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  1. How much ?I have a guy I know that has a 3208 thats on the newer side.
  2. Just planning for the future thats all. Nothing going bad with motor yet but you never know. Looking at my options for a motor with part easier to get. I'm even looking at maybe diesal. I hear the easiest would be a 3208
  3. Somewhat new with this stuff. So the sae belhouse and ih 5 speed tranny wont work I'm assuming with the 454?
  4. I'm looking to see if anybody has ever put in a chevy 454 / big block in a loadstar? Would it bolt up to the in tranny?
  5. Hey I'm looking for bolt torque specs for a mv404/446...heads, manifolds, etc
  6. Looking to see if anybody has a part number for a rear main seal out of a mv404. Searched the internet and cannot really find anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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