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  1. Kinda disappointed u guys aren’t putting up more 1586s. Wanted to try this old girl out on 60 acres. She purred so good. High 1 torque ahead.
  2. How about something like this. Has a crane, but not 4x4. Has the big 8100 gas should be a diesel? Not as nice to drive as a pickup?
  3. They got plenty for this although I talked to a Wyoming auctioneer that sold a 01 dodge 5.9 for 32000
  4. Guess the boxes were on there when I got it. They are a little different shade of green so must of been added. They work good for canola. Have also used them for grasses. Not many people farm this way anymore but work good for my application. Doesn’t make the 15 work to hard
  5. Never saw side lights like on Norton’s, probably be pretty nice in some applications
  6. Quite possibly the air drill has a small Diesel engine on it , a lot of older concords were made that way
  7. Very nice, they sure did a lot of work in this country
  8. Probably my favorite tractor, but 10 -12 thousand is pretty steep if it has to pay for itself on my operation. So the steering column and dash up a ways is black. does that make it a gold demo??
  9. Yes has the square axle. Said duals came with. Not sure how good they were
  10. Yeah only saw it on the internet sale, but should of took a chance on it
  11. This looked like a pretty good deal, kinda kicking myself for not bidding. Little elbow grease it will look like new
  12. jimw

    Is this a B

    I guess I like H just because it’s smaller. Like having a A international in the corner of the shop
  13. jimw

    Is this a B

    I was told I could have, if it would of been a h I think I would of took it for who nows why. It’s quite a ways from me so probably leave it sit
  14. jimw

    Is this a B

    Friend that doesn’t now anything about tractors sent me this, I myself no very little about 2 cylinder JDs, is this a B ?
  15. Nicest one I’ve seen in person for a long while
  16. If someone pulled the floor pan the wire connection often doesn’t get hooked back up
  17. Couldn’t get financing ?, have to keep what I have
  18. jimw

    Seemed cheap

    Not sure what these run but seems cheap maybe was something wrong with it??
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