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  1. Wrenches 🔧 u never use ? that would be like having a shed full of tractors u never use ? No one on here would do such a thing 😳
  2. v8’s for show apparently 😎. Yeah I sure like them to
  3. I’ll get it sprayed this weekend. Thanks for all the input
  4. This started growing by the house this spring. I left it to see what it would do , best growing plant I have, I think I should probably kill it.?
  5. Don’t no much about it , remember the advertising for the kits . Looked at a 3788 one time with the 4 speed kit so it can be done one way or another
  6. jimw

    What is it

    Wow was I off, thanks
  7. jimw

    What is it

    Had this in the toolbox awhile , figured it was for a dial indicator? Maybe not
  8. 1206 wheat land tribute, ? Let’s see the pictures
  9. I’m sorry put in the 656s serial
  10. Just bought this from a friend, has the 282 I believe, seems pretty decent. He says the head gasket leaks. Should make a good tractor
  11. Not every year will be good, I feel like the last decade or so has been pretty decent. Yes struggles with to much rain at times but better than average. The crop farmer will get a check to help out. I do feel sorry for livestock people as they got to eat something. I remember hunting hay up in the 80s , not real fun. Keep going we’ll get through
  12. jimw

    Pink combine

    Saw this in Minot, believe there advertising for sweet corn
  13. 160,000 , new 7.4 motor at 140 ! No rust , Sitting on a gold mine ?? ?
  14. Always good to have another 86 series
  15. Hate to be stupid, what’s the asking price??
  16. I have the cheap runnings one also. Really like it . My son went and bought a pit boss which has a meat probe . I’d go that route next time
  17. Did u plastic gauge it on reassembly, teacher at trade school was Anal about this . Guess I never have for my own use.
  18. jimw

    Hours on 5088

    Thanks Dale, plan to keep it . It’s a western Nd tractor so mostly field work or haying. I was told they had had trouble with the electronics for the transmission. Kinda hoping it’s a easy fix. Time will tell
  19. jimw

    Hours on 5088

    I’ll go out and take a picture
  20. jimw

    Hours on 5088

    Drawbar shows little wear
  21. Hauled my 5088 home finally. Pretty happy with it. Lots of good parts but hope to get it working again. How would you read the hours. It has four hydraulics, couple of the outlets are gone. Pto is gone but 3 point is there. Has the extra fuel tank . Someone must of put in some long days ?
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