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  1. Thanks . Can’t believe a car salesman. Hope it works out
  2. We got a vehicle that supposedly came out of Florida. This sticker is on the windshield . Is it just a park sticker?
  3. It’s yours to do with what u want. I like the cabs as most tractors up here had them.
  4. I would like to fix it but not sure I am that ambitious anymore. It has a big cam 855 and runs and drives really nice . I will have to see. Like you guys said it’s aluminum. Reminds me of fiberglass coming apart. Not sure why this happens.
  5. Ooooooh , you guys and taking those cabs off . I bet that felt pretty good in the spring and late fall. Nice find beautiful tractor. The thing I didn’t like about those tractors was the steering never knew they made a short turn kit. Good luck with it.
  6. Bought this in December and I just picked it up. Runs and drives good but the frame is shot. Anything a guy can do ?
  7. jimw

    Hot case

    Like to of saw this when it was in better shape
  8. Had this in the box for a backup. It slipped on a hydraulic fitting. Not as good as I had hoped
  9. Can’t get it to load
  10. Is it a 1256 ? Riding in style anyways
  11. Run a wire from the battery to positive and ground on one of your shift coils . Disconnect the other and I bet it will go .
  12. jimw

    1466 on auction

    I think central south . Auction finished last week I think. I would have bid if it was closer to me. Kinda like those farmer adaptations.
  13. Saw this one on a NE sale . Interesting rig.
  14. A picture of serial plate would be nice
  15. It said it was a 1936 model. I wouldn’t no. If it was mine I’d leave like it just cause I love farming.
  16. Thought this was interesting
  17. Any of u guys buy these. Thought that 52 looked pretty decent . The 986 I think brang a few hundred more
  18. This was at a local shop, thought they did a good job
  19. We were told at the plant I work at . That basically a 100 MW plant half of the electricity made (50MW) would have to be used for carbon sequestration. Now this makes very little sense to do. None of it adds up. It’s just a money/power grab
  20. jimw

    Almost forgot

    Nice find, probably not any in my county.
  21. Not mine , can’t remember where this one was . I was looking for a restored 105 I saw last summer. Yes I believe the number corresponds with the HP. Used to ride in my neighbors 150. Pretty decent tractor for the time.
  22. Damn do you suppose that swather could use more power ?? Those old versatile 103’s were underpowered with a 15 ft platform
  23. It was on kraupies auction . In the Hay Springs area
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