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  1. It was on kraupies auction . In the Hay Springs area
  2. This was up near you . It was sure cheap enough. If it was closer to I’d a like to have had it.
  3. Funny u don’t see anything on our news about it
  4. I think a 2+2 rides better than a 2 wheeler . But a little unhandy for small implements like balers .
  5. Looks good in the pictures. Big machine
  6. jimw

    Guy with a 756

    Love how to tells how much gas it used and how it basically out pulled a 4020 diesel
  7. Looks like a nice old gran prix in the background
  8. Thought this was cool
  9. Had a short block put in my sons 2015 wrx 2.0 . Less than 2000 miles later it’s knocking. It ends up being a cracked gear on the cam shaft drive . About 2400$ . We drive the car home it was steaming. Now the water pump is leaking . The guy says they never had the water pump off ? I’m sure the seal went out and nothing they did but I would think they took it off. To change the cam shaft drive gear ? I don’t know much about Suburu’s but have not been impressed with this one.
  10. That’s a nice truck. Hope it treats u well
  11. Not sure about all 154’s but the one I had didn’t have live power. I got it home and started mowing—- well all be d—ded.
  12. jimw

    Watch fob

    Just guessing they haven’t had sales for a long time .
  13. jimw

    Watch fob

    I posted this many years ago but thought u all might enjoy it again. Wish I could attend one of there sales
  14. The TA handles gone so I assumed it was out. My old 1456 also had HY assist and I thought dads old 806 did. But has been so long ago i could be wrong . I thought it was standard. Again not my first time being wrong 🙄
  15. My 64 806 doesn’t have HY assist. I figured most of them had that except the very early ones ?
  16. Those R some nice pictures. Those were the days
  17. Love the good clean fun ! Making hay with a F10. Rodney Nelson was quite a guy
  18. Anyone saw this before. Maybe a illusion
  19. Looks pretty good in the picture
  20. I took the set bolt out , I thought with some prying and light tapping it would come off . Not the case thou
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