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  1. I think this one was about 124000
  2. Kinda interesting. Deep pockets out there
  3. They have a Cabellas in rapid but l prefer first stop guns downtown. Quite the selection
  4. Saw this in sturgis . Any of u guys
  5. Just some nice old equipment
  6. Oliver’s have a pretty good fan base yet. Good tractors for the day
  7. That’s the guy I asked to look at a bucket on a loader he was selling. He said for the money he was asking he wouldn’t even go look. Well okay then !
  8. Sure like some pictures of that V12 in a 4586
  9. Thanks . Can’t believe a car salesman. Hope it works out
  10. We got a vehicle that supposedly came out of Florida. This sticker is on the windshield . Is it just a park sticker?
  11. It’s yours to do with what u want. I like the cabs as most tractors up here had them.
  12. I would like to fix it but not sure I am that ambitious anymore. It has a big cam 855 and runs and drives really nice . I will have to see. Like you guys said it’s aluminum. Reminds me of fiberglass coming apart. Not sure why this happens.
  13. Ooooooh , you guys and taking those cabs off . I bet that felt pretty good in the spring and late fall. Nice find beautiful tractor. The thing I didn’t like about those tractors was the steering never knew they made a short turn kit. Good luck with it.
  14. Bought this in December and I just picked it up. Runs and drives good but the frame is shot. Anything a guy can do ?
  15. jimw

    Hot case

    Like to of saw this when it was in better shape
  16. Had this in the box for a backup. It slipped on a hydraulic fitting. Not as good as I had hoped
  17. Can’t get it to load
  18. Is it a 1256 ? Riding in style anyways
  19. Run a wire from the battery to positive and ground on one of your shift coils . Disconnect the other and I bet it will go .
  20. jimw

    1466 on auction

    I think central south . Auction finished last week I think. I would have bid if it was closer to me. Kinda like those farmer adaptations.
  21. Saw this one on a NE sale . Interesting rig.
  22. A picture of serial plate would be nice
  23. It said it was a 1936 model. I wouldn’t no. If it was mine I’d leave like it just cause I love farming.
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