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  1. I have a mv404 ....i just know the blocks are the same.
  2. Edelbrock doesnt make a 2 barrel. Holley 2300 is whats on it. The holly 2300 sniper is a direct efi replacment for a 2300 carb. Just looking to see if anybody has used it on an mv motor
  3. Just looking to see if anybody has used a holley efi or any efi system on an mv404 or 446 .. What what their results we're. Any improvements in mpg at all? I'm tossing around the idea of throwing one on my 78' loadstar 1700.
  4. How much ?I have a guy I know that has a 3208 thats on the newer side.
  5. Just planning for the future thats all. Nothing going bad with motor yet but you never know. Looking at my options for a motor with part easier to get. I'm even looking at maybe diesal. I hear the easiest would be a 3208
  6. Somewhat new with this stuff. So the sae belhouse and ih 5 speed tranny wont work I'm assuming with the 454?
  7. I'm looking to see if anybody has ever put in a chevy 454 / big block in a loadstar? Would it bolt up to the in tranny?
  8. Hey I'm looking for bolt torque specs for a mv404/446...heads, manifolds, etc
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