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  1. You have to do like my wife does. Just stand there with your hand in the air. I think she raises her own bid sometimes
  2. But I think I would of drove a 88 series . Got to give them credit thou.
  3. Thanks for the comments. I’ll give you a good deal on the bug deflector
  4. Not sure it would be the throttle cable . Runs about 3 grand at 60. I no the speedometer is right , not sure on the tack. But it is howling. I like the truck thou . Brings back some memories
  5. 60 seems like top speed . Would like higher gears
  6. I was kind of looking for a Chevy but wanted a diesel . Something to maybe fix up. Never could afford one years ago, almost can’t now 😳. It’s a 1989 7.3 . I wanted a Manuel but this came up and I ended up with it. Shows 56000 must be 156000
  7. Sorry for your loss, I no u said he’s in a better place . My dad graduated from Bergen in 59 . Dads folks lived between the two towns and retired in karlsruhe . I’m sure dad new him at some point in there lives. Lots of Kleins there at one time. Do you remember the garage there, was it zahls? Don’t think that’s right?
  8. Neat old picture. What town is it in the background?
  9. Well dang , I’m out 2 bucks
  10. Found these at a local garage sale
  11. No good answers from me, I had one in a 1988 boat . It started like a good 466 . Almost before u turn the key. I’m sure boats get gunked up as much as some run . Have you tried sea foam ,
  12. So anyone watching, the mecum auction is listing a 1066 wheatland , so I was interested in the serial number plate . They have some nice pictures but none of the tag . I would bet it’s a Farmall ? On the site it simply lists wheatland fenders. Anyone close to go look ?
  13. Damn I feel bad for the people involved. Most importantly hope everyone is all right . But there is a lot of time and money put into that stuff
  14. This was in the paper today, must of been a good teacher
  15. jimw

    Auction prices

    02 Ford F-250 diesel went for 13000. I thought plenty ? Not sure on trailer. I think same guy , said he was retiring. Although not 100 percent sure
  16. jimw

    Auction prices

    Only thing I bought was this Pony vice for $35. Is it a cheap china one ?
  17. jimw

    Auction prices

    Like the light set up
  18. At the sale tonight. The 5288 was 16500 , 2096 was 21000, they called the M a super M . They never said it had the sleeves but must have 3200, the better f11 on the M was 3700, and the beat up loader one was 2100. Everything ran really nice and appeared very well taken care of. Prices I believe we’re pretty much right on but I am hard of hearing so could be a little off,
  19. Yes . Just a situation of spreading Costs out. I’m pretty cheap and hate to part with to much at one time. Not that money grows on trees at my place. I bought half the material that I was gonna put up and then get someone to do the roof. But it has been a busy Spring and I’m ready to just get it up. It will be in a protected area so not to worried about the weather.
  20. Field ready, it’s sitting out in the field
  21. I bought the stuff to put up walls for a 40x64 pole barn with a door on the end at 22ft wide . My neighbor is looking at giving me a bid to put this part up. I will worry about the roof this fall. Kinda backwards but it’s the way we’re doing it . Just curious what you guys think is a fair price? In my own mind I think it would take 3 guys 3 to 4 ten hour days. At roughly 50 to 60 dollars per hour for each guy. Is this way off ? Just curious ?
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