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  1. Those things take a lot of abuse, our old 580sm sheared the pivot pin off a couple months ago....only took 4800hrs and 20yrs
  2. Mine had a low compression head on it because the original gas head was cracked and valves were shot. Previous owner put a used head on and it didn't matter to him if it was correct or not.
  3. The kero or distillate has to go. A gas head is good and with some careful measurements and possible clearancing work, a 450 LP head is best.
  4. Yep Distilate head doesnt give you much compression, and really wont work well with a turbler either. A LP head about doubles the compression. An LP head and turbo equals alot of power, but you will have to blend rocket fuel to not burn the pistons.
  5. Them coffin nails are around $15.00/pack now...gee
  6. I'd be interested I the m500 and f150....
  7. Excessive toluene to make the premium gas will do that.
  8. I'm on the west side. The show I'm referring to is in ridgetown on the civic holiday weekend. IH is feature for '17.
  9. Would you be interested in hooking that 606 up to my #82 pull type next summer in Ridgetown to harvest some wheat? I going to pull a picker with probably an H, maybe the M..have lots of time to figure that out. I don't think your too far away and might want to play.
  10. Only thing I have similar for fuel consumption is my M...1 gal of fuel for a 300' pull....it's a sweet ride too
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