksh—-house,
  17. There is a time and place for everything. I respect this form and think highly of the members, but anyone who doesn’t think were in a struggle for our freedoms I believe is sadly mistaken. In times like these anyway to help each other to communicate is very important when there shutting down every avenue they can. Even the liberal view point to persuade me it’s gonna be alright is better than no info at all. Are we not Americans. Our fathers fought for the right to have your opinion valued. Thanks to all
  18. Nice old tractor, better than a new one
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