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  1. That is pretty neat. Not crazy about the newer setups just for shows. This looks like a working outfit from the day. Real farmer ingenuity. Saw a similar outfit in the 80s not being used anymore. R JD and and some type of Oliver. Had double hitch plows . Several cables and some type of old starter generator motors. Wish I had pictures.
  2. Ever new they made a 9501. Pretty neat combine
  3. Never know what completely to believe. Different sources tell us the pollution to create some of these EV's will never outweigh their savings. What I can honestly say again is the plant I used to work at had roughly 50 people with $100,000 a year jobs plus the mine and railway that produced the coal. This cost the consumer roughly .08 cents a kw. with prices across the board at $15 to $40 a megawatt. I think now we pay 12 cents a kw. With prices all summer $60 to $120 a megawatt. We will pay more as soon as the public service raises the price again. Supposedly we had production jobs building windmills in Grand Forks ND and Aberdeen SD. Those places closed down because of China. Only a fraction of the people required to babysit the windmills, Yet prices are double or even triple now. I don't have all the answers, but I do realize we are being screwed over.
  4. Yes like that one to . Probably better to look at then drive. But will definitely get the job done
  5. I was watching this auction. The truck went for 8000 or 8500. I really liked the truck , thought this tractor was reasonable
  6. Yes tongue swings 90 and u go down the road ?
  7. I got it from a guy years ago who used it to cut CRP for hay. He claimed it cut hay good. I think it would but I can tell you the head is expensive to work on. I bought it for $500 but stuck roughly 12 , 1400 $ in the head. Probably about 2012? not exactly sure thou ?
  8. I suppose big John could crank start it , don’t think I’d try thou 🙄🙄
  9. Yes the 7th one built. It has the old big rubber washer suspension seat. I was wondering when the hydraulic one became available.
  10. Finnished swathing my weedy 20acre field today. Those 8210 swathers sure run smooth. One of the members wanted a close up of the front end
  11. It rolled over your tractor?? It must of really came
  12. Looks like staging for a dealer magazine. Even the tillage stuff looks good
  13. The bed was long enough to have the bucket down
  14. This is not the actual picture. But we were in Vegas this week . On the interstate we saw a tandem straight truck hauling a backhoe. Looked the from the Cat dealer . Looked like it had a hydraulic tale tucked under it. It looked muck like the outfit in the picture. I didn’t no anyone hauled equipment this way . Seems like most places are all trailers. Actually looked pretty handy.
  15. We watched a film one time . Back in the 80s or maybe 70s they tried one in Stanton ND. They said it didn’t work well with the rocks thou. Guessing that made more noise than a rock.
  16. Always have had a soft spot for 806s , first tractor dad would get me going on .
  17. Private party. Basically a big toy for me. I bought and sold a few over the years to keep the boys in shoes . Finally in a spot where I can do more for myself. Really didn’t want the blade but might be kinda fun
  18. I paid 4 grand . I. No some places that’s cheap but here I kind of feel it’s a 2, 2500 $ tractor. I think I will enjoy it
  19. Bought this 806 , got it through pictures, was a little disappointed. The front end is wore out but it does seem to run good . Never saw many 06’s with this cab. Guessing it was added later.
  20. All the 06 and 56 series cab tractors I sat in had the grab handles. I think they were robbed at some point in its life
  21. Since no one’s said it I will. Guessing those front weights are shot, mind if I swing over and get rid of them for you 😯
  22. jimw

    Tire wear

    Never took the snow tires off the wife’s car this year. Probably only puts on 7000 miles a year. Thought this was pretty strange wear. Not overinflated? What caused it?
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