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  1. Fball1208

    3pt ?

    Thanks I’ll check that nut out. It happens with our brush hog a little 5ft thing, blade and disc mower
  2. Fball1208

    3pt ?

    The left side gets longer or shorter than the right. Guess I’ll have to pull it off and see what’s up. It will hold level if you drop it to the ground and bring it back up.
  3. Fball1208

    3pt ?

    Sorry meant to say left side non adjustable side. Was half asleep when I wrote that lol.
  4. Fball1208

    3pt ?

    We are having trouble with the left lift link on our 684. when we try to pick an implement up it immediately sucks the left side up to the yoke while the right remains lower. Ill try to get a pic of it this week. is there something to look for on this or something that may need rebuilt?
  5. Funny you mention a d206. That’s the injectors that the guy I bought the tractor from had in it. And man she smoked then
  6. Fball1208

    PTO ?

    Could be the clutch pack didn’t think of that. It has 8000 and some hours and I doubt that was ever checked
  7. Definitely has eye burning exhaust. It was worse when it had the under sling exhaust. Not as bad since we went out the hood.im still thinking the pump maybe a little out of time or something g either the white smoke on quick acceleration
  8. Heavy smoke on start then it thins out. It’s noticeable when we pull into the barn or if it’s kinda overcast. And also does it if you accelerate the throttle quickly
  9. So bought this tractor awhile ago and it always had some white smoke. Was told by the previous owner that he had the injectors done and the pump turned up. Had to do a head gasket on the tractor and found that the Injectors were the wrong ones for the tractor. Have replaced them with the correct ones. What now should i look for to clear up my smoke issue?
  10. Fball1208

    PTO ?

    Thanks cant turn it by hand when the tractor is running but can almost go 360 with it off. Other issue i have run into now is the PTO slows/bogs if there is heavy pressure on it. IR brush hogging thick weeds or trying to round bale. If just tething or light brush hogging there is no issue. SO now to figure this out. I have to check for debris around the lever see if maybe IDK lol
  11. Thanks ill check them out. Found out someone put the wrong Injector in the engine, the ones in it go to a D206. Fun times
  12. We need injectors for our IH574. The ones n it are Bosch KBL90s 104/4. Where’s a good place to find these?
  13. Fball1208

    PTO ?

    Thanks, Never noticed this before and our other tractors they dont move
  14. Fball1208

    PTO ?

    We have a IH 574 Diesel. The other day when hooking up the brush hog my wife turned the PTO by hand with the tractor off to align the shaft with brush hog sleeve. Should this turn by hand?
  15. Thanks I’ll measure it and see what I can find. Just need exit pipe from muffler.
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