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  1. Doin donuts

    The QPP said I did a nice job of the donuts I did with a B-train in the west montreal sears mall parking lot one morning after an ice storm, he also suggested that I be on my way and not try it again. I managed to get the tractor and both trailers to stay in a straight line while completing a slow motion 360...and yes it was fun.
  2. Meyers Plow issue

    check psi, if too low it will cause trouble.
  3. 461 or 549?

    Likely a shorter stroke than a 549. Ford did the same thing with the 477 / 534.
  4. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Those things take a lot of abuse, our old 580sm sheared the pivot pin off a couple months ago....only took 4800hrs and 20yrs
  5. Help me identify a weed

    Fleabane...and a real pain to get rid of dicamba kills it.
  6. 806 gas turbo?

    I pulled 3-16's last fall with the M....3rd gear 1/4 throttle worked out about right to make a nice job....coulda ran 4th or 5th and made a mess...before the turbler 2nd gear full throttle. If your going to put one of these kits on, just do your homework on what you want and expect. Mine does give better economy under normal use, and DOES pull like a freight train when hooked to a sled
  7. 806 gas turbo?

    I had a look at the youtube video, gee. The first I did when I installed my turbo was install a boost guage, the second thing was adjust the waste gate to 18 psi from 15 psi. The air cleaner was gutted and a paper element fitted,the carb got a kit too, I enlarged the main jet a little as well. I have no complaints with mine. Engine is original well worn 248 ci with a repro LP head and 1.9 roller rockers. I belted up to a sawmill a couple years ago and ran it all day. That mill requires around 70 hp. As far as electronic ignition, I modified a dodge distributor. I do blend my own fuel since 91 octane is all I can get for pump gas here.
  8. Mine had a low compression head on it because the original gas head was cracked and valves were shot. Previous owner put a used head on and it didn't matter to him if it was correct or not.
  9. The kero or distillate has to go. A gas head is good and with some careful measurements and possible clearancing work, a 450 LP head is best.
  10. Yep Distilate head doesnt give you much compression, and really wont work well with a turbler either. A LP head about doubles the compression. An LP head and turbo equals alot of power, but you will have to blend rocket fuel to not burn the pistons.
  11. A very interesting read.

    Interesting indeed. I'm gonna have re read later.
  12. A History Lesson From The EVIL Oil And Gas Industry

    Thanks, that is interesting.

    It's about good enough to get you into trouble in a non reinforced situation, I've had that happen here before.
  14. Hough loader

    Post a few pics
  15. Vintage Ads

    Them coffin nails are around $15.00/pack now...gee