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  1. This is not the actual picture. But we were in Vegas this week . On the interstate we saw a tandem straight truck hauling a backhoe. Looked the from the Cat dealer . Looked like it had a hydraulic tale tucked under it. It looked muck like the outfit in the picture. I didn’t no anyone hauled equipment this way . Seems like most places are all trailers. Actually looked pretty handy.
  2. Always have had a soft spot for 806s , first tractor dad would get me going on .
  3. Private party. Basically a big toy for me. I bought and sold a few over the years to keep the boys in shoes . Finally in a spot where I can do more for myself. Really didn’t want the blade but might be kinda fun
  4. I paid 4 grand . I. No some places that’s cheap but here I kind of feel it’s a 2, 2500 $ tractor. I think I will enjoy it
  5. Bought this 806 , got it through pictures, was a little disappointed. The front end is wore out but it does seem to run good . Never saw many 06’s with this cab. Guessing it was added later.
  6. All the 06 and 56 series cab tractors I sat in had the grab handles. I think they were robbed at some point in its life
  7. Since no one’s said it I will. Guessing those front weights are shot, mind if I swing over and get rid of them for you 😯
  8. jimw

    Tire wear

    Never took the snow tires off the wife’s car this year. Probably only puts on 7000 miles a year. Thought this was pretty strange wear. Not overinflated? What caused it?
  9. jimw

    Old prices

    Just looking in the paper today . In 1897 a farmer was selling HRSW for 68 cents a bushel, a very desirable house in town was advertised for $1050, and $100 cash will buy you a New Deering harvester. I assume a reaper ? Jumping ahead in 1922 the railroad was hiring men for 70 cents a hour. The thing I saw was basically a hours labor was similar to a Bu a wheat.
  10. Yeah I don’t no, it had sat for awhile, the salvage yard came and got it . Not sure what they did with it.
  11. At the old coal plant we had one till about 1990. We called it a turnatractor. ? Used it to move rail cars of coal. We moved on to a JD 844 loader so it sat till they scrapped it.
  12. You have to do like my wife does. Just stand there with your hand in the air. I think she raises her own bid sometimes
  13. But I think I would of drove a 88 series . Got to give them credit thou.
  14. Thanks for the comments. I’ll give you a good deal on the bug deflector
  15. Not sure it would be the throttle cable . Runs about 3 grand at 60. I no the speedometer is right , not sure on the tack. But it is howling. I like the truck thou . Brings back some memories
  16. 60 seems like top speed . Would like higher gears
  17. I was kind of looking for a Chevy but wanted a diesel . Something to maybe fix up. Never could afford one years ago, almost can’t now 😳. It’s a 1989 7.3 . I wanted a Manuel but this came up and I ended up with it. Shows 56000 must be 156000
  18. Sorry for your loss, I no u said he’s in a better place . My dad graduated from Bergen in 59 . Dads folks lived between the two towns and retired in karlsruhe . I’m sure dad new him at some point in there lives. Lots of Kleins there at one time. Do you remember the garage there, was it zahls? Don’t think that’s right?
  19. Neat old picture. What town is it in the background?
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