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  1.  Guess I sound like a downer. But lots of hrs listening to thirties farmers. They pushed these experiences on their kids and this affected how they lived. Really was a time when it was hard to tell the well off from the not so well off. I really like the 50 series and finally got a chance to own one about 2014

  2.  I agree to always having a radio in the cab thing .  I don’t think a lot of u understand how poor or conservative those old farmers were. Pretty much all big and appear to doing well farmers would have a big field tractor and an older loader tractor. Some young farmers who broke with dirty thirties dads were ridiculed for expanding and then probably loosing the farm. Poor mangers they were called. moms uncle farmed till he died in 84 with a D case . New paint was a waste of money. Try getting him to pay extra for a radio. 

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  3.  It does look like a landscaper . 35” tires on a tonner pulling a zero  lawn mower. No offense to anyone. Opposite at my place . Dad would pull 8 big round bales with a regular cab Chevy 1/2 ton . 

  4.  The CO / global warming post was political ?? Guess I’m missing something here . Did someone call out a individual party ? I posted a graph  the facts , I’m sorry if I offended. Maybe just not seeing it

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  5.   I think the combine will clean up all right. I’ve always worried myself about things like this happening. Seems like the breaks never work in 14 and 16 series. Probably wouldn’t Of helped in this case. . Most important is your brother will be okay . Sucks what he’s going through but could of been much worse. 

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