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  1. I got that Block Heater thanks to Rainman and Farmallfan.  It was simple to install. I just wanted you guys to know what my tests did. >> After install I thought it best to see the performance of this heater.  I had 22 degrees outside.  Inside I used a heat gun probe  Before i plugged in it was  34 degrees. In one hour it was 64 at the block and head. I tested the next hour and it was 81. The next hour it was 94.  I suspect 3 hours are best if you have a timer. The fourth hour was 96.  ,,, not much gain..  Hey AKwelder,, send snow down  please. 

  2. It's done and running. Just tried it out on my one mile driveway with only 4 inches of snow. Working great! Needed a new thermostat,, Thanks out to "Yesterdays Tractor Co" for their fast service. Anyone out there that has put a block heater on a IH UD236? I'm wondering what type of electric block heater to use. Also thanks to "Weller Tractor Service" who helped with various parts needed. I'll post some photos once i get them shrunk down to proper size.

  3. I parked it in the woods 15 years ago because it had a bad ring and pinion. Could not find parts. Recently I have ran across Reliable Aftermarket Parts out of Williamston MI. They had what I needed. I had to grab it and tow it to my shop. Once I got it inside I found the engine was locked. Finally have gone thru injectors,glowplugs and got it freed up.  Next I will start the pinion IMAG0009.jpg

    removal. This is a 1962 model. Anyone ever done this ring and pinion job? Doesn't look like much fun. Took the shifter fork case off>> 


    Oh well, I'm laid off for the winter,, it will keep me busy  

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