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    About 3200 hrs. Pretty decent money I thought
  2. Will it last 60 acres , thought the motor was galloping some ?!
  3. First pump is extra one , second one is on the combine . Took a small bolt with epoxy on it and turned it in a ways. So far so good ??
  4. 1680 started leaking oil around the pump , looked and tightened things but didn’t help. I think there’s a poured plug that might have come out . Anyone else ever have that problem I’m goons try and clean it up and put some kinda epoxy in there ?
  5. Working on a 282 706 I got a while back. I no it ran when parked several years ago but now diesel runs out from the bottom of the pump. I assume I need to take the pump off and get it worked on.
  6. It was a SD auction I saw online . Looks like they mowed with at least 1
  7. Different rig same auction
  8. I wonder how long and how much theses units were run
  9. Seems like more variation of these than most. That’s quite a grapple on Sandhillers tractor. Never saw one like that before
  10. Those AC wrenches are cool
  11. Each his own but I would keep the cab . Reminds me of a cab off a white from the back
  12. Happens fast , glad you’re okay . Lucky a lot of those Nebraska backroads the ditches are higher than the road 😉
  13. I think I would go with a pto pump. Usually a lot faster
  14. Nice 915s, Truck had the 404, didn’t buy anything
  15. Any idea what kind of airplane this is .
  16. jimw

    Old elevator

    The Dakota Maid is in Flasher and the House looking one is in Carson ND. Not sure if the IH on the building is the old IH dealership in Carson. Paint looks pretty fresh
  17. jimw

    Allis lineup

    Saw these down in flasher ND , I think the old dealers son or relation has them ?
  18. Sounds like quite the kid . Happy for you
  19. Yes 10 grand for a 5020 isn’t cheap. $3500 used to be high . I think most all that stuff sold decent
  20. The giants we have now. 🙄
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyUNgmvhwL8
  22. Can be a nice tractor again. Congrats
  23. Nice rig . How’s the Gehl compare to other brands . Don’t see any around here.
  24. 3 days gong give much time for stopping
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