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  1. It has a little over 5,000 hours. It was completely torn down two years ago. It received a complete front end overhaul, new clutch and T/A. It was originally a non-air conditioning tractor, and so we installed a complete system using both 66 and 86 parts. My favorite part about the whole restoration was that I was able to find NOS mirrors exactly like my grandfather installed when it was new. The cab probably doubled the cost and time for the restoration, but I wanted to keep it like I remembered growing up.
  2. I know I'm a week late, but I couldn't resist. My grandfather originally purchased this from Grinnell Implement in Grinnell, Iowa in 1975. According to the serial number, it is the 331st black stripe 1066.
  3. My 1975, true black stripe 1066, purchased brand new by my grandfather. Just completed about a year and a half restoration done by the same guys that restored and painted Tony's 1206.
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