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  1. 86s r good tractors. They were really in the trenches when operator comfort became more important than machine handiness , I think more maneuverable than a Deere. Still find myself grabbing hydraulic levers from the ground to hook up old equipment. Old neighbor of mine put a loader on his 4020 and the hydraulic levers r on the left side so u could shift with the right. Same old time concept. The 40 series Deere really won out, nice tractors to operate, still pretty handy. I think the 50 series was loosely based on them . Right hand shifting. Longer wheel base gave a better ride . And really with bigger equipment turning on a dime became less important.
  2. Probably my favorite tractor, but 10 -12 thousand is pretty steep if it has to pay for itself on my operation. So the steering column and dash up a ways is black. does that make it a gold demo??
  3. Replaced a injector once and it hydrolocked. Usually the o ring leaking by below the injector . Changed mine and was good, good truck when it ran but made me walk more than all my other trucks combined
  4. Always liked farmhand, good name and a good shade of red?
  5. Always kinda wanted one of these for around the yard
  6.  Hey Dale, Jim weigel here. just wanted your imput on something here. Found a real nice 856 standard with the adjustable front end, Guess I've only seen one other like it. Its also serial 7508 I believe so number 8 off the line. Do you think this tractor would be worth a little more money than most 856s? Spoke for it and plan to use it a little then maybe try to sell it. Has the big fenders but tires have been replace with 18.4 38s.thanks

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    2. dale560


      Yes it is getting on the dry side up here. First year we seeded canola was last year. It will do better on dry or sandy land than soybeans. Other than getting it seeded is the big thing. A buddy of mine planted about a 1000 acres of canola this year. The stuff we had last year didn't turn out to bad.

    3. jimw


       bought that 856, if I could get your cell will text you some picts. seems to be really nice.  How do you plant your canola? was using the grass seeder on the 9450 hoe drill, seemed to work but still waiting for it to come up. wanted to get down about 5lbs but only ended up with 4, hopefully works out.

    4. dale560


      701 208 1397. We had it seeded with a jd not ill drill. My buddy seeds it with an old jd disc air seeder. A lot of people up here are going to narrow row corn planters. You can go down to 2 lbs an acre with the right seeder and be okay. If it gets dry though nothing works well. Neighbor has it spread with fertilizer truck and drags it in that works to.

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