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  1. No AWD spot but could have had a loader as it came from what used to be a dairy farm . The 4th hydraulic lever is broke off . Yes Dale that is 17 on the casting but I think it’s the last number. Shows 8086 hrs .
  2. No my 5088 , found out the SRC motor was built in 2000 .
  3. Yes this was on Bisman, very decent guy but hard to get ahold of due to his job. I was told the family bought the tractor in 90 so guessing it’s a 2 owner tractor, 3 with me . But who knows. People tend to forget things over the years.
  4. Good ideas. What’s different about the steering?
  5. Appears to have had a gray seat , again maybe added later
  6. Yeah has a SRC ? Thought maybe the head was original . But who no’s . Some of the fun is the history.
  7. Bought a 5288. Hasn’t ran in 25 years supposedly. Pretty straight but the serial number is gone . Anyway to figure out the year ?
  8. Sounds like one of those families where a machine sat in the fence row 40 years and it’s worth gold to them so it will sit there another 40.
  9. Funny how different soils are ? In Nebraska we pulled a ripper barely wider than the tractor , JD 4960. While at home I ran a 4640 with a 29ft chisel. The tractor never had enough traction. I pull a 22 ft IH 490 disk easily with the 1586 but could barely scratch the surface with a 12 ft Wishek. My 3588 pulled 27.5 vibra chisel but was underpowered on a 32ft IH 5500. Had to move up to a 850 versatile. Honestly we never worked the ground very deep as was always taught to have a firm seedbed .
  10. First tractor I farmed with was a 3588. I pulled a 27.5 ft chisel, 914 combine . 20 ft of drills . Loved how it went through washouts with the big front tires. Damn good tractor. Lot more to go wrong than a traditional tractor and advances in MFW made them less desirable. I farm a lot less but still miss it occasionally.
  11. jimw


    About 3200 hrs. Pretty decent money I thought
  12. Will it last 60 acres , thought the motor was galloping some ?!
  13. First pump is extra one , second one is on the combine . Took a small bolt with epoxy on it and turned it in a ways. So far so good ??
  14. 1680 started leaking oil around the pump , looked and tightened things but didn’t help. I think there’s a poured plug that might have come out . Anyone else ever have that problem I’m goons try and clean it up and put some kinda epoxy in there ?
  15. Working on a 282 706 I got a while back. I no it ran when parked several years ago but now diesel runs out from the bottom of the pump. I assume I need to take the pump off and get it worked on.
  16. It was a SD auction I saw online . Looks like they mowed with at least 1
  17. Different rig same auction
  18. I wonder how long and how much theses units were run
  19. Seems like more variation of these than most. That’s quite a grapple on Sandhillers tractor. Never saw one like that before
  20. Those AC wrenches are cool
  21. Each his own but I would keep the cab . Reminds me of a cab off a white from the back
  22. Happens fast , glad you’re okay . Lucky a lot of those Nebraska backroads the ditches are higher than the road 😉
  23. I think I would go with a pto pump. Usually a lot faster
  24. Nice 915s, Truck had the 404, didn’t buy anything
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